Used horizontal bagging machines - Flowpack for sale 269

MIF basic 498 Flowpack

Year: 2019

Machine specialised in packaging trays with any product weighing up to 1 kg, in transparent film or with printing (continuous or centred with mark). Stainless steel frame Touch screen

Minipack MINIFLOW-BT 600 Flowpack

Year: 2020

Output 120 /min
Bag width 650 mm
Bag height 110 mm
Type Automatic

Used Ulma Sienna LS BI Flowpack Exaprime Hot deal Good value

Year: 2010

For sale: 1 Ulma Sienna LS BI from 2010 including: - the feeding belt - the film reel unwinder - Flowpack Sienna - spare parts stock worth €4,000 The price offered is including spare parts The machine was used to bag banana hands. Average output: 80 bags/min We do not have video of the machine in operation as it is …

TLM Packaging division Dynamic 400 Flowpack

Year: 2019

Manufacturer TLM Packaging division Dynamic 400 model Year 2019 Dimensions (mm) 4800 x 950 H 1720 Voltage (V) 380 Frequency (Hz) 50/60 Control circuit (V) 24 Roller resistance power (W) 250 Jaw resistance power (W) 400 Total installed power (kW) 2.5

Volpak S-240D Flowpack

Year: 2000

Output 180 /min
Bag width 120 mm
Bag height 240 mm

Volpak S-185 Zipper Flowpack

Year: 1999

Output 55 /min
Bag width 185 mm
Bag height 300 mm

Volpak SP-170 L1F Flowpack

Year: 2002

Output 100 /min
Bag width 170 mm
Bag height 240 mm



Output 180 /min
Bag width 45 mm
Bag height 150 mm

Horizontal bagging machines, sachet machines or flow pack machines from Packaging category are named so in conformity with the product packaging process. Bagging machine creates a plastic tube from a flexible sheet of plastic foil or film. The product then passes through this "sleeve" it until it reaches an edge that delimits the beginning and end of the package.

How Horizontal Bagging Machine Works?

Working principle of a flow pack machine is really quite simple. From a coil carrier shaft, flexible material which can be polypropylene, or any other film-like material according to requirements, passes through a forming tunnel and is soldered by welding wheels. If the coil is not well centered with respect to the axis of the product, the tube formed out of film will have more material on one side than on the other which can cause problems in the final phase of sealing the package. The product itself is pushed  by some distant paddles until reaching the plastic film sleeve that has been formed.

Area of Use

Flowpack machines are used to pack solid products only and are closely linked with food industry and food packaging. What kind of products can be packed in a horizontal bagging machines? Think fruits, vegetables, baked goods and even pizza. The length of the package is regulated by a rotating jaw inside the bagging machine which seals the package on both sides of the product.

Technical Parameters

Once the package size is regulated, the speed of cling film movement needs to be set as well. Keeping in mind that the faster the advance, the longer the package will be obtained. if the cling film is moving too fast and the blades are slower when the product hits them it will cause the tearing of film and will slow down the packaging process. 

With the evolution of the technology, the flow pack machines have introduced the electronics for the control of the operations allowing the regulation of all the parameters described above from a digital control panel. The most sophisticated machines are equipped with computer systems allowing to enter the dimensions of the package and the packaging process will be adjusted based on the programming.

Packaging Material Marking

Another basic element of horizontal bagging machines is the centering of the impression of the wrapping material when it has specific graphic marks. For this task the machine is complemented with a photocell that reads some black marks that the material manufacturer performs to determine the beginning and end of the printing area. Nowadays, it is also necessary to mark the date of manufacture or expiration of the product and for this purpose, thermal transfer marking systems or ink jet marking systems are installed on the machines.

Package Shape & Other Requirements

In order to make a more squared package, the "English fold" is used, which is a device that is installed near the blades and is inserted before the welding to increase the dubbing of the plastic. The products most suitable to be packaged with horizontal bagging machines are of average dimensions, not too big. A specific discourse requires the packaging of food products that need to be packaged in a controlled atmosphere to increase the duration as an alternative to the emptying container which is possible in certain types of machines equipped to increase the welding time maintaining temperature and pressure Of the jaws appropriate to the required manufacturing speeds.

Main Manufacturers

  • Ulma. Spanish company offering packaging solutions for food and medical industry.
  • Belca. Another Spanish brand of world-class packaging machines and equipment for packaging across industries.
  • CAM. First Italian designer of automatic machines for packaging products into cartons. Supplier of complete packaging lines for all industrial sectors including Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food.
  • Imanpack. Italian company responsible for design and production of horizontal bagging machines, cartoning machines, weighing machines and robots.

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