KGYV 80255/9306

Year: 1975

KGYW – Budapest ELECTRIC ARC FURNACE AND INCLUDES SUPLEMENTARY EQUIPMENT 1000KV Porer, three 150mm Electode furnace up to 2MT casting capacity. Up and running in great condition. Includes all control room equipment, hydraulic systems, high voltage transformer and choke. Also Includes three full size and one half size ladles with bottom stopper and crane jig, spare parts and consumables for …

Alfons Haar AF P25

Year: 2006

The Alfons Haar line for the production of seaming caps and bottoms with a diameter of 99 mm is offered for sale. Producer (country of origin) – Alfons Haar (Germany) The type of products produced is lids and bottoms for cans with a diameter of 99 mm. Productivity - 720 pieces / min

Frech DAK315H

Year: 1991

The FRECH DAK315H metal casting machine was built in Germany in 1991 by Oskar Frech Werkzeugbau GmbH + CO. KG. Characterized by high reliability and high-quality components, the machine is used for the production of castings by filling molds with molten brass or aluminum. The aluminum casting machine works with casting molds from 300 to 700 mm high, which are …

Alfons Haar DF PV40/RTP40 lin

Year: 2006

Alfons Haar line for the production of seamless cans with a diameter of 99 mm is offered for sale. Producer (country of origin) – Alfons Haar (Germany) The type of products produced is solid-drawn cans with a diameter of 99 mm. Productivity - 540 pieces / min

DOZAMET OWPK-25 shot blast machine

Year: 1996

Chamber rotary shot blast machine Parts and assemblies of the machine are complete, correctly arranged. No possibility to start and test the machine's efficiency - the power supply is disconnected. Individual elements of the machine require professional preparation, comprehensive cleaning and possible replacement before commissioning. Type: OWPK-25, ID number: 1, Year of construction: 1996, Control voltage: 3x380V, Machine weight: 39,170 …


Year: 2022

The LXSHOW LXW 2000 W FIBER cleaning laser was built in 2022 by the Chinese company LXSHOW Jinan Lingxiu Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. The laser cleaning machine widely used in the industry is mainly used for efficient removal of, among others, rust, paint, oil and oxide layers from the surface of the details. The fiber laser cleaner is equipped with …

Shearing press Rakovnické Tvářecí Stroje OL 28

Year: 2001

Made in: 2001 Characteristic: Control system: SofCon Pressing force: 283 kN Ram stroke: 750 mm Machine height: 3820 mm Machine length: 1345 mm Machine width: 2055 mm Machine weight: 4800 kg

Lakfam ASP-631F WL

Year: 2020

Automatic saw sharpening machine Automatic CNC machine for sharpening circular saws. Fully operational and ready for use. Model: ASP-631F (WL version). Dimensions: 1670 x 1940 x 1550. Weight: 400kg. Price is negotiable, negotiable.

Disamatic 2013 MK4 Vertical Moulding Line with plc (Revised)

Year: 1975

Disamatic 2013 MK4 Vertical Moulding Line (Revised) Hydraulic pump Automation revision Output: 240 molds per hour Model size : 480 x 600 mm Machine is in good condition


Year: 1980

Shot blaster The offer applies to a 4-chamber shot blast machine. Status: operational (connected, ready to run) Technical data: • Manufacturer: CARBORUNDUM • Model: QUADMATIC • Number of projectors: 2 • Engine power (projector): 15Kw • Number of working chambers: 4 (rotation around a common axis) • Chamber dimensions (radius/height): 1050x1650 [mm] • Dimensions of the loading window (width/height): 1260x1540 …

Aluminum injection molding machine Vihorlat Snina CLH 630 1/8

Year: 1985

Producer: Vihorlat Snina Made in: 1985 Characteristic: Pressing force: 630 t

Vacuum press VÝVOJ VLAŠIM BTV / 11

Year: 1991

Made in: 1991 Characteristic: Pressing force: 11 t

Aluminum injection molding machine RTS Rakovník TL-4-250

Year: 1997

Characteristic: The machine is in good condition. inspection possible video available

Pendraulik WD R 24 Dissolver

Year: 1989

Pendraulik WD-R24 Dissolver Manufacturer: Pendraulik Model: WD R 24 Type: dissolver Year : 1989 Power : 17,5 KW ATEX class : (Ex) e G3 Mixing speed : 400 – 1500 rpm Speed variation : electric Dispersion disc: Ø 300 mm Recommended vessel: Ø 700 – 1000 mm Mounting: wall or floor standing Sold with 1 bowl (additional units available on …

Universal Can Technologies S.L. Sheet feed press model pd40/110/2150 a4 cnc

Year: 2007

The Cepeda (Universal) line for the production of seaming caps and bottoms with a diameter of 72.8 mm is offered for sale. and 83.4 mm. Manufacturer (country of origin) – Universal Can Technologies S.L. (Spain) The type of products produced is lids and bottoms for cans with a diameter of 72.8 mm. and 83.4 mm. Productivity - 800 pieces / …

Shot blasting machine for die casting islands S/60-H

Year: 2015

The S/60-H model turbine shot blasting machine is specific for the treatment of large-sized light alloy castings, produced in automatic die-casting cells. This plant is ready to be customized according to your production needs. Cage dimensions depth 600 mm – Ø 600 mm Description Automatic shot blasting machine with two 15 kW turbines each, complete with electro-aspirator with filter cartridges. …


Year: 1994

For sale Roller (roller) feeder for feeding the steel belt to the press, manufacturer SCHLEICHER Germany. Width 60 to 650mm, thickness 1 to 6mm

Used Bucher MP27

Year: 1990

Cider press in very good condition. Not in use for the last few years, therefore overhaul recommended. Press is complete with grinder and accessories.

Bihler GRM 100 Multislide stamping and forming machine

Year: 2010

BIHLER GRM100 multislide punching and forming machine, Made in Germany. Machine re-engineered in year 2010 originally by Bihler, updated with servo motor, pump, rewired, new control, etc. Equipped with 4x forming slides and 18 ton press station. Gripper feed on right-hand side with straightener. Max width of strip 100 mm. Max wire diameter 10 mm. Standard feed length 250 mm …



CORE SHOOTER REISAUS & BAUMBERG, KSA15 Type: KSA15 aft Year of constrcution : 2015 Weight: ± 6000 kg Dimensions: length 2650m, width 2700mm, height 2450mm Motor: 9 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz Shooting volume:15 litres Core box weight: down part: 500 kg, upper part: 200 kg Core box dimensions - horizontal separated: height: 330mm - 660mm depth: 700mm width 800mm …