VARCO T 200 °C Industrial electric oven Hot deal

Year: 2013

VARCO T 200 °C Industrial electric oven - static high temperature cooking oven for special treatments, T 200 ° C with motorized door and trolley for loading pieces

Elmetherm A0-6553-0001 Industrial oven Hot deal

Year: 2010

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION -FEATURES 1. Dimensions - Width 3.1 m - Length 13.5 m - Floor height 3.6 m - Floor height with heat recovery 4.7 m - Useful width 1,5 m - Heating length 6 m - Cooling length 4 m - Useful height 0.15 m - Floor level at the top of the platform / ground 2.5m - Carpet …

GF-ELTI S.r.l HT Line 10 t Industrial oven Hot deal

Year: 2019

10 ton Heat Treatment Line Sale set: ˗ 1 chamber furnace, ˗ 1 manipulator ˗ 2 in-out material storage benches ˗ 1 quenching pool (optional) ˗ necessary equipment to complete the quenching asset (optional) Conceptual working cycle: 1) Lifting from loading/unloading benches using the manipulator 2) Furnace door opening 3) Transfer by means of manipulator and deposit into furnace 4) …

Used Radyne, Inductotherm Group Induktion Industrial oven

Year: 2012

Total installed power: 250 kW for heating 12 steel wires to 700° С. Material to be heated: steel wire with 0.1 - 0.8% C. Diameter: 1 mm - 2 mm. Number of wire strands: 12 (minimum 10). Wire spacing: 18 mm. Input temperature: 20°. Output temperature in operation: 700°C regulated. Output temperature - maximum: Curie point. Heating efficiency: 2 mm …

GADDA INDUSTRIE S.R.L. Forno a passo pellegrino Industrial oven

Year: 2000

METHANE GAS PELLEGRINO PITCH OVEN 600,000 K.CAL/hour Oven still in operation.

SCAME FORNI INDUSTRIALI S.p.A 1300/150/3500G.I Industrial oven Hot deal

Year: 2000

Scame furnace for soldering radiators for sale. Year of manufacture 2000 Technical data: Length 28200 m Width 2736 m Height 2606 m Engine power 130 kW max temp. 1120 degrees Working temperature 1100 degrees Temperature range 850/1100 degrees Belt width 1300 mm max height of soldered elements 150 mm Length of the heating zone 3600 mm Supply voltage 3x400V The …

SIE SWISS TS 2000 SPN PULSE Industrial oven

Year: 2021

Essiccatore Verticale Sie Swiss. Year 2021. Located in Italy.

Blaauw Products b.v. GD-04-400 Industrial oven Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2012

Gas kiln for ceramic applications, in production from 2012 to 2022. In perfect condition. Only one owner from the start. Maximum temperature 1300 C. 4 burners. internal useful dimensions: 1400 x 1400 x 2000 mm (L x W x H), 3.08 m3. Sold with stainless steel chimney and stock of spare parts. V

Lepolam 2021 Industrial oven

Year: 2021

Oven/dryer/heating chamber Maximum heating temperature – 200 °C Year of production - 2021 External dimensions: - depth – 4900 mm - width – 3050 mm - height – 30050 Internal dimensions: - depth – 4900 mm - width – 3050 mm - height – 30050 Technical parameters of the furnace: - supply voltage – 400V 50 Hz - Maximum power …

ELSKLO GKL 1000 TSCU Industrial oven

Year: 2011

Crucible Furnace. Power supply Gas or fuel oil Hydraulic tilting

Dreve PCU 90 Industrial oven

Year: 2016

The PCU 90 is an industrial light polymerisation unit for curing high quality parts made of light-curing resins and by means of SL – stereolithography / DLP - digital light processing / LCD - liquid crystal display processes. Due to the metal halogen lights and the fine tuning of the wavelengths, the PCU 90 is an excellent option for the …

Uta 1200 Industrial oven


inner chamber 1x1x1m t max 1200C we have few used models Mori Seiki DMG Grand Seiko Mori

Uterna Uta 120 Electrically heated air circulation chamber furnace (horizontal airflow)

Year: 2020

Electrically heated air circulation chamber furnace (horizontal airflow) maximum temperature: 650C useable dimensions (W x H x D): 1500 x 1500 x 1500 mm heating power: 80 kW

AGUMET SLA CBQ-028 Industrial oven

Year: 2001

ROTARY OVEN - TROMMEL MAXIMUM CONSUMPTION Nm3/H - 40Kg/h OPERATING PRESSURE 15-25Mbar Maximum Power 465KW 400,000 Kcal/h Minimum Power 233 Kw 200,000 Kcal/h Burners 1 FLAXMER AT-15/14

Uta TL Industrial oven


Oven 0 - 650 C size 1.5x1.5x3 m inner chamber stainless steel air circulation PLC Data recorder oven furnace heat treatment

RCN Engineering Lammy Sistem 2 Industrial oven

Year: 2008

RCN laminating furnace as attachment. Mod. with 2 floors LAMMY RCN from 3600x1800 of 2008.

Uta 1150 Industrial oven


Uta 1150 Industrial oven Furnace 1200 inner chamber 1.5x1.5x1.5m T max 1150C PLC


Year: 2004

Used Dryer Cylinder Bernardi Measures 2200x9000 Complete With Gas Burner In Perfect Functioning

Balart Begesa Rotativo B 180 Industrial oven

Year: 2017

Balart Begesa industrial oven, Model: Rotary B 180 The price includes a cooking trolley and a Diesel burner

HEF/ Fabricación propia N/A Industrial oven


- OVEN 1: useful diameter 930mm, useful height 2600mm. Heating by electrical resistances. Completely insulated against heat leaks. Lid with hydraulic lifting, also insulated. Power 140 kW. Photos 1-4. - OVEN 2: similar in size. Without lid and power 120 kW. Photo 5.