Purchasing a used vertical machining center (VMC) requires careful consideration of a range of factors to ensure a profitable investment. Prioritize the machine's manufacturer and model; brands like Haas, DMG Mori, and FANUC are known for their durable, high-performing models. Scrutinize the control system, ensuring it fits with your operational needs and software.

The machine's age and condition are also paramount. Regular servicing and maintenance are good indicators of a machine's future performance. Evaluate the tool capacity and change time, work envelope and axis movement, and spindle speed and power with your production requirements in mind. Make sure the power requirements align with your facility's capabilities, and that you have sufficient space for its footprint.

Don't forget to examine service history and manuals, as they can give valuable insights into the machine's past use and potential future needs. Finally, consider all costs, including potential upgrades, repairs, transportation, and installation. Financing options can be a great way to access higher-priced machines.

Exapro offers a diverse range of used VMCs to suit various needs and budgets, with a dedicated team ready to assist in making your purchase decision as seamless as possible.



Wagner WMC 1400 Machining center - vertical

Year: 2013

Axis X 1400 mm
Axis Z 600 mm
Type of CNC vertical
Axis Y 700 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 1550 mm

Okuma MX-45 VAE Machining center - vertical

Year: 1996

Axis X 560 mm
Axis Z 450 mm
Axis Y 460 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 760 mm

DECKEL MAHO DMC 103 V Machining center - vertical

Year: 1998

Axis X 1000 mm
Axis Z 600 mm
Axis Y 600 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 1200 mm

Hermle C800V Machining center - vertical

Year: 1999

Axis X 800 mm
Axis Z 500 mm
Type of CNC Heidenhan
Axis Y 600 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 1000 mm

Hurco VM2 Machining center - vertical

Year: 2006

Axis X 1016 mm
Axis Z 457 mm
Type of CNC Hurco MAX control
Axis Y 457 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 1168 mm

DMG MORI DMC 635V ecoline Machining center - vertical

Year: 2014

Axis X 635 mm
Axis Z 460 mm
Axis Y 510 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 790 mm

HAAS VF-3SS Vertical Machining center

Year: 2017

Axis X 1016 mm
Axis Z 635 mm
Type of CNC HAAS
Axis Y 508 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 1219 mm

DMG MORI CMX 600 V Machining center - vertical

Year: 2022

Axis X 600 mm
Axis Z 510 mm
Axis Y 560 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) yes
Table length 900 mm

STAMA MC 526 / TWIN Machining center - vertical

Year: 2014

Axis X 2200 mm
Axis Z 360 mm
Type of CNC Siemens 840D
Axis Y 3400 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Number of tool pockets 30

Mazak MTV 655/80 Machining center - vertical

Year: 1997

Axis X 2000 mm
Axis Z 650 mm
Type of CNC Mazatrol M-Plus
Axis Y 650 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 2240 mm

HAAS TM-2HE Machining center - vertical Low working hours

Year: 2007

Axis X 1016 mm
Axis Z 406 mm
Type of CNC
Axis Y 406 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Number of tool pockets 15

LAGUN GVC 600 Machining center - vertical

Year: 2001

Axis X 600 mm
Axis Z 432 mm
Type of CNC
Axis Y 406 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Max. part weight 350 kg

Hurco VMX24S Machining center - vertical

Year: 2003

Axis X 610 mm
Axis Z 610 mm
Axis Y 510 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 760 mm

AXA NCT VSC-2M Machining center - vertical

Year: 2015

Axis X 689 mm
Axis Z 450 mm
Type of CNC
Axis Y 446 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) yes
Table length 900 mm

HAAS VF-3YT/50 Machining center - vertical

Year: 2017

Axis X 1016 mm
Axis Z 635 mm
Type of CNC HAAS
Axis Y 660 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 1372 mm

Used DMG DMC 1035V Ecoline CNC Vertical Machining Centre

Year: 2012

Axis X 1035 mm
Axis Z 510 mm
Type of CNC Siemens 810D Powerline with Shopmill
Axis Y 560 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 1200 mm

Huron KX 20 Machining center - vertical

Year: 1999

Axis X 1200 mm
Axis Z 550 mm
Type of CNC Siemens Sinumerik
Axis Y 1000 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 1400 mm

Brother TC-S2B-O Machining center - vertical

Year: 2005

Axis X 700 mm
Axis Z 270 mm
Type of CNC Brother A00
Axis Y 360 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) yes
Table length 600 mm

HAAS VF4-SS Machining center - vertical

Year: 2019

Axis X 1270 mm
Axis Z 635 mm
Type of CNC Haas
Axis Y 508 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 1324 mm

Mazak VCN-530C Machining center - vertical Low working hours

Year: 2020

Axis X 1050 mm
Axis Z 510 mm
Type of CNC Mazatrol SmoothG
Axis Y 530 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Table length 1300 mm

What to consider while buying a vertical machining centre

In the dynamic marketplace of industrial equipment, vertical machining centers (VMCs) are highly sought-after commodities. Renowned for their versatility, precision, and productivity, VMCs are integral components in a range of sectors, from automotive to aerospace. When considering a used machine for purchase, professionals must pay particular attention to certain factors to ensure the acquisition aligns with their operational needs and budget.

Manufacturer and Model: Not all VMCs are created equal. The brand reputation and model of the machine can influence its durability, performance, and maintenance requirements. Manufacturers like Haas, DMG Mori, and FANUC are recognized for their reliable, high-performing vertical machining centers.

Control System: The sophistication and type of the machine's control system play a crucial role in determining its functionality. Modern CNC control systems enable greater precision, ease of use, and integration with CAD/CAM software. Make sure the system is compatible with your current or intended software and operational processes.

Age and Condition: Although a used machine can offer cost savings, its age and the condition significantly affect its longevity and performance. Inspect for wear and tear, especially in key components like the spindle, guideways, and control panel. Ideally, the machine should have been regularly serviced and maintained.

Tool Capacity and Change Time: The number of tools a VMC can hold and the time it takes to switch between them can impact your production speed and versatility. Evaluate these specifications in relation to your production needs.

Work Envelope and Axis Movement: The size and complexity of the parts you plan to manufacture will determine the required size of the work envelope and the axis movement capabilities of the VMC. Multi-axis VMCs offer increased flexibility and complexity in part production, but they may also require more advanced programming skills.

Spindle Speed and Power: These factors determine the range of materials the machine can handle and the speed at which it can operate. Higher spindle speeds and power may be necessary for harder materials or high-speed machining applications.

Power Requirements and Footprint: Ensure that the machine's power requirements align with your facility's capabilities, and that you have sufficient space for its footprint and operational clearances.

Documentation and Service History: Manuals, part lists, and service records provide insight into the machine's history and help anticipate future maintenance needs.

Price and Financing Options: Examine the total cost, considering factors like transportation, installation, and potential upgrade or repair costs. Financing options can also make more expensive machines accessible.

Remember, the right VMC should cater to your specific production needs while fitting into your budget. Exapro's comprehensive marketplace hosts a wide variety of used vertical machining centers, ensuring you find the perfect match for your business.

Feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team for more personalized assistance in your search for a used vertical machining center. With our industry experience and technical expertise, we're committed to facilitating smooth and successful transactions.

Main manufacturers and brands

1. Haas Automation

Haas Automation, based in California, USA, was founded in 1983 by Gene Haas. The company has become one of the world's leading producers of CNC machines, including VMCs. Haas is highly respected for its combination of performance and affordability. The Haas VF Series, particularly the VF-2 and VF-4 models, are among their most popular, known for their versatility and reliable performance in various industries.

2. DMG Mori

DMG Mori, founded in 1948, is a global corporation with German and Japanese roots. DMG Mori has a reputation for high-quality machine tools and has a broad range of VMCs. The DMC series, especially the DMC 650 V and DMC 850 V, are popular models recognized for their high precision and machining capabilities.


FANUC, based in Japan, was established in 1956 as a subsidiary of Fujitsu, contributing significantly to the automation of machine tools. FANUC's ROBODRILL series, specifically the α-DiB5 series, is one of the most popular VMC lines, praised for their speed, reliability, and high-performance capabilities.

4. Mazak Corporation

Mazak Corporation, founded in Japan in 1919, is a leading global manufacturer of machine tools including VMCs. They are known for their innovative and diverse product offerings. The VCN series, such as the VCN 530C, are some of Mazak's most sought-after VMCs due to their advanced manufacturing capabilities and durability.

5. Okuma Corporation

Founded in 1898 in Japan, Okuma has a long history of manufacturing machine tools. Their vertical machining centers are known for excellence in terms of precision, rigidity, and reliability. Among their wide array of models, the GENOS M Series, specifically the M560-V, is quite popular, providing a perfect balance of high-quality performance and affordability.

6. Hurco

Founded in 1968 and headquartered in Indianapolis, USA, Hurco has been revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with their advanced CNC machine technologies. Their VM series of VMCs, particularly the VM10i and VMX42i, are known for their high speed and precision. They are also celebrated for their user-friendly WinMax control software, which makes complex machining tasks simpler.

7. Chiron

Established in 1921 in Germany, Chiron has been synonymous with speed, precision, and innovation in the field of CNC machining centers. Their FZ series, especially the FZ 12 MT and FZ 15 W Magnum, stand out for their compact design, high-speed machining, and versatile capabilities, making them favorites among users.

8. Doosan Machine Tools

Part of the South Korean conglomerate Doosan Group, Doosan Machine Tools was founded in 1976 and is a global leader in the machine tools industry. Its DNM series, particularly the DNM 4500 and DNM 6700, are popular choices known for their high-speed, precision, and productivity across a range of complex machining tasks.

9. Bridgeport (Hardinge Inc.)

Bridgeport, now a part of Hardinge Inc., is a historic American brand founded in the early 20th century, synonymous with milling machines. Their XR series of VMCs, particularly the XR 1000, have built a reputation for providing high rigidity, accuracy, and reliability. They are also recognized for their superior surface finish capabilities and user-friendly interface.

What budget to count for

The price of new Vertical Machining Centers (VMCs) can vary significantly depending on the model, the features, and the manufacturer. Generally, for new VMCs, you can expect to pay:

Entry-level models from less known brands can start from around 50 000€.

Mid-range machines, which include most of the popular models for small to medium-size businesses, may range from 100 000 to 200 000€.

High-end models, often used for complex and large-scale industrial applications, can cost 200 000€ and upwards, potentially reaching into the 500 000 - 1 000 000€ range for machines with advanced features and capabilities.

For regular used VMCs, you should count between 20 000€ and 60 000€.  Do not hesitate to check the exact pricing on Valorexo.com

Please make sure you agree on all the details with the seller or ask your Exapro Agent for support.


Understanding vertical machining centers

How does a machining center work?

A vertical machining center, also called an CNC vertical machine centre,  is a metal cutting machine. It operates in a similar way as a CNC milling or drilling machine.The machine is automatically operated.

The only intervention required is for loading and unloading the parts to be produced. Overall, the vertical machining center removes metal from a workpiece. Unlike to the horizontal machining center, the vmc machine uses a vertically oriented spindle (the horizontal machine use an horizontally oriented spindle). Milling heads are held in the spindle and rotate on its axis. This equipment is very often used for mold making. Its computer software, directly integrated in the machine, allows to switch from drilling, milling, boring and other operations. The vertical center is one of the most basic machine tools and a very popular machine subcategory in Exapro’s catalogue.

What are the main advantages of a vertical machining center?

Most of the time, vertical centers are more used for high-precision production, with a tight tolerance in the milling process. These equipments are considered as very reliable and efficient. That’s why it’s one of the most popular machines subcategory.

The machine operates on these main parameters:

  • X, Y and Z axis
  • table size
  • CNC
  • spindle speed
  • spindle taper
  • spindle power 

Working with a vertical machining center requires a training and a specific understanding of CNC programs. In case of problems with the machine, the risk is there for the machine but also for the operator and his environment. In machinery sector, safety and knowledge about the machine are essential for a successful production cycle.

With Exapro you can filter searches for your used  machining center based on:

  • Longitudinal travel X in mm
  • Transversal travel Y in mm
  • Vertical travel Z in mm
  • CNC
  • Table length
  • Table width

You can also narrow downer the results based on the location of the machine, year of the equipment and the machine’s manufacturers.

Related machines subcategories:

Area of use of these machines 

Thanks to its high degree of accuracy, this machine is used in various sectors such as aeronautic, watchmaking, medical, motor industry, jewellery and more. Also, the vertical machining center is considered as an affordable machine for professionals. That’s why we found this machine in many areas. The current Exapro catalogue has hundreds used vertical machining centers for sale.

Vertical machining center manufacturers 

Exapro has in its catalogue some of the most important international manufacturers like Mori Seiki used machines center, Trumpf used machining center, Okuma used vertical machining, Fanuc used machines, Cincinnati Milacron machinery and many popular products such as the DMG dmu 50 ecoline and Mazak vtc 300c. You can find these used machines for an affordable price in our catalogue. Don't hesitate to check our catalogue of used machines and contact an Exapro’s agent if you have any questions. Also, it's possible to sell your used machine with Exapro.

You can check the working of one of our used machining center vertical with the Deckel Maho 75V Linear

If you have used metalworking machinery for sale or other kinf of used equipment, add it now on Exapro!