Used tablet coating machines 54

GLATT Mod. GMPC-II - Multipan Coater used

Year: 2001

Capacity (kg) 45 kg
Pan Ø 750 mm
Volume (max) 56 L

Ima HT400 Tablet coating machine

Year: 1999

Capacity (kg) 400 kg
Pan Ø 1630 mm
Volume (max) 400 L

BPT SKERMAN - Coating Pan used


DESCRIPTION: Coating pan with variable inclination for tablets. Coating pan with internal surface high quality polished stainless steel. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: This coating pan is suitable for the mixing action of compounds, for the uniform coating of tablets or other core materials by film and the dragee-making of already formed …

MANESTY MOD. ACCELACOTA 10 - Tablet coating machine used


DESCRIPTION: This high technology system is the ideal solution for the film and sugar coating of tablets. The shape, combined with the surface smoothness, brings a perfect mixing of the cores and a uniform distribution of the coating material. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: Material of construction is stainless steel. Perforated pan, …

O’Hara Labcoat 100 Tablet coating machine

Year: 2021

Manufacturer: O’HARA (Canadian) Year: 2021 Power supply: 400 V Tri +N 50-60Hz Equipped with 1 perforated drum Ø 36” (915 mm). Useful volume 116 Litres. Interchangeable drum (14,3L to 157 Litres) Drum speed : 3 – 24 rpm Batch Capacity : 6,8 to 106 Kg for density of 0,8 Kgr/Litre Extractor 2550 m3/h independent with H13 Filtration Air inlet fan …

IMA HT50 Tablet coating machine

Year: 2003

NEVER USED WITH AUTOMATIC WASHING SYSTEM . GS IMA Coating Equipment HT is equipped with exhausting paddles for tablet film and sugar coating and is equipped with blowing paddles and is suitable for pellets and microgranules, The use of a solid wall pan allows the processing of all product sizes and shapes without clogging. The shape of the pan and …

Glatt GC1600 Tablet coating machine

Year: 1992

Glatt laminating machine Manufacturer: GLATT Product type: GC1600 Year: 1992 Supervisory PC and PLC refurbished in 2006: - Touch screen SIMATIC PANEL PC SIEMENS - TSX57 controller Balance of power: - Laminator for electrical cabinet: 14,8kW - Dust collector power ≈ 39kW - AHU power ≈ 24kW Dimensions: - Turbine (LxWxH in mm) ≈ 2200x2000x2500 - Console (LxWxH in mm) …

Manesty Accela-Cota 75 Tablet coating machine


Manesty Accela-Cota 75 tablet coating machine Complete with air handling units and associated trunking and ducting 415V 3PH AC

Walter Brucks 20kg Tablet coating machine

Year: 2000

Capacity (kg) 20 kg
Pan Ø 1000 mm
Volume (max) 20 L