Cnc lathe machines for sale 1253

Okuma LT300MY CNC Lathe Hot deal

Year: 2005

Type of CNC
Tailstock no
Spindle taper
Bar feeder no

Okuma Genos L300EMY cnc lathe

Year: 2012

Type of CNC
Tailstock no
Spindle taper
Bar feeder no

Mazak QUICK TURN 250L cnc lathe

Year: 2022

Turning length 600 mm
Ø above the bed 380 mm
Length between centers 600 mm
Turning Ø 380 mm
Ø above transversing slide 380 mm
Type of CNC

GSP TI 680 cnc lathe

Year: 2007

Ø above the bed 680 mm
Length between centers 800 mm
Spindle taper
Ø above transversing slide 355 mm
Type of CNC Fagor
Number of turrets 1

GOODWAY GS 260 MCY cnc lathe

Year: 2011

Turning Ø 340 mm
Type of CNC FANUC oi-Td
Z-axis 630 mm
Ø above the bed 470 mm
X-axis 240 mm
Spindle taper A2-8

Cincinnati HTC 200 cnc lathe

Year: 2005

Turning Ø 300 mm
X-axis 245 mm
Spindle taper ISO 40
Type of CNC Fanuc 21i-TB
Z-axis 540 mm
Number of turrets 1

TSUGAMI M08SYE-II cnc lathe Good value

Year: 2017

Turning Ø 280 mm
Z-axis 400 mm
Length between centers 400 mm
X-axis 221 mm
Spindle taper A2-6

Haas TL 25HE cnc lathe Good value

Year: 2005

Turning length 860 mm
Ø above the bed 760 mm
Spindle taper
Turning Ø 405 mm
Type of CNC
Spindle bore 70 mm


Year: 2003

Turning length 650 mm
Ø above the bed 250 mm
Length between centers 580 mm
Turning Ø 120 mm
Ø above transversing slide 120 mm
Type of CNC Suelebs SINUMERIK 840 C

CNC-Lathe GILDEMEISTER CTX 620 linear V1

Year: 2009

Turning length 1080 mm
Ø above the bed 600 mm
Type of CNC SIEMENS 840 D
Turning Ø 800 mm
Ø above transversing slide 498 mm
X-axis 382.5 mm

DMG Gildemeister NEF 400 cnc lathe

Year: 2011

Turning length 650 mm
Type of CNC Heidenhain
Z-axis 800 mm
Turning Ø 350 mm
X-axis 285 mm
Spindle taper

MAZAK NEXUS 250 MSY cnc lathe

Year: 2005

Turning length 504 mm
Ø above the bed 675 mm
Length between centers 500 mm
Turning Ø 675 mm
Ø above transversing slide 350 mm
Type of CNC

DMG CTX 310 eco CNC Lathe with C axes

Year: 2008

Turning Ø 200 mm
X-axis 160 mm
Spindle taper
Type of CNC Siemens
Z-axis 450 mm
Tailstock no

Mori Seiki SL 200 cnc lathe

Year: 1998

Turning length 324 mm
Ø above the bed 680 mm
Length between centers 72 mm
Turning Ø 210 mm
Ø above transversing slide 510 mm
Type of CNC

Hwacheon HI-TECH 450 AL cnc lathe

Year: 2014

Turning length 1227 mm
Ø above the bed 700 mm
Type of CNC Fanuc 0i-TD
Turning Ø 420 mm
Ø above transversing slide 500 mm
X-axis 280 mm

FAT TUR 800 MN x 3000 CNC Teach-In Lathe

Year: 2013

Turning length 3000 mm
Ø above the bed 800 mm
Type of CNC SIEMENS 840 D SL
Turning Ø 800 mm
Ø above transversing slide 500 mm
X-axis 505 mm

Index GE 42 + GE65 cnc lathe

Year: 1990

Turning Ø 350 mm
Spindle taper
Number of rotating tools 14
Type of CNC Sinumerik
Number of tools on turret 14
Spindle motor power 20 kW

Mori Seiki ZT 1000Y cnc lathe Low working hours

Year: 2003

Turning Ø 190 mm
Type of CNC MSX-501 manuf.
Number of turrets 2
Ø above transversing slide 250 mm
Spindle taper
Number of tools on turret 16

WEILER E-90/3 – 3000 cnc lathe

Year: 1998

Turning length 3000 mm
Ø above transversing slide 590 mm
Spindle taper
Turning Ø 900 mm
Type of CNC
Spindle bore 254 mm

Presentation of Lathes CNC machines

The lathe CNC machine belongs to the category of machine tools.

Working of a CNC lathe

A lathe machine allows for the removal of material from an initially cylindrical workpiece. The machine works through a combination of workpiece rotation and the movement of the cutting tool.
The workpiece is placed into the chuck and held by jaws. A motor enables the rotation of the mandrel. The cutting tool of the machine is positioned in a tool holder and tightened by screws. The tool holder itself is placed on a tool turret.

The tailstock allows for pointing operations, centring, drilling and boring in the end piece.
Material is removed by the combination of the rotation of the workpiece and the movement of the cutting tool.

The CNC lathe works through an automated system. A program is first set up to determine the parameters of the operation. After the setup, the machine works automatically and allows for the choosing of the cutting tool and its move and deal with the spindle spins.

There are several factors that should be taken into account when purchasing a CNC lathe:
- Number of turrets
- Motorized or not Turrets
- Number of tools on turret
- CNC type

Advantages of a CNC lathe:

A CNC device can work for several tasks that must be accomplished in various areas.
The main advantage of this machine is that it does different tasks all at once thanks to the CNC. The machine is fully automated and just needs to be set up and have the workpiece installed. Then the machine can complete the process without any loading. Furthermore, a CNC lathe is much cheaper than a “classic” lathe in term of labour cost; however, the machine itself is more expensive.

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Area of use

The machine is very polyvalent, and can work in many industries including metal cutting, textiles, automotive, aerospace, and more.

With Exapro you can filter searches for your CNC lathe based on:
  • Turning length in mm
  • Turning diameter in mm
  • Diameter above the bed in mm
  • Diameter above transversing slide in mm
  • Length between centres in mm
  • Centre height in mm
You can also narrow down the results by the location of the machine, year of the machine and the machine’s manufacturer.

CNC Lathes manufacturers

In its catalogue, Exapro has some of the most well-known international manufacturers like Doosan CNC lathes, Okuma CNC lathes, DMG CNC lathes, Gildemeister and many more. You can find these used machines for an affordable price in our catalogue. Don't hesitate to check our catalogue for used machines and contact an Exapro agent if you have any questions. It is also possible to sell your used machine(s) with Exapro.

You can check how one of our CNC lathes works, the Okuma LVT300M, here: