VESPA 50/80 VGA Plastic crusher

Year: 2021

Output 900 kg/h
Power 45 W

Cmg Granulator N45. 55kw motor

Year: 2022

Output 600 kg/h
Power 55000 W
Crushing area 11111111 mm

Ekolinia MEV 120 Plastic crusher

Year: 2021

Operating hours: 3000 It is possible to purchase one mill or a set of two mills with a belt and a feeder. Used mills with the possibility of obtaining a manufacturer's warranty due to the very low mileage (sale due to exchange for a larger device). With the system of alternating work, one works and the other is subject to …

Alpine RO 36 60 Plastic crusher

Year: 1994

Knife mill alpine RO 36/60 Engine 22kw. As it is in the photo, the condition of the machine is almost new.

6,930 €

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CZ Czech Republic

Китай GreenMax Plastic crusher

Year: 2014

Output 200 kg/h
Power 19 W
Crushing area 0 mm

Weima WLK 6 S Plastic crusher

Year: 2004

Crushing area 1200 mm
Power 37000 W

Zerma GSE 700 Plastic crusher

Year: 2018

The ZERMA GSE 700 plastic mill was built in 2018. A granulator for plastics equipped with fixed knives and knives mounted on a V-shaped rotor, enables very efficient processing of light plastics, i.e. PE, PP or PVC, with low operating costs. The material to be shredded can be fed manually or automatically using an additional conveyor belt. The ZERMA plastic …

Peddinghaus Hydraulic 1001 Plastic crusher

Year: 1997

For example, punch a 40 mm hole in 20 mm steel Lift release via foot switch Includes viewfinder for center punching and setting up Assortment of tools is included in the price this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The Peddinghaus Hydraulic 1001 Plastic Crusher, manufactured in 1997, is a versatile …

TRIA 1000 mm.75 kw. 100-65DN Plastic crusher

Year: 1996

Crushing area 1000 mm
Power 75000 W