Used welding machines for sale 162

Ideal BAS 120 Flash Butt Welding Machine

Year: 2000

Brand: Ideal. Type: BAS 120. Flash Butt welding Machine for Band Saw Blades. Hydraulic clamping. Annealing timer. Power: 220[V]. Blade width up to 120 [mm]. Year of manufacture: 2000. Including operating instructions. Machine in good fully working condition. Delivery from stock. Weight: cca. 500 [KG]. Packing included. Made in Germany.

Alpha Laser ALM300

Year: 2017

We offer for sale in novel condition our Alpha Laser ALM300 mobile laser welding equipment. From stock, immediate delivery! Open laser system -– Work without restrictions in your operational space Safe working – The system fulfills performance level d Quick use thanks to short setup times (positioning, fixing brakes, welding) Extremely flexible thanks to the versatile adjustment options of the …

Cloos CLOOS ROMAT 360 Welding machine

Year: 2002

Type: CLOOS ROMAT 360 - Year of construction 2002 - Operating hours: 82,523+ Furnishing: - ROTROL II - control - 6 axes robot + 2 programmable external axes + 1 external axis (H-turner) - Welding power source: GLC 503 QUINTO Profi SD - CDD drive with switch box - CMR-6 burner cleaning - HS 700 K gas nozzle sensor - …

Used Polysoude SPX endless rotation welding Welding machine

Year: 2019

We offer our Polysoude TIG hot wire welding system for sale. It has an AVC control (automatic arc control) and an endlessly rotating welding head! This enables welding without the components having to rotate. It is a standard burner for e.g. sealing surfaces on flanges and 2 welding lances to weld on pipes in the inner diameter or outer diameter. …

Ideal BAS 100 Flash Butt Welding Machine


Brand: Ideal. Type: BAS 100. Flash Butt welding Machine for Band Saw Blades. Hydraulic clamping. Annealing pyrometer. Blade width up to 100 mm. Machine in good fully working condition. Weld band saw blades for wood or metal. Welding ranges: Wood bandsaw: 15 – 100 mm; HSS: 19 – 50 mm; Bi-metal: 15 – 80 mm; Stainless steel saw: 25 – …

Schussler SL MLWE 5F laser welding machine

Year: 2020

This Schussler SL MLWE 5F Laser Welding machine was manufactured in the year 2020. Operated through an Industrial touch monitor. This 5 axis works with a QCW laser (IPG) 150 kW. Machine is like new, has 0 production hours. Manufacturer: Schussler Model: SL MLWE 5F Year of manufacture: 2020 Technical Information Dimensions - length: 1700 mm - width: 1260 mm …

Ideal BAS 050-01 Flash Butt Welding Machine

Year: 2007

Brand: Ideal. Type: BAS 050-01. Flash Butt welding Machine. Manual clamping. Year of manufacture: 2007. Blade width up to 50 [mm]. Machine in good fully working condition. Weld band saw blades for wood or metal. Power: 400 [V]. Made in Germany. Delivery from stock.

COHERENT, FANUC, TAKTOMAT, RIEDEL HighLight 10000D, M710iC/50, RT400, PC 321.2H6LE.I Welding machine

Year: 2018

A robotic laser station for powder coating The position includes: - COHERENT laser head (10kW diode laser) - FANUC M710iC / 50 robot - TAKTOMAT rotary table (2000x1200 250kg positioner) - Chiller RIEDEL Net price! The stand was launched, not used and almost not used. Large surfacing width up to 32 mm, nozzles for 24 mm included.

DANUBIUS ELEKTRIK BP 90.13 Welding machine

Year: 1996

Rubber scoring BP 90.13 Suitable for scoring sinks More technical information in the attached photos

Welding robotic set 2000/1000/2 MIG/MAG 500 A Welding machine


Welding robotic set The robotic welding set consists of two separate workplaces. Each workplace has its own controls start and stop of the work cycle and own safety features. Technical parameters: • FANUC ARC MATE 100iC 12S industrial robot with a reach of 1098 mm • 2x single-axis positioner with FANUC counter bearing capacity 1000 kg • Robot on track …

Fronius TransTig 230i Welding machine

Year: 2018

Type: TransTig 230i Producer: Fronius Made in: 2018 Characteristic: Equipment: Cooling CU 600t manual grinder TIG Grinder Mobile

Two point automatic resistance welding machine PROFIWELD PW 75/5

Year: 2015

Type: PW 75/5 Producer: PROFIWELD Made in: 2015 Characteristic: Supply voltage: 480 V Power: 75 kVA Air pressure: 0.6 MPa Cooling water flow: 12 l/min Frequency: 50/60 Hz

ESAB CAB 460 Welding machine

Year: 2004

ESAB Welding column boomm tower 5500 x 4000 with 1600 + 1250 Amp SPECIFICATIONS Welding tower / boom height: 7800 mm Arm length: 4600 mm Number / Power source in AMP: 1600 + 1250 AMP Working are in X travel on rails: 40.000 mm

ESAB SAW A6 Tandem Mastertrac with ESAB LAF 1251 with TAF1251 SAW


ESAB Mastertrack PEK With ESAB LAF 1251 with TAF 1251 Rectifiers for Submerged Arc Welding working range Length of the cables is 24 m. Suitable for heavy construction welding Capable of welding DC/DC, DC/AC or AC/AC Uses A2-A6 Process Controller PEK for quick and accurate programming of welding parameters for each torch Feedback system gives high and consistent welding quality …

Welding Alloys Hot Wire TIG Cladding System


We are selling this used Welding Alloys Hot Wire TIG cladding system Package includes a 3 ton welding positioner interfaced into the system That has been used not in the frame if required as a horizontal positioner or in the frame used as a tilting positioner Miller Maxstar 700 water cooled TIG GTAW welding power supply Miller Dynasty 210 AC/DC …


Year: 2004

Welding Robot Motoman UP6 XRC. In production. Possibility to see it in operation. MIG MAG synergistic miller welding machine 2 positioners Motoman HSD 500 SX Includes pneumatic protective screens. control Xrc Dinse welding gun.

Orbitalum Orbimat 165 CA with P20 Tube to Sheet


Carry out tube to tube sheet welding with the Orbitalum 165CA compact orbital welder with integrated computer control works directly with the wide range of weld heads This High Purity and sanitary construction jobsites are just a couple of industries where the OM 165C system we have for sale 165CA orbital welding power supply is equipped with a easy to …