Weaving - used looms with jacquard 12

LEONARDO VAMATEX STAUBLI CX870, JC5 Loom with jacquard

Year: 2000

Working width 3400 cm
Nbr of levers 2688
Nbr of colors 8
Nbr of beams 1.5

COMEZ MCJ700 2x310 Staubli Jacquard CX32 Loom with jacquard Low working hours

Year: 2013

Working width 30 cm
Nbr of levers 320
Nbr of beams 4
Nbr of colors 3
Nbr of shafts 2

Textima 4310 Loom with jacquard

Year: 1981

Working width 220 cm
Nbr of beams
Nbr of colors 5

6xDornier Weaving machines with Staubli Electronic jacquards

Year: 1983

Working width 260 cm
Nbr of levers 1
Motion dobby
Nbr of colors 4
Nbr of beams 1

Vamatex P 1001 E Loom with jacquard

Year: 1994

Working width 2300 cm
Nbr of beams
Nbr of colors 8

стб У-360-1 Loom with jacquard

Year: 1998

Working width 360 cm
Nbr of beams
Nbr of colors 2