Exapro is your premier destination for used industrial machinery. Specialising in die-cutters, embossers, and hot foil machines, we offer an extensive, carefully curated selection of equipment to elevate your printing and packaging needs. Ranging from €15,000 to €68,000, our machines are affordable, reliable, and versatile, delivering precision and efficiency across a variety of sectors.

Every machine at Exapro is meticulously inspected and serviced by experienced technicians, ensuring top performance, whether you're creating intricate die-cut designs, luxurious embossed patterns, or premium hot foil finishes. We provide detailed specifications, images, and history for each machine, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Our user-friendly platform, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing set us apart. With a strong global network, we source the best machinery worldwide, offering you a broad selection at a fraction of the cost of buying new. At Exapro, we don't just sell machines; we provide a partnership to support your business's growth and success. Join us and experience the Exapro difference.

Used Gerhard Busch CL-Stanze Die-cutter

Year: 1998

TECHNICAL DETAILS Total height: 170 cm Input power: 15 kW (20.39 HP) Overall width: 180 cm Overall length: 220 cm Pressing force: 11 t Input voltage: 400 V Total weight: 2,600 kg Frequency: 50 Hz

SCS Trim i Perf Die-cutter

Year: 2014

Max. paper length 500 cm
Min. paper length 50 cm
Max sheets/hour 9000
Max. paper width 600 cm
Min. paper width 50 cm

Iberica 105 Speed Die-cutter

Year: 2006

Max. paper length 75 cm
Min. paper length 35 cm
Possible actions Die Cut
Max. paper width 105 cm
Min. paper width 40 cm
Max sheets/hour 9000

Busch BL Die-cutter


Max. paper length 220 cm
Min. paper length 10 cm
Possible actions Die Cut
Max. paper width 230 cm
Min. paper width 10 cm
Max sheets/hour 16

EUROSPINER Fresadora MultiCam MG Serie Die-cutter


Max. paper length 300 cm
Min. paper length 5 cm
Possible actions Die Cut
Max. paper width 200 cm
Min. paper width 5 cm
Honeycomb Chase No

RABOLINI IMPERIA D cm. 85x120 Die-cutter

Year: 1993

Max. paper length 85 cm
Possible actions Die Cut
Max. paper width 120 cm
Max sheets/hour 1300

IBERICA AR-80 Die-cutter

Year: 1989

Max. paper length 102 cm
Min. paper length 50 cm
Max. paper width 142 cm
Min. paper width 70 cm

Crosland VK1050 Die-cutter

Year: 1996

Max. paper length 105 cm
Min. paper length 45 cm
Max sheets/hour 5500
Max. paper width 75 cm
Min. paper width 26 cm

Wook IL RL-SH1700 Die-cutter Good value

Year: 2011

Max. paper length 1200 cm
Min. paper length 400 cm
Max. paper width 1720 cm
Min. paper width 500 cm

SBL Alpha Luna 1060 CS Die-cutter Good value

Year: 2012

Max. paper length 106 cm
Min. paper length 40 cm
Possible actions Die Cut
Max. paper width 76 cm
Min. paper width 35 cm
Max sheets/hour 8000

WUPA PS 4.1 Flatbed Die Cutting Machine Low working hours

Year: 1974

Max. paper length 82 cm
Min. paper length 36 cm
Possible actions Die-Cut + Emboss
Max. paper width 112 cm
Min. paper width 50 cm
Max sheets/hour 4000

Pizza box line M&M rotary die cutter model WRC 1150-1600

Year: 1999

Max. paper length 1150 cm
Possible actions Die Cut
Honeycomb Chase No
Max. paper width 1600 cm
Max sheets/hour 10000

Bobst Sp 1420 1985 Modified For Hot Stamping And Die Cutting Hot deal

Year: 1985

Max. paper length 102 cm
Min. paper length 50 cm
Possible actions Hot Foil Stamping
Max. paper width 142 cm
Min. paper width 70 cm
Max sheets/hour 4500

BOBST SP 102 SE 1992 Low working hours

Year: 1992

Max. paper length 72 cm
Min. paper length 35 cm
Possible actions Die-Cut + Emboss
Max. paper width 102 cm
Min. paper width 40 cm
Max sheets/hour 7500


Year: 1960

Max. paper length 80 cm
Min. paper length 35 cm
Possible actions Die-Cut + Emboss
Max. paper width 120 cm
Min. paper width 50 cm
Max sheets/hour 4000

Graphtec FC9000-140 Die-cutter Low working hours

Year: 2021

Max. paper width 1370 cm
Possible actions Die Cut

James Burn EX380 Die-cutter

Year: 1984

Max. paper length 38.1 cm
Min. paper length 10.795 cm
Possible actions Die Cut
Max. paper width 38.1 cm
Min. paper width 9.8425 cm
Max sheets/hour 8400

Bobst SP 1120 Automatic die cutter

Year: 1980

Max. paper length 112 cm
Max. paper width 80 cm

Introducing Die-cutters, Embossers, and Hot Foil Machines: Your Ultimate Solution for Precision Printing

Exapro supports your passion for innovation and excellence. We get your requirement for speed, precision, and the particular fusion of creativity and engineering that characterises the printing sector. In order to modernise your printing experience, we are pleased to provide our carefully chosen selection of Die-cutters, Embossers, and Hot foil machines.


For businesses that value precision and efficiency, our pre-owned die-cutters are a perfect match. These machines are expertly serviced, ensuring that you receive a top-notch, reliable product. Die-cutters add an extra dimension to your work, allowing for intricate designs, complex shapes, and perfect precision every time. Whether you're creating unique business cards, crafting bespoke packaging, or producing eye-catching promotional materials, our die-cutters are an essential tool for delivering high-quality, professional products.

Hot Foil Machines

If you're looking to add a splash of glamour to your print products, look no further than our range of pre-loved hot foil machines. Hot foiling adds an undeniable sparkle to your work, catching the eye and creating a sense of luxury. These machines are perfect for creating standout business cards, invitations, labels, or packaging. Our hot foil machines have been tested and serviced to ensure they deliver the best quality foiling, with a consistent heat range that guarantees a polished, professional finish every time.

Why Exapro?

We appreciate the demands of the modern printing world, where quality, speed, and efficiency are paramount. We're confident that our range of Die-cutters, Embossers, and Hot foil machines will help you to keep up with these demands, delivering impressive, professional results every time.

At Exapro, we understand that maintaining a balance between quality and cost is crucial in today's competitive business environment. That's why we're proud to offer you a superior range of used die-cutters, embossers, and hot foil machines, each meticulously serviced and available at truly competitive prices.

With prices starting from €15,000 up to €68,000, there's something for everyone, whether you're a startup or an established business. 

At Exapro, we are committed to transparency and trustworthiness. We ensure that all our used machines, no matter their price, are thoroughly inspected and serviced by experienced technicians. This assures that they are in excellent working condition, ready to be a reliable part of your production line. So whether you're looking at the more cost-effective end of our range or considering a top-tier machine, you can rest assured that you're making a worthwhile investment.


Main Advantages of Die-cutters / Embossers / Hot foil

Each of these types of machinery – die-cutters, embossers, and hot foil machines – offer unique advantages that make them indispensable tools in the printing industry. Let's take a look at each of them:


Versatility: Die-cutters can handle a wide variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, and more. This makes them a versatile tool for many different projects.
Precision: The precision of die-cutting machines is unmatched. They can produce complex and intricate shapes consistently and accurately.
Efficiency: Die-cutters can significantly speed up the production process, especially when working on large-scale projects or mass-producing a single design.
Consistency: These machines produce consistent results, ensuring every product maintains the same high-quality finish.


Added Value: Embossers add a three-dimensional element to printed materials, adding a touch of sophistication and increasing the perceived value of the product.
Distinctiveness: The tactile nature of embossing helps products to stand out, making them more memorable in a crowded marketplace.
Versatility: Like die-cutters, embossers can work on a wide variety of materials, broadening the scope of possible projects.
Branding: Embossed elements can contribute to a company's branding efforts, providing a tactile element that consumers can associate with the brand.

Hot Foil Machines

Aesthetics: Hot foiling adds a shiny, luxurious element to printed products, immediately elevating their aesthetic appeal.
Brand Perception: The use of hot foil can increase the perceived value of a product or brand, making it seem more premium or high-end.
Durability: Hot foil is resistant to many forms of wear, such as smudging or rubbing off, which can help the end product maintain its quality over time.

Each of these machines brings unique value to the table, and using them in combination can create truly stunning, high-quality results in the printing industry.


Main machine parameters

In the industry of printing and packaging, the selection of machinery such as die-cutters, embossers, and hot foil machines is primarily based on their key parameters. These parameters determine the performance, capacity, and suitability of the machine for various projects. Let's delve into the main machine parameters for each.


Max Sheet Size: This parameter is the largest sheet size the machine can handle. It defines the scale of work you can undertake.
Min Sheet Size: The smallest sheet size the machine can accurately cut.
Speed: Defined in sheets per hour, this is the measure of the machine's production capability.
Cutting Pressure: The maximum pressure the machine can apply. Higher pressures allow for cutting thicker materials.
Weight and Dimensions: The physical footprint of the machine. This must be considered based on the space available in your workshop.


Max Working Width: The maximum width of material the embosser can handle.
Depth of Impression: The maximum depth of the embossing the machine can create. A deeper impression can give a more pronounced effect.
Speed: Usually defined in meters per minute, this represents how quickly the machine can emboss materials.
Heating Capability: For heat embossing, the range and control of temperature is crucial.
Weight and Dimensions: Similar to die-cutters, the machine's physical size is important when considering installation space.

Hot Foil Machines

Max Foil Width: The maximum width of foil the machine can handle.
Temperature Range: The machine's operating temperature range is crucial, as different foils require different application temperatures.
Foil Feed Speed: The speed at which the machine can apply foil. Faster speeds result in higher production rates.
Stamping Pressure: The pressure with which the machine can apply the foil. Some materials require higher pressures for effective foiling.
Weight and Dimensions: The size and weight of the machine will determine where it can be housed and how easily it can be moved.

Keep in mind that these parameters should be matched with the requirements of your project. Remember, at Exapro, we're always available to guide you in choosing the right machine to suit your needs.


Area of use

Die-cutters, embossers, and hot foil machines find their applications in a variety of fields, primarily those which demand high-quality, precision printing and packaging. Here's a closer look at the areas of use for these machines:


Printing and Packaging: Die-cutters are heavily used in the printing and packaging industry to create uniquely shaped print products such as boxes, tags, labels, and folders.
Advertising: They're also beneficial in the production of promotional materials and advertising collateral like flyers, banners, and direct mail pieces with unique shapes and designs.
Publishing: Die-cutting is commonly used in book publishing for creating distinctive book covers, pop-up books, and children's books with die-cut elements.
Stationery: They're used in the production of custom stationery items like business cards, envelopes, and letterheads.


Graphic Design: Embossers are widely used in the graphic design industry to create 3D effects on business cards, invitations, letterheads, and book covers.
Packaging: They can be used to create tactile packaging that stands out on the shelf and adds value to the product inside.
Security Printing: Embossing is also used to add security features to documents, such as diplomas, certificates, official documents, and currency.

Hot Foil Machines

Printing and Packaging: Hot foil machines are used to add shiny, metallic elements to packaging, labels, and print materials to increase their aesthetic appeal.
Stationery: They are commonly used in stationery for creating high-end business cards, wedding invitations, certificates, and greeting cards.
Book Publishing: Hot foiling is used in book publishing, especially on book covers and spines, to add a premium feel.
Cosmetics and Luxury Goods: The cosmetic industry and other luxury goods often utilise hot foiling to add a premium touch to their packaging.

Each of these machines is versatile and adaptable, making them valuable additions to any print or packaging workflow. Their uses span across many industries, showcasing the value of having these machines in your production line. They provide unique finishes and enhancements that can differentiate your products in a competitive market.


Leading Manufacturers

Exapro and indeed the entire world of printing and packaging machinery feature an array of reputable manufacturers known for their top-quality die-cutters, embossers, and hot foil machines. Below are a few key players:

Die-cutters Manufacturers

Heidelberg: A Germany-based company, Heidelberg is known worldwide for its excellent die-cutting machines, among other printing machinery.
Bobst: Bobst is a Swiss company with a long history in the packaging industry. They manufacture high-quality die-cutters suitable for various applications.
Koenig & Bauer: Another German manufacturer, Koenig & Bauer, provides a range of die-cutters popular in the industry.

Embossers Manufacturers

Gietz: Gietz, a Swiss company, is a world leader in manufacturing high-quality embossing machines, especially for the security printing sector.
Kluge: Kluge is a US-based company known for its foil stamping, die-cutting, and embossing equipment.
Newfoil Machines: UK-based Newfoil Machines specialise in hot foil stamping, embossing, and label printing machines.

Hot Foil Machines Manufacturers

Heidelberg: Along with die-cutters, Heidelberg also produces hot foil machines. Their machines are popular for their reliability and versatility.
Bobst: Known for their SP line of machines, Bobst provides quality hot foil stamping machines suitable for a variety of applications.
Kurz: A Germany-based company, Kurz is a leading manufacturer of hot stamping and coating technology.

Remember, when purchasing machinery from Exapro or any platform, always consider the support, spare parts availability, and community knowledge around the manufacturer's products. A good balance of these factors often leads to a positive experience in the long run. Additionally, remember that used machinery can be an excellent way to gain access to high-quality equipment from reputable manufacturers at a fraction of the cost of buying new.


Why choose Exapro

At Exapro, we believe in making your machinery acquisition process as seamless as possible, offering a comprehensive, curated selection of used industrial machines from trusted manufacturers worldwide. We are committed to ensuring the quality of each machine sold through our platform, with each piece of equipment carefully inspected and serviced by experienced technicians before it reaches you.

Our platform is user-friendly and transparent, enabling you to browse and compare machinery at your convenience, armed with all the information you need to make an informed decision. From detailed specifications, conditions, images, to the history of the machine, we provide a transparent view into each piece of equipment listed on our platform.

We understand that buying used machinery is a significant investment, and we are committed to providing excellent customer service to guide you through the process. Our team of industry experts is always on hand to offer advice, answer your queries, and ensure that you find the right machine that fits your specific needs and budget.

Furthermore, we have a strong global network, which means we can source machinery from around the world, ensuring that you have the best possible selection to choose from. This also enables us to cater to a diverse range of industrial sectors.

By choosing Exapro, you're not just buying a machine; you're gaining a trusted partner dedicated to supporting your business's growth and success.