Exapro is a trusted marketplace for buying used industrial machinery, including panel saws, and we have a proven track record of reliability and customer satisfaction. At Exapro, our customers are at the heart of our operations. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of different industries and aim to provide solutions that meet these specific needs.

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and value for money. With prices ranging from €12,000 to €29,000, our collection of panel saws can fit a variety of budgetary restrictions while still offering you a superior, effective solution.

All our used panel saws are carefully inspected to ensure they're in good working condition, ready to serve your business for years to come. We're transparent about the condition and performance of our machines, and our prices are highly competitive.

We offer a wide range of machines, catering to businesses of all sizes and varying budget constraints. We understand that purchasing industrial machinery is a significant investment, and we aim to make this process as easy and affordable as possible for our customers.

Beyond the sale, we're committed to providing ongoing customer support, helping you get the most out of your machinery. Choosing Exapro is choosing a partner that’s invested in your success. So, for quality, affordability, and a service you can trust, Exapro is your go-to marketplace for used industrial machinery.


Year: 1999

Cutting length 3800 mm
Type horizontal
Table width 2700 mm
Cutting height 132 mm
Table length 3800 mm
Blade diameter 470 mm

Holzma PROFI HPL380/43/22/L/NEW Panel saw

Year: 2012

Cutting length 4200 mm
Type horizontal
Table width 800 mm
Cutting height 95 mm
Table length 2200 mm
Blade diameter 380 mm

PANHANS EURO 5 Panel saw

Year: 2002

This PANHANS EURO 5 Wood working machine was manufactured in the year 2009 in Austria. Max pneumatic: 8 bar

SCHELLING S45 420 - VS12 Panel saw

Year: 2014

Cutting length 4200 mm
Type horizontal
Cutting height 2000 mm
Engine power 14 kW

Striebig Standard III 6220 A Panel saw

Year: 1994

Cutting length 5000 mm
Type vertical
Engine power 4.4 kW
Cutting height 2200 mm
Blade diameter 300 mm

Holzma HPL 510/56/22/L/X Panel saw

Year: 2004

Cutting length 5600 mm
Blade diameter 450 mm
Scoring unit Yes
Cutting height 5600 mm
Engine power 13.5 kW

Elcon 155 DS Panel saw

Year: 2018

Cutting length 3300 mm
Cutting height 1550 mm


Year: 2006

Cutting length 3200 mm
Type horizontal
Table width 3200 mm
Cutting height 3200 mm
Table length 3200 mm
Blade diameter 350 mm

Holzma HPP 72/31/31 Panel saw

Year: 2004

Cutting length 3100 mm
Table length 2160 mm
Blade diameter 380 mm
Cutting height 80 mm
Table width 650 mm
Engine power 9 kW

Used Schelling FM - H 430/410 Panel saw

Year: 2002

Cutting length 4230 mm
Type horizontal
Engine power 25 kW
Cutting height 4100 mm
Blade diameter 450 mm

EGURKO ORTZA IDEAL 38-21 Panel saw Good value

Year: 2005

Cutting length 3660 mm
Blade diameter 300 mm
Cutting height 60 mm
Engine power 44 kW


Year: 2007

Cutting length 4400 mm
Type horizontal
Table width 2200 mm
Cutting height 2200 mm
Table length 4400 mm
Blade diameter 510 mm


Year: 1998

Cutting length 4200 mm
Type vertical
Cutting height 2080 mm
Blade diameter 250 mm

Striebig Standard III 6220A Panel saw

Year: 1994

Cutting length 5600 mm
Type vertical
Engine power 4.4 kW
Cutting height 2080 mm
Blade diameter 300 mm

Striebig Control 6224 Panel saw

Year: 2006

Cutting length 5300 mm
Blade diameter 300 mm
Cutting height 2240 mm
Engine power 5.5 kW

Mayer large area Panel saw

Year: 1996

Cutting length 3200 mm
Type horizontal
Table width 3200 mm
Cutting height 100 mm
Table length 3000 mm
Blade diameter 360 mm

Jusan uncoiled wood cutting shear

Year: 2003

Jusan shear for cutting uncoiled wood. Includes drive belt for the sheet and two 80% blades. It works perfectly and can be viewed at any time.

Remigia plywood trimmer Jusan

Year: 2002

Remigia type trimmer for plywood. High working speed, low consumption, works perfectly and can be viewed at any time

KOOLKUT KK16 – 10ft x 5ft VERTICAL PANEL SAW - Wall Saw

Year: 2021

Cutting length 3100 mm
Type vertical
Cutting height 1600 mm
Scoring unit No

Panel Saws: A Cutting-Edge Asset for Your Industrial Operations

Whether you're a professional woodworker, a cabinet maker, or a manufacturer in the furniture industry, you understand the necessity for precision, efficiency, and consistency in your work. That's where panel saws come in. As a part of Exapro's extensive collection of used industrial machinery, we're eager to introduce you to the brilliant world of panel saws, a cutting-edge investment that can elevate your production line.

Acquiring Affordable, Quality Panel Saws with Exapro

Investing in the right machinery is crucial for the growth and success of your business. With Exapro, we understand the need for affordable, yet quality equipment. Our used panel saws are a testament to this belief - offering top-notch performance, durability, and precision without breaking the bank.

Our selection of used panel saws falls within a wide price range of €12,000 to €29,000, accommodating a diverse array of budget constraints while still providing you with a high-quality, efficient cutting solution. It's important to note that while price is a critical consideration, it shouldn't be the only factor in your decision-making process. Quality, condition, machine parameters, and suitability for your operations are all significant elements to consider.

A panel saw priced at around €12,000 is typically an excellent starting point for small businesses or for those seeking a cost-effective solution for less demanding operations. These models, while more affordable, still offer the benefits of precision, speed, and efficiency that panel saws are known for.

On the higher end of the spectrum, a panel saw nearing €29,000 typically represents a machine with more advanced features, possibly including automated controls, larger cutting capacities, and other value-adding components. These machines are perfect for larger operations or high-volume manufacturers, providing the increased capabilities and automation to justify the higher cost.

Regardless of the price range, all panel saws sold through Exapro have been inspected to ensure they're in good working condition. You can expect excellent performance and value for money.

What are Panel Saws?

A panel saw, simply put, is a type of sawing machine designed to cut large panels into precisely sized pieces. It's typically used for materials such as wood, aluminium, plastic or composites. Depending on your specific requirements, panel saws are available in two main types: horizontal and vertical. Both designs offer an array of advantages in terms of precision, speed, and space utilisation. 

Why Choose a Panel Saw?

Precision and Consistency: A top-notch panel saw delivers highly accurate and consistent cuts every time. This precision translates to less waste and higher-quality products. With a panel saw, you can achieve exact measurements and clean cuts, ensuring the pieces fit together seamlessly in the final product.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Panel saws are designed to automate the cutting process, considerably speeding up production times. They can handle large volumes of material, making them an indispensable asset for high-volume manufacturers. By freeing up labour resources, businesses can focus more on assembly and finishing tasks.

Versatility: Panel saws can cut a variety of materials including wood, plastics, aluminium, and composite materials. They are not limited to straight-line cuts but can also make angle and miter cuts. This versatility allows manufacturers to handle a wide range of projects with a single piece of equipment.

Space Saving: Particularly in the case of vertical panel saws, they have a small footprint, which makes them ideal for smaller workshops where space is at a premium. Unlike table saws which require a lot of floor space, vertical panel saws utilise vertical space and can fit snugly against a wall.

Safety: Panel saws often come with safety features like blade guards, emergency stop buttons, and dust extraction systems, which protect the operator and maintain a clean working environment.

Ease of Use: Panel saws are user-friendly, with features that allow easy loading, positioning, and cutting of large panels. Some models also come with digital readouts or CNC controls for enhanced accuracy and convenience.

Cost-Effective: Though the initial investment may be substantial, the efficiency and precision offered by panel saws often result in cost savings in the long run. They reduce waste, decrease labour costs, and increase productivity, offering a good return on investment.

Main machine parameters

Panel saws come with a variety of parameters that define their performance, capabilities, and suitability for different tasks. Here are some of the main machine parameters of panel saws:

Cutting Length: This refers to the maximum length of material that the panel saw can cut. This parameter is essential for determining if a panel saw can handle the sizes of the materials you usually work with.

Cutting Height/Depth: This is the maximum thickness of the material that the saw can cut. This parameter varies between panel saw models and is important to consider based on the thickness of the materials you work with.

Saw Blade Diameter: This parameter impacts the maximum cutting height. Larger blades can cut through thicker materials. It's also relevant to note the arbor size, or the hole in the middle of the blade, which needs to fit the machine's arbor.

Saw Blade Speed: Measured in revolutions per minute (RPM), this parameter can impact the quality of the cut and the types of materials that can be cut. Different materials require different cutting speeds for optimal results.

Motor Power: The horsepower (HP) of the motor determines the saw's cutting power. Higher HP is needed for cutting denser or thicker materials.

Voltage and Phase: These electrical parameters are crucial for understanding the saw's power requirements and ensuring they match your workshop's power supply.

Dimensions: The overall size of the machine is important, particularly for workshops with limited space.

Weight: The machine's weight can impact its stability during operation, with heavier machines typically providing more stability.

Dust Extraction Diameter: Panel saws produce a lot of sawdust, so a suitable dust extraction system is crucial. The extraction diameter refers to the size of the port where the dust collector connects.

Control Type: This could range from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic (CNC). The choice depends on your requirements for precision, repeatability, and production volume.

Remember, these parameters need to be considered in the context of your specific production requirements and constraints. A perfect panel saw for one operation may not be suitable for another due to differences in material types, production volume, space availability, and more.

Leading manufacturers

Exapro offers a vast selection of used machinery, including panel saws, from some of the most recognised manufacturers worldwide.Here are some renowned manufacturers of panel saws that you might find on Exapro and in the global market:

Altendorf: Known for creating the first-ever sliding table saw, German manufacturer Altendorf is highly respected in the industry for their innovative, high-quality woodworking machinery.

Holzma (Homag Group): Holzma, now a part of the Homag Group, is a leading manufacturer known for their durable and efficient panel saws. Their machines offer cutting-edge technology for improved productivity.

Biesse: An Italian manufacturer, Biesse, produces a wide range of woodworking machinery, including panel saws known for their precision and reliability.

SCM Group: Another renowned Italian company, SCM Group offers a comprehensive range of machinery for various woodworking processes, including high-performance panel saws.

Selco (Biesse Group): Selco, a part of the Biesse Group, is known for their advanced panel saws, offering high-speed operation without compromising on precision.

Giben: Giben is famous for its innovative panel saws. Their machines offer excellent precision and flexibility, helping businesses improve productivity and product quality.

Striebig: A Swiss manufacturer, Striebig specialises in vertical panel saws. Their machines are renowned for their precision, durability, and space-saving design.

Remember, each of these manufacturers offers a range of panel saws with varying features and capabilities. So, it's essential to choose one that best aligns with your operational needs and budget. With Exapro's wide selection and knowledgeable staff, you can rest assured that you'll find a machine that suits your requirements.

Main areas of use

Woodworking and Furniture Industries: Panel saws are commonly used in the woodworking industry for cutting wood into specific sizes for furniture pieces. They are critical in the production of cabinets, tables, chairs, and other wood furniture.

Cabinetry: In cabinetry, panel saws are used to size large boards and sheets into cabinet components. They provide precise cuts necessary for creating uniform and well-fitted cabinets.

Plastic and Composite Material Processing: Besides wood, panel saws are also used for cutting plastics and composite materials. Industries that manufacture plastic or composite goods often use panel saws for their precision and efficiency.

Construction Industry: In the construction industry, panel saws are used for cutting panels for flooring, walls, and ceilings. They can handle a variety of materials used in construction, including plywood, MDF, and drywall.

Signage and Display Industry: In the signage and display industry, panel saws are used to cut materials like acrylic and aluminium composite panels.

DIY and Home Improvement: For home improvement enthusiasts or smaller DIY projects, smaller panel saws can be an invaluable tool. They offer the same precision and efficiency as industrial panel saws but on a smaller scale, suitable for home workshops.

In all these industries and areas, panel saws enable the efficient processing of large sheets into precise sizes, facilitating the production of quality end products.

Why to buy at exapro?

At Exapro, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality used industrial machinery, but our commitment goes well beyond the products we sell.

we stand for quality and reliability. Every machine sold through Exapro has been inspected to ensure it's in good working condition, offering you the confidence and peace of mind that your investment will perform as expected.

Choosing Exapro isn't just about cost savings - it's about investing in a reliable solution that will support your business operations and drive productivity. We're committed to helping you select the perfect machinery to suit your needs, ensuring that you gain a strategic asset rather than just another piece of equipment.

By choosing Exapro, you're not just buying a machine; you're entering a partnership with a provider that's committed to your success.