Used industrial ovens 78

VARCO T 200 °C Industrial oven

Year: 2013

VARCO static high temperature cooking oven for special treatments, T 200 ° C with motorized door and trolley for loading pieces

Barboni PAT 80.30 Industrial oven

Year: 2002

Cementation / Quenching / Carbonitriding line. The technical features are: - N ° 5 heat treatment cells of 90 Kw each. (T max 980 ° C) - N ° 1 tempering cell of 70 Kw. - N ° 1 washing cell of 35 Kw. - N ° 1 quenching oil tank of 20,000 liters and 30 Kw. - N ° …

Brother Furnace Molybdenum chamber up to 1350°C Industrial oven

Year: 2021

High vacuum oven with maximum temperature of 1350 ° C, used only 5 days for testing. Like New. Suitable for brazing and tempering. Thanks to the high vacuum and high temperature, it can also be used for sintering and heat treatment of other parts. In the photos you will find all the technical specifications of the machine. Negotiable price.

Elmetherm A0-6553-0001 Industrial oven


TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION -FEATURES 1. Dimensions - Width 3.1 m - Length 13.5 m - Floor height 3.6 m - Floor height with heat recovery 4.7 m - Useful width 1,5 m - Heating length 6 m - Cooling length 4 m - Useful height 0.15 m - Floor level at the top of the platform / ground 2.5m - Carpet …

Blaauw Products b.v. GD-04-400 Industrial oven

Year: 2012

Gas kiln for ceramic applications, in production from 2012 to 2022. In perfect condition. Only one owner from the start. Maximum temperature 1300 C. 4 burners. internal useful dimensions: 1400 x 1400 x 2000 mm (L x W x H), 3.08 m3. Sold with stainless steel chimney and stock of spare parts. V

VARCO forno statico Industrial oven

Year: 2013

Static baking oven at high temperatures for special treatments and loading of the pieces on the trolley

ECM Technologies Ruby PF300 Industrial oven

Year: 2013

Pit-type graphite electric furnace, which can be used for gas sintering (nitrogen, argon, etc.) of non-oxide ceramic parts. Power 50kW. Dense graphite resistance heaters. Maximum temperature of 1600°C. Water-cooled double-walled tank. Useful dimensions of the chamber: diameter 300 mm / height 500 mm Payload: 40kg. Packaging and transport can be managed by us but will be subject to additional invoicing.

Migliavacca&Pennati Essiccatoio rotativo Industrial oven


For sale, milavacca & pennati rotary dryer used for the processing of gypsum and limestone. Diameter: 1 meter Length: 9 meters

CERIC WISTRA FE10300 Industrial oven

Year: 2006

Electric drawer oven with three heating zones. Debinding and/or sintering of ceramics. Silicon carbide resistors. Maximum power: 100kW. Maximum temperature: 1400°C. Useful dimensions of the chamber: width 700 mm / depth 650 mm / height 1700 mm. Possibility of support for reinstallation and training in its use. Possibility of delivery by specialized carrier for a financial supplement.

España KC20 Binford Industrial oven

Year: 2005

KC20 is a silicon crystal growth extractor specially designed for the growth of silicon monocrystals of 12 "by the Czochralski method, depending on the different sizes of sets of hot zones for this extractor, the silicon crystals can be grown with a diameter of up to 300 mm Both the mechanical components and the electrical control system are designed in …

Forni Industriali FIBEX COMBI 6GX-10.130-7110.2E.270 Industrial oven

Year: 2007

FORNI INDUSTRIALI FIBEX COMBI 6GX-10.130-7110.2E.270 soldering oven was manufactured in 2007 by the Italian company Forni Industriali Heat Treating Plants. The furnace is used for soldering steel elements with solder paste at temperatures up to 1120 degrees Celsius. Electric heaters powered by thyristor temperature regulators are responsible for the proper temperature in the furnace. The belt furnace for soldering steel …

Reinhardt LTV 180 S Drying oven

Year: 1983

Industrial oven Reinhardt. Type LTV 180 S. Nominal temperature: +200 ºC. Inside dimensions: 120 x 125 x 185 cm. Other information shown on id plate. Good working and visual condition. Original technical documentation in German.

ABB Abb Industrial oven

Year: 1999

We have two metallurgical furnaces and a mold for the production of Cylpeps for sale. One double furnace with 4 tons of load. Second furnace loading 20 tons. We also have a mold maker for the production of Cylpeps, which can be seen in the photos.

Scania THF 3100 Industrial oven

Year: 1994

Specifications: Annealing Furnace Max. capacity 700 Degree Power source 80 A Max. dia. 1900 mm Max. Workpiece height 1000 mm Power Source 40 kW Voltage 380 Volt Length dia. 2500 mm, Height 2400 mm, Width , Weight 3000 kg


Year: 1998

DESCRIPTION: This oven is manufactured to a high cGMP standard in high quality materials, including stainless steel. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: This is a continuous laminar flow oven, that works by electricity and has been designed to distribute air accurately and evenly between products in drums for consistent drying with maximum …

Used Omsa LFT Industrial oven

Year: 2011

SYSTEM FUNCTION: - Drying and cooking of small painted metal parts - Painted small metal cooling Plant designed and built for automatic operation without operator presence.

ABB 2 x 3T twin power Industrial oven

Year: 1996

12 pulse installation, type: ITMK600, year: 1996 Weight: +/- 20 t Frequency: 250 Hz Melting capacity: maximum 4200 kg/h 1 transformer, primary voltage 20.000 V, 2880 kVA (the power can be distributed arbitrary on the 2 body-coils,Twin-Power) Induction melting system composed of: - 2 MF furnaces, 3 t each - converter desk 2450 kW - condenser rack - control desk …

POK-73 POK-73 Industrial oven


rated temperature: 1000 ° C, chamber dimensions: 540x740x1200mm. power: 45kW, max current: 69A

Piec Fairbank Brearley gas quenching furnace with forced circulation

Year: 2001

The chamber furnace is designed for heat treatment of materials (mainly heat improvement of steel: hardening and tempering). Thanks to their solid structure, high reliability and a wide range of sizes and additional equipment, they are recommended for hardening shops, workshops and production plants. They are perfect as a universal device for heating details to medium and high temperatures. The …

Babcock Wanson TPC 400 kW Industrial oven

Year: 2016

Specifications and specifications of the furnace: Model: TPC 400 B Brand: Babcock Wanson Year of manufacture: 2016 Warranty: 1 year Execution: vertical Power: 400 kW Heating surface: 12,6 m2 Design temperature: 400 ºC Maximum working temperature: 350 ºC Design pressure: 10 bar Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar Test pressure: 15 bar Coil capacity: 94 dm3 Factor: thermal oil Nominal flow: …