Exapro, a leading marketplace for used industrial machinery, showcases a diverse range of vegetable and fruit cutting, washing, and blanching machines. These machines, pivotal in the food processing realm, offer a blend of efficiency, consistency, and safety, transforming produce preparation from laborious manual tasks to streamlined operations.

From compact models ideal for startups, priced around €9,000, to top-tier, feature-rich machines approaching €40,000, Exapro provides options that cater to varied operational scales and budgetary constraints. These machines, often stemming from renowned manufacturers like KRONEN, Turatti, and Urschel, promise robust performance and durability. Each machine listed has been thoroughly vetted, ensuring buyers obtain a reliable and valuable asset for their production line.

By investing in these machines through Exapro, businesses can harness the dual advantage of cost-effective pricing and the assurance of quality. Whether scaling up production, seeking consistent output, or aiming for maximal efficiency, Exapro's curated selection in this category is the go-to destination for discerning food processors.

VERHOEST MARC Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing and blanching machine

Year: 2016

A complete line for peeling and washing leeks, Turning system with conveyor - transporting leeks to the peeling machine. Peeling and washing machine - the key element of the line. First and second conveyors - located above the peeling table. Round sorting table - with rinsing system. Leeks are sorted into different grades here. Control counting system - on the …

FINIS 80 Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing and blanching machine

Year: 2012

Semi-automatic vegetable peeling machine FINIS Vegetable peeling machine type cylinder 80, manufacturer: FINIS together with conveyor belts - 2 pcs. , year of production 2012 year 2012

PND DE-CALYX Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing and blanching machine

Year: 2016

PND DE-CALYX stalking machine The stalking machine, DF12, is designed for stalking and slicing strawberries and radishes in halves or quarters. It is a device that reduces the manual work done when stalking by hand. The model has a merry go round feed belt (dimensions: 3700 mm x 300 mm), which allows operators to always have the product at hand …

Ferroli Double watersteam Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing and blanching machine


Double watersteam line for washing and disinfecting fruit The lines consist of a tipper, inspection tables, washing machines and receiving tables.

VISYS “Python” Smart Laser Sorter th 4 generation optical sorter Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing and blanching machine

Year: 2010

Electricity: Single phase 230v / 5kVa / fuse 25 A / wires 4 mm 50/60 hz The electricity consumption for an 8 hours shift is approximately 2500W x 8h = 20kWh. Cooling water: Since the cooling unit (stainless steel) is a closed water-circuit, there is no water consumption (after a one-time fill). Minimum pressure: 1 bar (15psi) Maximum pressure: 3 …

Verhoest Marc Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing and blanching machine

Year: 2012

machine for washing, cutting and peeling leeks including oil hydraulic system (to operate hydraulic conveyors) and a water hydraulic system (for washing leeks). manufacturer Verhoest Marc, year of manufacture: 2012

Watermelon machine ABL WLM5 Low working hours

Year: 2016

ABL brand machine, model GTF WM. The watermelon line WML5 can be used to process watermelons. With the WML5 line, the watermelons are placed manually on a loading station that advances to the cutting station. The selected watermelons are pushed to a system that cuts the fruit into large slices (thickness to be determined). They are then picked up manually …

Vegetable and Fruit Cutting, Washing, and Blanching Machines in Food Processing: A Closer Look

In the vast world of food production, the processing of vegetables and fruits stands as a paramount domain, and like all other sectors, it demands precision, efficiency, and speed. To meet these needs, state-of-the-art machinery is utilised, and among the crème de la crème of such equipment, vegetable and fruit cutting, washing, and blanching machines take centre stage. At Exapro, we understand the significance of these machines and are committed to offering the very best from the used industrial machinery marketplace.

Understanding the Machinery

The preparation of vegetables and fruits for consumption, packaging, or further processing often necessitates several key steps: cutting, washing, and blanching.

Cutting Machines: Tailored to cut fruits and vegetables into consistent sizes and shapes, be it slices, dices, or julienne, these machines ensure that each piece is uniform, an essential factor for many food preparations and packaging processes. Their precision also ensures minimal waste, maximising yield from each produce.

Washing Machines: After cutting, the next step is to ensure the produce is free from contaminants, which is where washing machines come into play. Designed to efficiently and thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits, these machines employ advanced mechanisms to remove dirt, pesticides, and other potential contaminants, guaranteeing a clean product.

Blanching Machines: Blanching, a process of briefly immersing produce in boiling water, serves multiple purposes. It can halt enzyme actions which can cause loss of flavour, colour, and texture. It also cleanses the surface of dirt and organisms, brightens colour, and helps in preserving the produce. Blanching machines are designed to achieve this in the most efficient manner, ensuring the produce retains its natural appeal and nutritional value.

Why Choose Exapro?

When considering the acquisition or sale of such vital machinery, Exapro stands out as an unmatched platform. We aren’t just another marketplace; we’re a trusted avenue for professionals seeking excellence.

One of the defining advantages of opting for Exapro is the sheer diversity and breadth of choices. With a plethora of options sourced from top global brands, buyers are presented with a rich tapestry of machines, each accompanied by comprehensive details, ensuring you make an informed decision.

For sellers, the exposure to a vast, international audience means that your machinery won’t just languish in obscurity; instead, it will be showcased to professionals across the globe, maximising your chances of securing the best deal.

Cost-effectiveness is another compelling factor. By delving into the used machinery market, businesses can secure top-notch equipment without the hefty price tags of brand new models, ensuring optimal ROI. Simultaneously, sellers can recuperate a significant portion of their initial investment, making it a win-win for both parties.

Exapro's curated selection of vegetable and fruit cutting, washing, and blanching machines, priced between €9,000 and €40,000, underscores our commitment to offering both diversity and quality. Each machine within this range has undergone thorough checks to ensure it meets our rigorous standards, so you can invest with confidence, knowing you're obtaining not just a piece of equipment but a catalyst for growth.

Our commitment to transparency, quality, and professional integrity means that every transaction is rooted in trust and clarity. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, with Exapro, you're always in safe hands.

In the dynamic realm of food processing, where quality and efficiency are non-negotiable, Exapro offers professionals the machinery and trust they need. Dive into our curated collection of vegetable and fruit cutting, washing, and blanching machines, and let’s revolutionise your operations together.


Main advantages of Vegetable and Fruit cutting, washing and blanching machines

Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing, and blanching machines play an instrumental role in modern food processing. They bring a host of advantages to the table, making them indispensable assets for many businesses. Here are the main advantages of these machines:

Efficiency and Speed: These machines significantly speed up the processing time as compared to manual methods. What could take hours when done by hand can be accomplished in mere minutes, thereby increasing overall productivity.

Consistency: They ensure uniformity in cutting, washing, and blanching, which is critical for standardising product quality. Whether it's achieving even slices or ensuring consistent blanching times, these machines ensure every piece of produce is treated identically.

Safety: Automated machines reduce direct human interaction with sharp blades or hot water, minimising the risk of workplace injuries. Additionally, they ensure that the produce is cleaned and processed under controlled conditions, which is vital for food safety standards.

Minimised Waste: Precision cutting and processing mean less produce is wasted. For businesses, this translates to better yield from each batch, making operations more sustainable and cost-effective.

Better Quality Produce: The advanced washing mechanisms effectively remove dirt, pesticides, and other potential contaminants. Blanching, on the other hand, helps in retaining the vibrant colour, flavour, and nutritional content of the produce.

Flexibility: Modern machines often come with adjustable settings, allowing businesses to switch between different cutting styles or processing parameters to cater to diverse product requirements.

Scalability: These machines can handle large batches of produce, allowing businesses to scale up their operations without significant bottlenecks.

Enhanced Shelf Life: Blanching is a pre-treatment process often used before freezing vegetables and fruits. By stopping enzyme actions, blanching not only maintains the quality of the produce but also enhances its shelf life.

Incorporating vegetable and fruit cutting, washing, and blanching machines into food processing facilities can revolutionise the way your business operate. By automating and optimising key stages of production, these machines provide a clear pathway to increased quality, efficiency, and profitability.


Main machine parameters of Vegetable and Fruit cutting, washing and blanching machines

When buying or selling vegetable and fruit cutting, washing, and blanching machines on a marketplace like Exapro, several machine parameters are vital to consider. These parameters give potential buyers insight into the machine's capabilities, suitability for specific tasks, and overall condition. Here are the main machine parameters to take into account:

Capacity/Throughput: This refers to the amount of produce the machine can process within a given time frame. It’s crucial for buyers to ensure the machine can handle their operation's volume.

Machine Size and Dimensions: The physical size of the machine is essential, especially for businesses with space constraints. It's also crucial for logistical considerations when transporting the machine.

Power Requirements: Different machines have varying power needs. It's vital to know the electrical requirements to ensure compatibility with the facility's power supply.

Cutting Mechanisms: For cutting machines, it's essential to know the types of cuts they can produce (e.g., slices, dices, julienne) and if the machine offers adjustable cutting sizes.

Washing Mechanism: The method the machine uses for washing (e.g., water jets, brushes, ultrasonic) can affect the cleanliness level achieved.

Blanching Time and Temperature Controls: These controls determine how effectively the machine can blanch produce. Uniform and adjustable blanching ensures optimal product quality.

Material of Construction: Machines made from stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials are preferable for food processing due to hygiene and durability considerations.

Automation and Control Features: Modern machines often come with advanced control systems, allowing for precise adjustments and automation, which can be crucial for consistent product quality.

Accessories and Attachments: Any additional components or tools that come with the machine can enhance its versatility and functionality.

When listing or considering a machine on Exapro or a similar marketplace, having detailed information on these parameters can facilitate a smoother transaction. 


Area of Use 

Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing, and blanching machines are pivotal in various sectors due to their efficiency and automation capabilities. Their primary purpose is to prepare produce for further processing or direct consumption. Understanding the area of use for vegetable and fruit cutting, washing, and blanching machines can guide both sellers in positioning their listings and buyers in making informed decisions.Here are the main areas of use for these machines:

Food Processing Industries: Businesses engaged in canning, frozen food production, dried fruit and vegetable creation, or juice and beverage manufacturing often scour Exapro for machinery that can speed up and standardise their processes. Sellers can target these sectors by highlighting the machine's throughput capacity and consistency features.

Commercial Kitchens and Catering Services: Large-scale kitchens, hotel chains, and catering services look for machines that can handle bulk processing efficiently. On Exapro, listings that emphasise a machine's speed and precision can appeal to these industries.

Agricultural Sector: Farms and agricultural businesses that process their produce post-harvest for added market value would be interested in machinery that assures cleanliness and standardisation. Sellers should underscore the hygiene and washing capabilities of their machines.

Dairy Industry: As the dairy sector expands into fruit-flavoured yoghurts or other mixed products, there's a rising demand for fruit and vegetable processors. Highlighting a machine's versatility could attract such buyers.

Snack Food Production: Businesses creating dried fruit chips or vegetable crisps seek machines that offer consistent cutting. Listings that detail adjustable cutting mechanisms might appeal more to these buyers.

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industries: Sellers should mention if their machine is particularly adept at processing delicate or medicinal herbs and plants, as companies producing natural supplements might be in the market for such specialised equipment.

Cosmetic Industry: Those dealing with natural ingredient extraction for cosmetics might be keen on machines that can handle soft fruits or specific vegetables. Sellers can list any unique features catering to such needs.

In essence, any sector that requires the systematic and efficient processing of large quantities of vegetables and fruits will find these machines immensely beneficial. Their integration ensures quality, consistency, and hygiene in the final product. For everyone navigating Exapro, understanding the areas of use ensures they invest in machinery that aligns perfectly with their business needs.


Main manufacturers of Vegetable and Fruit cutting, washing and blanching machines

Exapro hosts a range of manufacturers and here are some prominent names known for their vegetable and fruit cutting, washing, and blanching machines:

KRONEN GmbH: Renowned for producing high-performance machinery, KRONEN is a leader in fresh-cut, catering, and specialty sectors.

Turatti: A global name with a strong focus on food processing and handling machinery, Turatti machines are known for their innovation and efficiency.

FAM: Specializing in cutting solutions, FAM provides machines tailored for precision and durability.

Nilma: With a diverse range of equipment, Nilma offers solutions for washing, cutting, and cooking vegetables, among other operations.

Urschel Laboratories, Inc.: A top name in food cutting technology, Urschel designs and manufactures commercial cutting equipment.

Buhler: While primarily recognized for grain and food processing, Buhler offers equipment that caters to vegetable and fruit processing as well.

Kiremko: Specializing in potato processing, Kiremko also provides machinery for a range of other vegetables.

DORNOW: With decades in the industry, DORNOW offers a range of peeling and cutting machinery for a variety of produce.

FTNON – Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland: FTNON offers solutions for fresh salads, vegetables, and fruits, including washing, drying, and cutting equipment.

Bertuzzi Food Processing: While they focus on juice extraction, Bertuzzi also provides washing and other preparatory equipment for fruits.

If you're exploring Exapro or similar platforms, these manufacturers are a great starting point. However, the availability of specific brands may vary based on the listings at the time. Additionally, there might be newer manufacturers or other notable brands not mentioned here, so it's always a good idea to conduct a thorough check on the marketplace for the most current offerings.