Hockerpolytechnic Vacumobil VP 350 swarf and dust extraction module

Year: 2020

Collecting capacity 8000 m³/h
Fan engine 11 kW
Fan Yes

Alfarimini Euro 2 Dust collector

Year: 2024

Collecting capacity 3500 m³/h
Installed power 2.98285 kW

Felder RL 200 - Clean - Air Dust Extractor Low working hours

Year: 2008

Collecting capacity 4000 m³/h
Fan Yes
Installed power 4 kW
Nbr of bags 2
Fan engine 4 kW

Alfarimini Euro 3 Dust collector

Year: 2024

Collecting capacity 5000 m³/h
Installed power 4.10142 kW

FIMAS -OMAR Fimas - Omar Dust collector

Year: 1995

Fimas brand substation with 40 HP suction motor, with pneumatic bag cleaning Omar substation with two 40 HP and one 30 HP suction motors, with pneumatic bag cleaning, discharge into containers. On request we can provide technical data sheets Disassembly if required, quantified separately.

Used MION and MOSOLE AF60 Dust collector

Year: 2006

Collecting capacity 60 m³/h
Fan Yes
Nbr of bags 468

AMOTEC OSF 132 Chip And Dust Extraction Plant

Year: 2015

Collecting capacity 19800 m³/h
Fan engine 4 kW


Year: 2004

Collecting capacity 18000 m³/h
Fan engine 18.5 kW
Nbr of bags 1

MZ Aspiratori extraction system


MZ Aspiratori extraction system Additional info Dust extraction system MG Aspiratori - Type: GR1120/R4 - 45 kW Silo with cyclone: 3000 mm diameter by 15 meter heigh

ALFER ALFER JET-PULS 48.000 M3 Dust collector

Year: 2003

GENERAL WORKING PRINCIPLE FOR JET-PULSE BAG FILTERS Dusty air or gas in pressure or vacuum enters the system under the filter housing. The air (gas) movement is in the direction of the filter bags and carries dust particles to the outside of the bag. surface of the bag cage. Fresh air passing into the inner part of the bag cage …

ZANETTI EU501 RD0 Dust collector

Year: 2005

Nbr of bags 3
Fan engine 11 kW
Fan Yes
Installed power 11 kW

Hurricane JSS-3-6-44-800 Dust collector

Year: 2007

Collecting capacity 89900 m³/h

CORAL - Dust collector

Year: 2007

Nbr of bags 4
Fan engine 7.5 kW
Fan Yes

mionmosole atex - mc/h 38.000 Dust collector

Year: 2009

Collecting capacity 38000 m³/h
Fan Yes
Nbr of bags 270

Mion & Mosole mc/h 65.000 Air Filtration Substation


Collecting capacity 67000 m³/h
Nbr of bags 5