Vertical cartoning machines have revolutionised the packaging sector with their top-down filling mechanism, making them indispensable for a myriad of industries from food & beverages to pharmaceuticals. Particularly efficient for products that settle naturally, such as grains, powders, and granules, these machines guarantee consistent fill levels, ensuring a seamless packaging process. With the capacity to handle diverse carton sizes and types, vertical cartoners on Exapro are designed for high-speed operations, offering integrated systems that encompass weighing, filling, and sealing, all in one streamlined process.

Exapro's curated collection of vertical cartoners is priced between €19,000 and €51,000, reflecting the broad spectrum of features and specifications available. While the brand, model, and added functionalities play a role in determining price, every machine on Exapro promises quality and efficiency. Whether you're a budding enterprise seeking cost-effective solutions or an established entity aiming for an upgrade, Exapro ensures you find a machine that aligns perfectly with your operational needs and budget. Renowned manufacturers like Bosch (now Syntegon Technology) and IMA Group are just a few names from the extensive list available on the platform, ensuring reliability and innovation in every purchase.

CAM AV Cartoning machine / cartoner - Vertical

Year: 1996

Capacity units 70 u/mn
Max length (C) 195 mm
Max width (B) 70 mm
Min length (C) 50 mm
Min width (B) 15 mm
Min height (A) 20 mm

ROMACO BIPAK Cartoning machine / cartoner - Vertical

Year: 1998

Capacity units 60 u/mn
Max length (C) 120 mm
Max width (B) 80 mm
Min length (C) 20 mm
Min width (B) 18 mm
Min height (A) 50 mm

CMA MINICOMPACT Cartoning machine / cartoner - Vertical

Year: 1995

Capacity units 50 u/mn
Max length (C) 175 mm
Max width (B) 140 mm
Min length (C) 20 mm
Min width (B) 15 mm
Min height (A) 60 mm

CAM MOD. AV65 - Vertical cartoner used


Capacity units 60 u/mn
Max length (C) 110 mm
Max width (B) 70 mm
Min length (C) 20 mm
Min width (B) 15 mm
Min height (A) 50 mm

BERGAMI ASV Cartoning machine / cartoner - Vertical

Year: 2001

Capacity units 40 u/mn
Max length (C) 120 mm
Max width (B) 90 mm
Min length (C) 40 mm
Min width (B) 40 mm
Min height (A) 50 mm

Used CAM AVC Cartoning machine / cartoner - Vertical

Year: 1994

Capacity units 200 u/mn
Max length (C) 100 mm
Max width (B) 130 mm
Min length (C) 12 mm
Min width (B) 20 mm
Min height (A) 55 mm

CAM AV 78 Cartoning machine / cartoner - Vertical

Year: 1988

Capacity units 70 u/mn
Max length (C) 70 mm
Max width (B) 115 mm
Min length (C) 15 mm
Min width (B) 20 mm
Min height (A) 50 mm

CAM AV 65 Cartoning machine / cartoner - Vertical

Year: 1977

Capacity units 70 u/mn
Max length (C) 190 mm
Max width (B) 70 mm
Min length (C) 50 mm
Min width (B) 15 mm
Min height (A) 20 mm

CAM AV65 Cartoning machine / cartoner - Vertical

Year: ~ 2000

Capacity units 70 u/mn
Max length (C) 115 mm
Max width (B) 70 mm
Min length (C) 20 mm
Min width (B) 15 mm
Min height (A) 50 mm

CAM MOD. AV 65 - Vertical cartoner used


Capacity units 60 u/mn
Max length (C) 160 mm
Max width (B) 80 mm
Min length (C) 20 mm
Min width (B) 15 mm
Min height (A) 50 mm

Zamboni 500 gr + Nordson Cartoning machine / cartoner - Vertical

Year: 2001

Capacity units 40 u/mn
Max length (C) 500 mm
Coding machine / Inkjet printer Yes
Min length (C) 120 mm
Gluing system Yes

CAM MOD. AV78 - Vertical cartoner used

Year: 1990

DESCRIPTION: Alternate motion cartoning machine with vertical insertion of the box and quick change of format. The machine is equipped with devices for the control of material, package and product presence, electrical safety of the product on the pusher, plexiglass protections, safety devices, emergency buttons in positions of maximum accessibility, control panel display of the arrests. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, …

CAM AV cartoner


Capacity units 70 u/mn
Max length (C) 190 mm
Max width (B) 70 mm
Min length (C) 50 mm
Min width (B) 15 mm
Min height (A) 20 mm

PROMATIC MOD. BIPAK - Vertical cartoner used

Year: 1999

Capacity units 120 u/mn
Max length (C) 250 mm
Max width (B) 120 mm
Min length (C) 50 mm
Min width (B) 20 mm
Min height (A) 18 mm

CAM AV vertical intermittent motion cartoner

Year: 2004

Capacity units 70 u/mn
Max length (C) 190 mm
Max width (B) 70 mm
Min length (C) 50 mm
Min width (B) 20 mm
Min height (A) 20 mm

IWK VI5 Cartoning machine / cartoner - Vertical

Year: 2017

Specifications Manufacturer IWK VI5 Vertical Cartoning Machine Year 2017 Condition Used

TONAZZI MOD. POLYCARTON GE - Vertical cartoner used

Year: 1982

DESCRIPTION: Cartoning machine with vertical insertion of the box and quick change of format. The machine is equipped with devices for the control of material, package and product presence, electrical safety of the product on the pusher, plexiglass protections, safety devices, emergency buttons in positions of maximum accessibility, control panel display of the arrests. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, …

Gamma Pack V3 Cartoning machine / cartoner - Vertical

Year: 2004

Gamma Pack V3 vertical cartoner + dispenser Year of manufacture 2004 Vertical gluing cartoner. 6 different formats. Cup doser integrated into the cartoner (ideal for powders, seeds, etc.). Operating video on request It can be seen powered up and in perfect working order. The formats supplied with the machine are as follows: W: 220mm * D: 260mm * H: 80mm …

Used IMA Vertima Cartoning machine / cartoner - Vertical

Year: 2005

Min length (C) 50 mm
Min width (B) 24 mm
Max length (C) 180 mm
Max width (B) 100 mm

Comarme NCF-980 / GT-B150-H20 Cartoning machine / cartoner - Vertical

Year: 2000

Capacity units 15 u/mn
Max length (C) 600 mm
Max width (B) 460 mm
Min length (C) 300 mm
Min width (B) 160 mm
Min height (A) 160 mm

Cartoning Machines / Cartoners - Vertical: A Vital Element in Packaging - Conditioning

In the vast landscape of industrial machinery, understanding the specifics and utility of each machine becomes crucial, especially in the niche of packaging and conditioning. The marketplace can be a daunting place, given the vastness of choices and the intricacies of each machine. But that's where Exapro steps in, offering a transparent, efficient, and reliable platform for professionals in the market for used industrial machinery. Among the variety of machinery, one of the gems we present is the Vertical Cartoning Machine or Vertical Cartoner.

Understanding Vertical Cartoning Machines

Vertical cartoning machines are specialised devices tailored for erecting and filling cartons vertically. As the name suggests, cartons are filled from the top, making them particularly efficient for products that require a vertical drop, such as granular items, powders, or certain irregular shaped products.

After the filling process, these machines seal the cartons, either by tucking in the flaps or applying adhesive. The entire procedure is automated, ensuring consistent quality, and saving on labour costs. Their efficiency is evident in sectors like the food industry, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, where precision and speed are paramount.

Why Exapro for Buying and Selling Used Vertical Cartoning Machines?

At Exapro, we recognise the dynamic nature of industries and the ever-evolving needs of professionals. Investing in brand-new machinery can often be a costly affair, which might not be feasible or practical for all businesses. Used machinery, especially when it's been well-maintained, can offer comparable efficiency at a fraction of the price of a new one. The machines on our platform currently fall within a price bracket of €19,000 to €51,000, catering to varied business needs and budgets. 

We understand that time is a resource. Hence, our platform is designed for seamless interactions between the buyer and the seller. Our team is always ready to assist and advise you on your machinery needs and we pride ourselves on having a diverse array of options to cater to every need, from basic models to high-end machinery.

So, whether you’re looking to scale up your operations, replace an outdated machine, or venture into a new industry segment, the Vertical Cartoning Machines on Exapro provide an efficient and cost-effective solution. And for those looking to sell, Exapro promises a smooth, straightforward process, opening doors to potential buyers from around the world. Dive into the world of used industrial machinery with Exapro, and let us be the bridge to your next industrial milestone.


Advantages of Vertical Cartoning machines and Cartoners 

Vertical cartoning machines, commonly referred to as vertical cartoners, have carved a niche for themselves in the packaging industry due to their specific advantages. Let's delve into the main benefits of these machines:

Efficiency in Vertical Filling: Especially designed for products that settle naturally, like powders, granules, and other bulk items, vertical cartoners ensure a consistent fill level. The top-loading mechanism aids in an even distribution of the product within the carton.

Versatility: These machines can handle a variety of carton sizes and types. This flexibility allows companies to package different products using the same machinery, aiding in efficient production line changeovers.

Compact Footprint: Typically, vertical cartoners occupy less floor space compared to horizontal machines. This is particularly advantageous for facilities with space constraints.

High-Speed Operation: Modern vertical cartoning machines are designed to operate at high speeds, ensuring a rapid packaging process, which is crucial for industries with high production volumes.

Integrated Systems: Many vertical cartoners come equipped with integrated systems like weighing, filling, and sealing. This all-in-one approach reduces the need for multiple machines, thus streamlining the packaging process.

Safety and Hygiene: Given their automated operation, the chances of direct human contact with the product are minimised. This is essential for sectors like food and pharmaceuticals, where hygiene standards are stringent.

Consistent Quality: Automated machinery, like vertical cartoners, ensures that each carton is packed, sealed, and presented consistently. This consistency is vital for maintaining brand image and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Reduced Labour Costs: The automation of the cartoning process means that fewer personnel are required for the packaging process, leading to significant savings in labour costs.

Easy Maintenance: Many of today's vertical cartoners are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Quick-change parts and accessible machinery layouts make maintenance and cleaning procedures straightforward.

Eco-friendly Options: With increasing emphasis on sustainability, many vertical cartoning machines now offer features that support the use of eco-friendly materials or reduce material wastage.

Vertical cartoning machines are indispensable for industries where the nature of the product and efficiency of packaging are paramount. The multiple advantages they bring to the table make them a worthy investment for businesses aiming for streamlined operations and consistent product quality.


Main machine parameters of Vertical Cartoning machines and Cartoners 

There are several key machine parameters that professionals in the industry consider to ensure the machinery meets their specific requirements. These parameters help in assessing the machine's capability, compatibility with the product, and fit within the production line. Here are the main machine parameters for vertical cartoners:

Carton Size Range: This parameter specifies the minimum and maximum dimensions (length, width, height) of cartons that the machine can handle. It's vital to ensure the machine is compatible with the carton sizes you intend to use.

Speed/Capacity: Often given in cartons per minute (CPM), this parameter indicates how fast the machine can erect, fill, and seal cartons. Higher speeds are necessary for operations with large production volumes.

Power Supply and Consumption: It's essential to know the electrical requirements of the machine to ensure compatibility with your facility's power supply. This includes voltage, frequency, and power consumption details.

Machine Footprint: This refers to the physical dimensions of the machine, helping to determine how much floor space the machine will occupy in the facility.

Product Compatibility: Some cartoners are designed specifically for certain types of products, like liquids, granules, or solids. Knowing the machine's compatibility ensures a smooth packaging process.

Sealing Mechanism: Cartoners can have different sealing methods, such as hot melt glue, tuck-in flaps, or adhesive tape. Depending on your product and carton type, one sealing method might be more suitable than others.

Machine Weight: This indicates how heavy the machinery is, which might be a consideration for transportation, installation, and floor load-bearing capacity.

Control System: Modern cartoners often come with sophisticated control systems, such as PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), that allow for easy operation, troubleshooting, and integration with other production line machinery.

Material Construction: The materials used in constructing the machine, like stainless steel or aluminium, can affect its durability, hygiene standards, and suitability for certain industries.

Changeover Flexibility: This parameter indicates how easy it is to switch the machine between different carton sizes or types. Quick changeover systems can significantly reduce downtime in multi-product operations.

Safety Features: It's vital to know what safety mechanisms and features are included, like emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and interlocks.

Additional Modules: Some vertical cartoners can be equipped with extra modules, like leaflet inserters, coders for batch or date printing, and integrated weighing systems.

When considering the acquisition of a vertical cartoning machine, understanding these parameters is crucial. It ensures that the chosen machine aligns well with your production requirements and can integrate seamlessly into the existing or planned production line.


Area of Use

Vertical cartoning machines, with their specialized design for erecting, filling, and sealing cartons from a top-down perspective, find their utility in a multitude of industries due to the specific advantages they offer. Here's a rundown of the primary areas of use for these machines:

Food & Beverages

Cereals & Grains: Their vertical filling mechanism is ideal for packaging grains, cereals, and other similar products.

Snack Foods: Items like crisps, nuts, and popcorn are packaged using vertical cartoners.

Confectionery: Candies, chocolates, and other sweets can be packed with precision and efficiency.

Powders & Mixes: Products like flour, milk powder, and drink mixes are well-suited for vertical filling.


Tablets & Capsules: Medications in tablet or capsule form can be packaged with accuracy and speed.

Powdered Drugs: Medicinal powders for reconstitution are often packed using vertical cartoners.

Health Supplements: Vitamins and other health supplements, especially in pill or capsule form, can be efficiently packaged.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Powders: Cosmetic powders, such as face powder or talcum powder, benefit from the precision of vertical cartoning machines.

Solid Products: Items like soaps, bath bombs, and certain haircare products can be packaged efficiently.

Household Products

Detergents & Cleaners: Powdered or granulated cleaning agents are often packaged using this machinery.

Solid Air Fresheners: The vertical design is effective for packaging these products.

Hardware & Small Components

Nuts & Bolts: The precision and consistency of vertical cartoners make them suitable for packaging small hardware components.

Electronics: Small electronic components can be packed securely, ensuring protection and presentation.


Seeds: Seeds for farming or gardening are often packaged using vertical cartoners due to the machine's ability to handle granular products.

Pet Products

Pet Food: Granulated or pellet-style pet foods, both for small and large animals, can be packaged with precision.

Pet Medications: Tablets, capsules, or granular treatments for pets can be efficiently cartoned.

Toys: Small toys, especially those with multiple parts or accessories, can be packaged using vertical cartoners.

These are just a few examples, and the versatility of vertical cartoning machines means they can be adapted for various other industries and needs. Their design, combined with the ability to handle a wide range of products, makes them a valuable asset in any packaging operation.


Manufacturers of Vertical Cartoning machines and Cartoners 

Several manufacturers are renowned for producing high-quality vertical cartoning machines and some of them you may find on our marketplace and choose for your own production line:

Bosch Packaging Technology: Now known as Syntegon Technology, this company offers a wide range of packaging equipment, including vertical cartoners, with a strong focus on innovation and efficiency.

IMA Group: Recognized globally, IMA has a comprehensive range of cartoning solutions tailored for various industries, particularly pharmaceuticals.

CAM: This Italian manufacturer is known for its robust and reliable packaging machinery, which includes vertical cartoners.

Marchesini Group: Another significant player from Italy, Marchesini offers advanced packaging solutions and has a selection of vertical cartoning machines in its product line.

Econocorp Inc.: Primarily focused on cartoning and case packing equipment, Econocorp has various models of cartoners, including vertical options.

Douglas Machine Inc.: While Douglas offers a range of packaging solutions, their cartoners are particularly recognized for their performance and durability.

ACG Worldwide: Specializing in products for the pharmaceutical industry, ACG offers a selection of cartoning machines tailored for various requirements.

Jones Healthcare Group: With a long history in packaging solutions, Jones provides a range of cartoners, including vertical models, particularly suited for healthcare products.

Jacob White Packaging: Based in the UK, Jacob White has over a century's experience in packaging machinery, offering a range of cartoners.

Cama Group: Known for their breakthrough technologies in the packaging realm, Cama also offers a selection of cartoning machines suitable for various applications.

If you're considering purchasing a vertical cartoning machine, it's always a good idea to delve deeper into the specific models offered by these manufacturers. Each company may have models with different features, capabilities, and specializations, catering to specific industry needs. It's also beneficial to contact our support team in order to obtain details about models presented on marketplace.