Used foundry equipment 60

Used Botta FUSORIO KG 1600

Year: 2002

Used Botta FUSORIO KG 1600 Length 4200 Width 2400 Height 4000 Weight 13260

Hammering machine V. COPELLI LT 415/1

Year: 2006

Type: LT 415/1 Producer: V. COPELLI Made in: 2006 Characteristic: Pressing force: 50 t Max pressure: 250 bar Cylinder diameter: 160 mm Machine weight: 1500 kg

Spotting press Reis TUS 130-200

Year: 2002

Type: TUS 130-200 Producer: Reis Made in: 2002 Characteristic: Pressing force: 200 t Length of the table: 1600 mm Width of the table: 1300 mm Power demand: 15 kW Ram stroke: 1500 mm Mold weight: 12000 kg Injection force: 4-10 bar Machine weight: 19000 kg

HUBER 30 T Laminating Press

Year: 1992

- on the table are 3 overlays (1200x200x80mm) - with the light curtain make SICK type AGSS 450-1111 - with hydr. pressure storage plant make MEINBURK GmbH, power requirement=18,5 kW - electro-mechanic travel DRO Further Technical Details: - pressure: 30 t - table length: 1730 mm - table width: 1000 mm - passage between the columns longitudinal/sideways: 1850/750 mm - …

EURTEK Triton TA20 BC Mixer

Year: 2004

Type: Triton TA20 BC Year of construction: 2004 External dimensions: length 6000 mm, width 1250 mm, height 3630 mm Useful dimensions: length 4900 mm, height 2000 mm Engine: 25 kW (total), 400/690 V With turbo screw 15 kW First arm conveyor belt motorized rotation and pneumatic brake With 5 mixing programs Sand supply: 4 adjustable drawers With relay control and …

BOLDRINI RIBO 25-4000 flanging machine

Year: 1965

Specifications: Min. plate diameter 1000 mm Max. sheet thickness 5-25 mm Max. Working dia. 4000 mm Max. Edge radius 80-400 100 Accessories: Flanging Rolls dia. 1 Tool R-170 - 1 Tool R-50 mm Length: 6000 mm, Height: 3670 mm, Width: 1450 mm, Weight: 24500 kg

Used Löser KS100

Year: 1998

Make: LÖSER Type: KS100 Year of manufacture: 1998 Special advantages - Easy operation - Short downtimes due to fast belt change - 3-roller system allows constant cutting speeds with different contact roller diameters - Different attachments for different grinding tasks - Part-specific machine set-up possible in a few simple steps due to exchangeable attachment arms - Contact wheels Ø 20 …

Kovopol THA 40/120 Wire nail press

Year: 2007

Max. nail diameter 4.4 mm
Max. nail length 120 mm
Motor power 5.5 kW
Min. nail diameter 2.5 mm
Output - pieces/min 500
Min. nail length 50 mm

Kovopol Kavalier THA 31/80 Wire nail press

Year: 2007

Max. nail diameter 3.2 mm
Max. nail length 80 mm
Motor power 5.5 kW
Min. nail diameter 2.2 mm
Output - pieces/min 600
Min. nail length 45 mm

Berry 1990 - Machine for the production of aluminum ingots

Year: 1998

Production 10 ton / h, ingot weight 10 kg. The machine is equipped with a stacker and an automatic palletizer and 3 fans. The machine has been completely retrofitted in 2019. The machine has its own electrical panel with PLC, control pulpit and small panel. 200 spare modules, filling wheel and automatic cast closure. There is also an automatic electronic …

Bühler H800 B aluminium die casting machine

Year: 1995

German made Buhler H800 B aluminium die casting machine with clamping force of 800 ton and Bosch controller.


Year: 1997

LAEMPE Lantern, L65, injection volume 65 liters Year: 1997 Dimensions: ± 4000 mm x 4000 mm x 3000 mm Power: 28.5 kW; 400 V; 50 Hz Injection volume 65 l Vertical and horizontal joint box machine Dimensions of the core boxes: length max. 1140 mm; width max. 1180 mm; height max. 1110 mm - min. 660 mm Opening max. cramps: …

Ironworker BERNARDO STW 80

Year: 2012

Manufactured by Bernardo (Austria) Year of manufacture 2012 Power required, kW 7,5 Machine weight, kg 2200 Punching station: Punching force, ton 80 Max. punching performance, mm 28 x 20 Diameter x strenght, mm 57 x 10 Stroke length, mm 55 Number of strokes (20 mm stroke), spm 25 Throat, mm 305 Max. hole dimension (standard), mm 57 Working height, mm …

Led Italia TC 10000 FF3

Year: ~ 2008

Vacuum evacuator with mechanical compression of steam LED ITALIA model TC10000FF3 of 2008, working and still in production with 54458 hours of operation

Riscaldo Siviera ad ossigeno

Year: 2017

heating and drying plant for ladle powered from a mixture CH4 - O2 3. SPECIFICATIONS OVEN SIVIERA oven type Charge materials STEEL ipo of HEATING Treatment Capacity 80 T type Hydraulic opening TEMPERATURES Max working temperature 1100 ° C Max temperature of use Occasional if the coating allows the 1100 ° C Gradient of climb max 100 ° C / …

Gas burners T.K.R. for furnace

Year: 1997

Gas burners T.K.R. for furnace 6 bar. New 1997. Available 4 pcs.

Ustun Nail production plant

Year: 2003

Machines that can produce many types such as construction nails, wire nails, pin nails, nail studs, annealed wire. Capacity of construction nails 300 tons / Month 30 ton / month capacity in glass nail 380 ton capacity per month In addition, 50 tons of annealed wire can be produced. 5 large nail machines (for 8-10 and more nails) (UPPER MACHINE) …

Used Heating furnace for brass forging Farm Brass SO 240

Year: ~ 2005

Heating furnace for brass forging FARM BRASS, model SO240 GAS fired, push type, 2 rails, available as is or to be completely overhauled.


Year: 2011

Maximum force (pressing): 1400 t Pressing height: 1150 mm Machine height: 3500 mm Equipment: Heating plates (LxW): 2800x2500 mm The line consists of a single-deck press. The press includes heating plates with dimensions of 2800x2500 mm. The heating plates are heated with steam to a temperature of 150 ° C across its entire width. The press can be operated even …