Exapro, the esteemed marketplace for used industrial machinery, boasts a diverse range of cookers essential for the food processing industry. Catering to sectors from beverage production to confectionery and ready-to-eat meals, these cookers promise consistency, safety, and efficiency. Manufactured by industry giants like GEA, Krones, and JBT, among others, the quality and innovation behind these machines are undeniable.

A prime advantage of purchasing through Exapro is the affordability. Cookers, with prices ranging between €4,000 and €19,000, offer both small-scale businesses and larger enterprises the chance to secure top-tier equipment without a hefty price tag. It's not merely about cost-effectiveness; it's about obtaining machinery that guarantees uniform cooking, energy efficiency, versatility, and more.

Whether you're venturing into the confectionery world, scaling up a beverage enterprise, or diversifying into specialised dietary foods, Exapro's array of cookers, defined by their capacity, heat source, control systems, and more, is your gateway. Dive into the Exapro marketplace to find a cooker that matches your culinary aspirations and budget.


Year: 2006

Volume 500 L
Power 33 kW
Type Gas

Stephan TC/HC 600 Cooker

Year: 1990

Volume 600 L
Power 103 kW
Double jacket Yes

Electrolux EBV300 Cooker


Volume 300 L
Double jacket Yes
Type Electric

Metos PROVENO 300SM W Cooker

Year: 2016

Volume 300 L
Power 2 kW

METOS 80 LIT Cooker


Volume 80 L
Type Electric

DIndar 1000 kg Cooker

Year: 2013

Mixer (drum-ball mill) - capacity designed for 1000 kg of products. Manufactured by DIndar (Iran). Total operating time is less than 100 hours. Suitable for the production of chocolate glaze, chocolate products, etc.

Karpowicz KK600 Cooker

Year: 2021

Volume 600 L
Double jacket Yes
Type Electric
Power 31.5 kW

Jugema K100 Cooker


Volume 1000 L
Double jacket Yes
Type Electric
Power 52 kW

Giusti 375L Cooker


Volume 375 L

Auriol M500VBEX Cooker

Year: 2003

Volume 500 L
Power 6 kW
Double jacket Yes

Berief 800 L Cooker


Volume 800 L
Power 3 kW
Type Electric

Vertical shaft steam generator gavardo caldaie FB 330 from 2021

Year: 2021

Vertical shaft steam generator gavardo caldaie FB 330 from 2021 Good working condition. Dated 2021. Industrial steam generator with forced circulation and instantaneous vaporization in vertical design. Extremely compact, suitable for installation in tight spaces. Two smoke passages, guaranteed efficiency 88%. Steam productivity of 550 kg/h Design pressure 12 bar No risk of explosion Compact, one-piece design Top-brand gas, LPG …

Dava Tech XD-3500 Cooker

Year: 2023

Volume 600 L
Power 2.2 kW
Double jacket Yes

CFS Twg 4800 / 600 Cooker

Year: 2002

CFS mod Twg 4800 / 600 double belted oil teflon cooker 2x 4.8 meters roasting area x 60 cm width. Year 2002 was directly withdrawn from production now this spring.

Boiler for preparing food, soap base or other cosmetics

Year: 2022

Volume 250 L
Double jacket No
Type Electric
Power 1.5 kW

Frima VarioCooking Center VCC112+

Year: 2016

Frying /Fryer/Cooking - top condition! Barely used, has been in warm storage. "With VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY®, Frima VCC you can cooking, roasting, roasting, low-temperature cooking, confectionery, sous-vide cooking... without supervision, without burning, without the stress of handling pots and pans." this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The Frima VarioCooking Center …

Virutekk KPEM350 OMP Cooker

Year: 2016

Volume 350 L
Type Electric

Cookers in the Food Processing Machinery Category at Exapro

When venturing into the realm of the food processing industry, the importance of reliable and efficient machinery cannot be overstated. Cookers, in particular, are central to many processes, ensuring that food products are prepared to the highest standards while optimising safety and quality. At Exapro, we recognise the pivotal role these machines play and are proud to showcase an array of top-tier cookers in our Food Processing Machinery category.

But what exactly are these cookers, and why should professionals consider exploring our range?

In the food processing sector, cookers are employed to heat treat various food products. From pasteurisation to stewing, braising to boiling, these machines handle a myriad of tasks essential for preparing food products safely and deliciously. Whether you're producing soups, sauces, ready-to-eat meals, or any number of gourmet delicacies, a high-quality cooker ensures consistent results and peak performance.

For professionals considering trading in the used machinery marketplace, Exapro presents an attractive proposition. We offer a platform that seamlessly integrates both buyers and sellers, ensuring a smooth transaction process for all involved. Those in the market for a cooker will find an extensive selection, each vetted for quality and performance. Meanwhile, sellers can trust in Exapro's vast network and expertise to get their machinery in front of the right audience.

One of the significant benefits of choosing Exapro is the opportunity to access top-quality machinery without the hefty price tag of brand-new equipment. The cookers showcased in Exapro's Food Processing Machinery category are priced between €4,000 and €19,000. 

This range is not just a mere indication of the monetary value, but a testament to the variety, capability, and versatility of the machines we house.  In the ever-evolving food industry, where margins can be tight, this provides an invaluable advantage. Not only does it offer a cost-effective way to upgrade or expand operations, but it also gives businesses the flexibility to adapt to changing market demands.

Conversely, for those looking to sell, Exapro provides a trusted marketplace that extends far beyond local borders. With a global reach, sellers can tap into a vast pool of potential buyers, ensuring that their machinery finds a new home where it will be put to good use.

The cookers in Exapro's Food Processing Machinery category are not just machines – they are vital cogs in the food industry's intricate machinery. By choosing to buy or sell through Exapro, professionals are making a smart, future-focused decision that champions quality, reliability, and value for money. Dive into our collection today and discover the potential that awaits.


Main Advantages of the Cookers

Cookers, especially within the context of the food processing industry, are indispensable tools. They offer a host of advantages that not only streamline the cooking process but also ensure consistency, quality, and safety. Let’s delve into the main advantages of utilising cookers:

Consistent Cooking: Cookers are designed to provide a uniform cooking process, ensuring that food is evenly heated and prepared. This uniformity translates to consistent taste, texture, and quality across batches.

Time Efficiency: Industrial cookers, especially in large-scale food processing, can handle vast amounts of product simultaneously, significantly reducing the time it would take to process these quantities using traditional methods.

Safety: Modern cookers come with features that prevent overheating, burning, or any other hazards. They also ensure that food is cooked to safe temperatures, thus eliminating harmful pathogens and reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses.

Versatility: Cookers can handle a diverse range of food products, from liquids like soups and sauces to semi-solids and more chunky preparations. Some advanced models even come with multiple functionalities, such as steaming, boiling, and frying.

Energy Efficiency: Many contemporary cookers are designed to be energy-efficient, using less energy than traditional methods while yielding more product. This not only reduces costs but is also better for the environment.

Space Utilisation: Industrial cookers are designed to maximise output while minimising the footprint. This efficient use of space is especially crucial in facilities where floor space is at a premium.

Automated Features: Many modern cookers come equipped with automation features. This can include preset cooking cycles, temperature controls, and even self-cleaning functions. Such features reduce manual intervention, ensuring a more streamlined and error-free process.

Quality Retention: Advanced cookers are adept at preserving the nutritional quality of food. They can be calibrated to ensure that while food is cooked thoroughly, it retains essential nutrients and flavour.

Scalability: For businesses that plan to expand, industrial cookers can accommodate growing production needs. There are various sizes and capacities available, ensuring that as a business grows, its machinery can keep pace.

Cookers in the food processing industry are much more than mere heating equipment. They are central to maintaining quality, ensuring safety, and achieving operational efficiency. Investing in a good cooker is, therefore, not just about preparing food but enhancing the entire production process.


Main machine parameters of the Cookers

When considering purchasing or selling cookers, especially on a marketplace like Exapro, it's essential to be well-versed in the machine parameters. These parameters determine the capability, efficiency, and suitability of the cooker for specific processes and needs. Here are the main machine parameters one should take into account:

Capacity: This refers to the volume the cooker can handle. It's typically measured in liters or kilograms and determines the batch size the cooker can process at a time.

Temperature Range: Different food products require different cooking temperatures. Ensure the cooker can reach and maintain the necessary temperature range for your processing needs.

Pressure Range (for pressure cookers): Some cookers operate under pressure to accelerate the cooking process. The pressure range indicates the range of pressures the machine can safely operate under.

Material Construction: Stainless steel is a common material due to its resistance to corrosion and ease of cleaning. However, there might be other materials used depending on the cooker's design and intended application.

Heat Source: Whether it's electric, gas, steam, or another energy source, you'll need to ensure compatibility with your facility's infrastructure.

Agitation or Mixing Capabilities: Some cookers come with built-in agitators or mixers, crucial for products that need constant stirring to prevent settling or burning.

Jacket Type: Many industrial cookers have a 'jacket' - an outer shell filled with a heating (or cooling) medium. There are different types, like steam jackets or oil jackets, each with its own advantages.

Control System: Look into how the cooker is controlled. Is it manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic? Modern cookers may feature programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for precision and consistency.

Safety Features: Overpressure relief, temperature cut-offs, and lockout mechanisms are just some safety features to look out for.

Cleanability: For food processing equipment, easy and thorough cleaning is paramount. Check for features like CIP (clean-in-place) systems or easily removable components.

Dimensions and Footprint: Especially for facilities with space constraints, it's essential to know the cooker's physical dimensions and the space it will occupy.

Energy Consumption: An understanding of how much energy the cooker uses can give insights into operational costs.

Output/Performance: How much product can the machine process in a given time frame? This can be crucial for meeting production targets.

When trading on Exapro, detailed information on these parameters ensures transparency and aids in making informed decisions. Whether you're buying or selling, understanding these key parameters is pivotal to ensuring that the machine meets the requirements and offers value for money.


Area of Use for Cookers

Beverage Production: Cookers are used in the beverage industry for processes like pasteurization of juices, milk, and other drinks to ensure they're safe for consumption and have a longer shelf life.

Ready-to-Eat Meals: Cookers play a pivotal role in preparing components of ready-to-eat meals, ensuring they're well-cooked and safe for consumption when reheated by the end consumer.

Confectionery: From melting chocolate to preparing syrups, cookers are essential in the confectionery industry.

Dairy Processing: Cookers are used in processes like pasteurization, and making products such as yoghurt, cheese, and other dairy delicacies.

Bakery and Pastry: Cookers can be used to prepare fillings, sauces, or even for certain baking-related processes.

Meat and Poultry Processing: From cooking sausages to preparing meat-based dishes, cookers ensure that meat and poultry products reach safe temperatures to eliminate any pathogens.

Fish and Seafood Processing: Cookers can be used to prepare various seafood products, ensuring they're well-cooked and safe for consumption.

Vegetable and Fruit Processing: From making jams, jellies, and preserves to preparing canned fruits and vegetables, cookers are indispensable.

Sauces and Condiments Production: Cookers help in preparing different sauces and condiments, ensuring consistent taste and quality.

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics: While not traditionally associated with cookers, these industries occasionally use them for specific heating processes.

Specialized Dietary Foods: From baby food production to meals for medical purposes, cookers play a role in ensuring these specialized foods are prepared with the utmost care and safety.

When listing or searching for a cooker on Exapro, highlighting or being aware of its area of use ensures that the equipment meets specific industry requirements.  In the context of buying and selling on platforms like Exapro, understanding the area of use gives insights into which sectors or industries the cookers are best suited for, and what processes they're designed to handle.


Leading Manufacturers of the Cookers

Exapro, as a platform for used industrial machinery, often lists equipment from a variety of renowned manufacturers. When it comes to cookers in the food processing industry, several reputable brands come to mind. Here are some manufacturers whose products you might encounter on Exapro or similar platforms:

GEA: A global technology company known for its innovative solutions in food processing, GEA offers a variety of processing machinery including cookers.

Krones: While primarily known for its bottling and packaging machinery, Krones also manufactures equipment for food processing, including cooking solutions.

JBT (John Bean Technologies): They offer an array of food processing machinery, and their cookers are quite sought after in the industry.

Stork Food & Dairy Systems: Specialising in dairy and food processing, Stork provides cooking and pasteurisation equipment among its range.

Alfa Laval: Known for its broad range of machinery in food and beverage, dairy, and other industries, Alfa Laval offers cookers as part of its extensive lineup.

Lyco Manufacturing: A leader in innovative design, Lyco offers cookers that are particularly known for their efficiency and quality.

CFS (Convenience Food Systems): While it's now a part of GEA, CFS-branded equipment, including cookers, can still be found in the second-hand market.

Handtmann: A well-known name in the meat processing sector, Handtmann also manufactures cooking equipment suitable for various applications.

FMT: Focused on food processing technology, FMT provides a range of machinery, including industrial cookers, for diverse needs.

Electrolux Professional: Beyond their well-known domestic products, Electrolux also produces professional-grade food processing equipment, including cookers.

Cleveland Range, LLC: Known for its steam cooking equipment, Cleveland Range is a brand often encountered in commercial and industrial settings.

Remember, when buying equipment from a specific manufacturer on a platform like Exapro, it's crucial to check the machine's condition, maintenance history, and any other relevant details. Brands can give an idea of reliability and quality, but the condition of the individual machine is paramount, especially when dealing with used equipment.