Are you in the market for a horizontal bagging machine for your packaging needs? Whether you're a newcomer to the packaging industry or a seasoned professional, it's crucial to conduct thorough research before making a purchase. With numerous options available, selecting the right horizontal bagging machine / flowpack that fits your requirements can be a critical decision.

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Call VIP Solution X350 Flowpack

Year: 2023

Output 120 /min
Bag width 160 mm
Bag height 70 mm
Type Automatic

Carrera 500 PC Flowpack Hot deal

Year: 2008

Bag height 550 mm
Bag width 230 mm


Year: 2020

ULMA model FM 305 automatic wrapping machine, designed specifically for packaging fresh food in MAP (Protective Atmosphere) using barrier film. The machine uses a reel of bottom film to produce hermetic pouches in "Flow Pack" format. The "Flow pack" format consists of making a 3-seal pouch from a reel of flat film. The machine unwinds the film from a reel …

ZWKPAK2_M2 Toilet paper packing machine


Output 15 /min
Bag width 330 mm
Bag height 590 mm
Type Automatic

Used Ilapak CARRERA 1000 M Flowpack Exaprime Hot deal

Year: 2000

Output 125 /min
Bag width 250 mm
Bag height 120 mm

Used GNA Mobula Flowpack

Year: 2020

Output 70 /min
Bag width 750 mm
Bag height 500 mm
Type Automatic

Sigitaspak srl Mini Super Flowpack Good value

Year: 2017

Output 65 /min
Bag width 180 mm
Bag height 320 mm
Type Semi- automatic

Fabbri Group Automac 55 PIU Flowpack

Year: 2022

Bag height 250 mm
Bag width 400 mm

Fuji FW-3410BS/B Flowpack

Year: 2010

Fuji FW-3410BS/B flowpack year mod 2010 mint condition previously packaged medicine needles but can pack many other products. Dimensions 890 x 120 H 160 cm.

Used Raelma Galaxia 215 Flowpack Exaprime Hot deal Good value

Year: 2005

Output 40 /min
Bag width 50 mm
Bag height 150 mm

Volpak S-165 D Flowpack

Year: 1999

Output 200 /min
Bag width 160 mm
Bag height 190 mm
Type Automatic

BELCA BFI 200 PLUS Flowpack

Year: 2021

Output 120 /min
Bag width 270 mm
Bag height 120 mm
Type Automatic

Volpak S-165 D

Year: 1996

Output 200 /min
Bag width 160 mm
Bag height 190 mm
Type Automatic

Harro Höfliger BRT II 120 L Flowpack

Year: 2005

Output 100 /min
Bag width 50 mm
Bag height 260 mm

Used Ulma Atlanta HI-TECH Flowpack

Year: 2005

Output 80 /min
Bag width 250 mm
Bag height 500 mm

Volpak SP-170 L1F Flowpack

Year: 2002

Output 100 /min
Bag width 170 mm
Bag height 240 mm
Type Automatic


A flowpack machine is a kind of packaging device used to wrap products in a continuous, tube-shaped film that is sealed on the bottom and top as it is being formed around the object. This kind of machinery is frequently used in the food industry to package baked goods, fresh vegetables, confectionery, and snacks. In non-food businesses like the packaging of hardware, medical supplies, and other products, it is also used. Please check the text at the bottom of the page to learn more about what to consider when buying a horizontal bagging machine.

Main factors to choose a flowpack machine

Here are the main points to check before making a purchase:

  • Machine Size and Speed: Consider the size and speed of the horizontal bagging machine - Flowpack in relation to your production requirements. It's crucial to select a machine that can handle your intended production volume effectively because different machines have different capacities. To guarantee that the equipment can fit comfortably in your facility, also take into account the space that is available.
  • Bag size and material compatibility: Verify with the agent the machine's compatibility with the bag size and material you will be using. It's critical to choose a machine that can meet your unique bag size requirements because bag size specifications can vary depending on your product . Additionally, take into account the kind of material you'll be using for your bags, such as laminates, polyethylene, or polypropylene, and make sure the machine is suitable for it.
  • Machine features and controls: Evaluate the features and controls of the flowpack machine. Look for features such as adjustable sealing time and temperature, bag length control, and automatic sensors for precise and consistent bagging. User-friendly controls and an intuitive interface can also streamline the machine's operation, reducing downtime and improving productivity.
  • Machine condition and maintenance: We will always recommend that you inspect the condition of the machine and assess its maintenance requirements. Check for any signs of wear and tear, and inquire about the machine's service history if available. Understanding the maintenance requirements and costs associated with the machine can help you estimate the total cost of ownership and avoid unexpected expenses.

Main manufacturers

Some of the leading manufacturers of horizontal bagging machines, also known as flowpack machines, include:

Bosch Packaging Technology: Bosch, a leader in packaging technology, provides a variety of horizontal bagging machines, and not only, for use in the food, pharmaceutical, and consumer products industries, among others.

IMA Dairy & Food: Specialising in packaging solutions for the dairy and food industries, IMA Dairy & Food offers horizontal bagging machines that are known for their reliability, efficiency, and flexibility.

ULMA Packaging: With a focus on sustainability and innovation, ULMA Packaging offers a comprehensive range of horizontal bagging machines that are designed to meet the needs of various industries, including food, medical, and industrial.

Ilapak: Known for their cutting-edge technology and high-quality packaging solutions, Ilapak offers a wide range of horizontal bagging machines that are suitable for a wide range of products, from snacks and confectionery to fresh produce and frozen foods.

Paxiom Group: Offering a variety of packaging solutions, including horizontal bagging machines, Paxiom Group is known for its customizable and versatile machines that can handle different types of products and packaging materials.

Rovema GmbH: Rovema is a global leader in packaging technology, offering a wide range of horizontal bagging machines that are known for their high-speed performance, flexibility, and reliability. They serve various industries, including food, pet food, and pharmaceuticals.

Hayssen Flexible Systems: Hayssen Flexible Systems is a well-known manufacturer of horizontal bagging machines, offering a diverse range of machines that are suitable for different products and industries. They are known for their innovative and efficient packaging solutions.

PFM Packaging Machinery: PFM Packaging Machinery specialises in horizontal flowpack machines for food and non-food industries, providing a wide range of options for different product types and packaging materials. They are known for their advanced technology and durability.

Viking Masek: Viking Masek is a leading manufacturer of horizontal bagging machines, offering a wide range of machines that are suitable for various industries, including food, pet food, and pharmaceuticals. They are known for their high-quality and user-friendly machines.

Fuji Machinery Co., Ltd.: Fuji Machinery is a global leader in the packaging industry, offering horizontal bagging machines that are known for their precision and reliability. They offer a wide range of machines for different applications, including food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Consider all the logistic aspects of buying

Careful planning and consideration of different logistical problems are necessary when moving a used flowpack equipment from one factory to another. The machine must first have its weight and dimensions properly examined and assessed in order to ensure that it can be transported safely and without being damaged. Taking into account the machine's weight, height, breadth, and length, as well as any other components or accessories that would need to be transported with it, is necessary. Ask the agent you are in contact with for the details you require without holding back.

The next step is to choose the mode of transportation depending on the accessibility of the routes and the distance between the buyer and the seller of the machine. Depending on the distance, using a truck, freight train, or even air freight may be necessary. To avoid any damage during transit, the machine must be packaged and secured properly. To secure the machine and eliminate any potential movement or vibration during transit, this may entail employing protective coverings, strapping, and cushioning materials.

Moreover, in order to ensure a smooth and legal relocation, it is also important to take into account and adhere to any legal or regulatory requirements for shipping heavy gear, such as acquiring permissions or adhering to local laws. To reduce the likelihood of loss or damage, insurance coverage for the machine during transportation should also be set up.

Furthermore, timing and scheduling are critical considerations in moving a second-hand flowpack machine. Coordination with both the origin and destination factories, as well as any intermediate handling points, is essential to ensuring that the machine arrives at the desired location on schedule, minimising downtime and disruption to production operations.

Lastly, hiring a professional rigging and transport company with experience in moving heavy machinery is highly recommended to ensure safe and efficient handling of the machine. Their expertise in dismantling, loading, transporting, unloading, and reinstalling the machine can help minimise risks and ensure a successful move.

Please make sure you agree on all the details with the seller or ask your Exapro Agent for support.