Used tablet coating machines 54

Manesty AC350 Tablet coating machine

Year: 1997

Capacity (kg) 350 kg
Pan Ø 1524 mm
Volume (max) 450 L

GLATT Mod. GMPC-II - Multipan Coater used

Year: 2001

Capacity (kg) 45 kg
Pan Ø 750 mm
Volume (max) 56 L

Ima HT400 Tablet coating machine

Year: 1999

Capacity (kg) 400 kg
Pan Ø 1630 mm
Volume (max) 400 L

MANESTY MOD. ACCELACOTA 10 - Tablet coating machine used


DESCRIPTION: This high technology system is the ideal solution for the film and sugar coating of tablets. The shape, combined with the surface smoothness, brings a perfect mixing of the cores and a uniform distribution of the coating material. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: Material of construction is stainless steel. Perforated pan, …

O’Hara Labcoat 100 Tablet coating machine

Year: 2021

Manufacturer: O’HARA (Canadian) Year: 2021 Power supply: 400 V Tri +N 50-60Hz Equipped with 1 perforated drum Ø 36” (915 mm). Useful volume 116 Litres. Interchangeable drum (14,3L to 157 Litres) Drum speed : 3 – 24 rpm Batch Capacity : 6,8 to 106 Kg for density of 0,8 Kgr/Litre Extractor 2550 m3/h independent with H13 Filtration Air inlet fan …

Glatt GC1600 Tablet coating machine

Year: 1992

Glatt laminating machine Manufacturer: GLATT Product type: GC1600 Year: 1992 Supervisory PC and PLC refurbished in 2006: - Touch screen SIMATIC PANEL PC SIEMENS - TSX57 controller Balance of power: - Laminator for electrical cabinet: 14,8kW - Dust collector power ≈ 39kW - AHU power ≈ 24kW Dimensions: - Turbine (LxWxH in mm) ≈ 2200x2000x2500 - Console (LxWxH in mm) …

Walter Brucks 20kg Tablet coating machine

Year: 2000

Capacity (kg) 20 kg
Pan Ø 1000 mm
Volume (max) 20 L