Flexo printing, renowned for its versatility, speed, and quality, is a dominant force in industries ranging from packaging and labels to wallpapers and stationery. At the heart of this operation are Flexo printing machines, offering the ability to print on diverse substrates such as paper, plastic, and even non-absorbent materials.

On Exapro, a leading marketplace for used industrial machinery, prospective buyers can find a broad spectrum of Flexo printing machines. These machines come at various price points, with costs ranging between €41,000 to €178,000. Whether you're eyeing an older yet reliable model or a near-new machine with advanced features, Exapro caters to every need and budget.

Key manufacturers like Mark Andy, Nilpeter, and Bobst feature prominently, ensuring quality and performance. When navigating the Exapro marketplace, it's pivotal to consider machine parameters like printing width, number of colours, and drying system to ensure the chosen machine aligns with specific production goals.

Exapro offers a dynamic platform for both buyers and sellers, promising value, variety, and verifiable quality in the world of Flexo printing machinery.

Fischer & Krecke Flexopress S16 Flexo printing machine

Year: 2000

Colours nb 8
Web width 1100 mm
Unwinder diameter 1000 mm
Printing width 1050 mm
Speed 350 m/min
Gearless Yes

Gandossi Fossati 2800x1600 Flexo printing machine Hot deal

Year: 1982

Rotation Gandossi & Fossati 2800x1600 two colors with pre feeder and stacker. Machine in good technical condition. Possibility of testing on site. Possibility of training. Two colors, additional creases to produce small heights at fefco 401 - Year of production 1982 - Feeder with wakum - Two printing units - Rotary module - Pre-feeder with hydraulic drive - Machine working …

KDO Seeltec Flexo printing machine Hot deal

Year: 1996

Colours nb 6
Web width 260 mm
Unwinder diameter 720 mm
Printing width 260 mm
Speed 80 m/min
Gearless No

Weigang ZBS 450 Flexo printing machine

Year: 2008

Colours nb 4
Web width 450 mm
Unwinder diameter 600 mm
Printing width 450 mm
Speed 50 m/min
Corona treatment Yes

420 mm 8 colors uv flexo printer machine

Year: 2022

Colours nb 8
Printing width 420 mm

Used Abrasive paper wide format printing machine

Year: 2019

Colours nb 1
Web width 1800 mm
Printing width 1650 mm
Speed 25 m/min

SIAT lTC 6/50 Flexo printing machine

Year: 2000

Colours nb 6
Web width 550 mm
Unwinder diameter 800 mm
Printing width 500 mm
Speed 200 m/min
Gearless No

SPG DSI 5330L, UV flatbed printer

Year: 2015

Perfect working machine UV digital flexo 7 colours. Line includes: 1 unwinder 2 sides weft cleaner Corona, 13” (330mm) DSI press UV flexi printing station Laminator, cold foil Semi rotary cutter Knife box 2 winding axes

Windmöller & hölscher soloflex flexo printing machine

Year: 2002

Colours nb 8
Speed 200 m/min
Printing width 820 mm

Windmoller&Holchers alina Flexo printing machine

Year: 1980

Colours nb 4
Web width 1600 mm
Unwinder diameter 1300 mm
Printing width 1500 mm
Speed 200 m/min
Gearless No

Nilpeter 6 colors flexo printing machine

Year: 1995

Colours nb 6
Printing width 240 mm

Gruppo stampa Manzoni NESAFLEX 502-E Flexo printing machine

Year: 1996

Printing width: 750 mm Material passage: 800 mm Minimum format: 350 mm Maximum format: 1200 mm Pitch: 10 mm Printing possibilities: 2+0 and 1+1 Mechanical speed: 150 meters/minute Cliché thickness: 3 mm total Electrical system: 380V three-phase 50 Hz /// Installed power 46 Kw Compressed air: 6 - 8 bar Machine color: RAAL green Machine Structure: The machine is stack-type, …

MPS EP-410/8 Flexo printing machine

Year: 2006

Colours nb 8
Web width 430 mm
Printing width 417 mm
Speed 150 m/min

Weifang Cambridge JQ650-8DS-II Flexo printing machine

Year: 2015

Colours nb 8
Web width 650 mm
Unwinder diameter 1000 mm
Printing width 630 mm
Speed 100 m/min
Gearless Yes

Gallus R200 Letterpress

Year: 2001

Colours nb 7
Corona treatment Yes
Printing width 215 mm

Used FLEXO OMAT 650 - 4 COLOR Flexo printing machine

Year: 1996

Colours nb 4
Web width 650 mm
Printing width 650 mm

Windmoller&Holchers - Flexo printing machine

Year: 1975

Colours nb 6
Web width 800 mm
Unwinder diameter 1200 mm
Printing width 780 mm
Speed 200 m/min
Gearless No

Flexo Printing Machines on Exapro: Modernising the Printing World

For professionals in the printing industry, keeping up with the latest technology is paramount. However, the costs associated with new equipment can often be a deterrent. This is where Exapro comes into the picture. As a prominent marketplace for used industrial machinery, Exapro offers an array of printing solutions, among which the Flexo printing machines stand out in the category of Printing machines.

Flexo printing machines, or flexography machines, are renowned for their versatility and efficiency. Originating as a modern version of letterpress, they employ a flexible relief plate to imprint graphics onto a myriad of substrates, from paper and plastic to metallic films and even non-porous materials.

Their adaptability ensures they cater to a range of printing needs, whether it’s labels, packaging, or even wallpaper. The machines also boast a rapid printing speed, ensuring higher outputs without compromising on the quality of the print. Furthermore, with the ability to utilise water-based inks, these machines are becoming an environmentally friendly option in the world of printing.

Why Choose Exapro for Your Flexo Printing Needs?

In the sprawling realm of industrial machinery, Exapro has firmly established itself as a beacon for professionals looking to buy or sell quality equipment. When delving into the printing industry, one category that has always attracted significant attention is the Flexo printing machines. But what makes these machines so noteworthy, and why should professionals consider Exapro for their machinery needs?

Flexo printing machines, synonymous with versatility and quality, have revolutionised the printing industry. These machines employ a method where a flexible relief plate is used to imprint vivid, high-quality designs onto a multitude of substrates, be it paper, plastic, or even metallic films. The precision and adaptability of this machinery make it a top choice for professionals aiming for excellence.

But where does Exapro fit into this picture? The Exapro platform provides a bridge between sellers who want to part with their well-maintained machines and buyers who are keen on securing top-tier equipment without the hefty price tag of a brand-new purchase. When you choose to navigate the Exapro marketplace, you're assured transparency. Detailed machine specifications, images, and often videos accompany listings, ensuring you know precisely what you're investing in.

Critical component of the machinery choice is undoubtedly the cost factor. Flexo printing machines, recognised for their adaptability and efficiency, come at various price points when browsing the used market. On Exapro, the price range for used Flexo printing machines falls between €41,000 and €178,000. This range showcases not only the diverse selection available but also the depth of considerations one needs to account for when evaluating cost against value.

One of the main benefits of Exapro is its vast network. With sellers from across the globe listing their machines, buyers are spoilt for choice. Whether you're in search of a machine with specific features or one from a preferred manufacturer, chances are, Exapro has something that aligns with your requirements.

For sellers, Exapro's vast reach is a boon. Your machine is showcased to a global audience, increasing the likelihood of a quick and profitable sale. Furthermore, the platform's dedicated team offers support, ensuring the selling process is smooth and hassle-free.

Flexo printing machines stand as a testament to the wonders of printing innovation, and Exapro is your trusted companion in the journey of buying or selling these industrial marvels.


Main advantages of Flexo printing machines 

Flexo printing machines, a popular choice in the printing industry, bring a multitude of advantages to the table. Here's a deep dive into the primary benefits they offer:

Versatility of Substrates: One of the standout features of flexo printing is its ability to print on a wide variety of substrates. Whether it's paper, plastic, cellophane, metallic films, or even non-absorbent materials, flexo printing machines can handle them all.

High Printing Speed: Flexo machines are designed for high-speed production. This ensures rapid turnaround times, making it an excellent choice for large-scale printing operations.

Durable Printing Plates: The photopolymer plates used in flexography are known for their durability. This translates to longer print runs without the need for frequent plate changes.

Consistent Quality: Once set up, flexo printing machines can produce consistent high-quality prints throughout the run. The modern machines, especially, offer sharp images and vibrant colours.

Economical for Large Runs: Due to the efficiency and speed of the flexo process, it is particularly cost-effective for long print runs.

Environmentally Friendly: With the industry's increasing tilt towards sustainability, the ability of flexo printing machines to use water-based inks is a significant advantage. These inks are low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), making them a greener alternative.

Quick Setup Times: While the initial setup can be intricate, once mastered, the setup times for flexo machines can be relatively short, especially when compared to some other printing methods.

Integration with Other Processes: Flexo printing machines can often be integrated with other processes such as die cutting, laminating, or varnishing within the same production line. This streamlines the production process, saving both time and money.

Adaptability to Innovations: The flexo printing industry has seen numerous technological advancements over the years. Modern flexo machines are designed to adapt to innovations, ensuring they remain relevant and efficient in changing times.

Improved Waste Management: Recent advancements in flexo printing technology have led to reduced wastage, both in terms of materials and inks. This not only leads to cost savings but also aligns with sustainable and environmentally responsible printing practices.

Flexo printing machines offer a balanced blend of quality, efficiency, and versatility. Whether you're in the packaging industry, label printing, or any other sector that demands high-quality prints on varied substrates, flexography provides a compelling solution.


Area of Use

When discussing the area of use for Flexo printing machines, especially in the context of buying and selling on a platform like Exapro, it's essential to recognize the industries and applications where these machines are primarily employed. Knowing the primary areas of use can guide potential buyers to make informed decisions based on their business needs, and sellers can position their machines more effectively to target audiences. Here are the primary areas of use for flexo printing machines:

Packaging: One of the most prominent sectors that rely on flexo printing is the packaging industry. Whether it's food packaging, pharmaceuticals, or consumer goods, flexography provides high-quality prints ideal for various packaging materials, including flexible plastics, corrugated cardboard, and labels.

Labels: Flexo printing is heavily utilised in label production due to its ability to produce vibrant, sharp, and durable prints. This is particularly useful for product labels, where both aesthetics and durability are crucial.

Shopping Bags: With the transition from plastic to more eco-friendly materials, there's a growing demand for printed paper and reusable fabric bags. Flexo printing machines cater to this need with their capability to print on a wide array of materials.

Wallpapers: The intricate designs and patterns found on wallpapers are often the result of flexo printing. The machines' ability to handle large runs and produce consistent quality makes them ideal for wallpaper production.

Newspapers and Publications: Some publications still rely on flexo for its speed and efficiency, especially for large-scale print runs.

Envelope Printing: Flexography is a choice method for printing bulk envelopes, particularly those with coloured designs or branding.

Sack and Bag Printing: For industries that require printed bulk bags, like agriculture or construction, flexo printing offers a durable and efficient solution.

Ticket Printing: Tickets for events, transport, or lotteries often use flexography due to its ability to handle different substrates and produce secure, high-quality prints.

Stationery: Items like notebooks or business stationery that require bulk printing with consistent quality might be produced using flexo machines.

Cups and Disposable Items: Disposable items, especially those made of paper or thin plastics like cups, trays, and cutlery sleeves, are often printed with flexography for vibrant and lasting designs.

Understanding these areas of use can assist in tailoring machine descriptions and determining the machine's value based on its applicability to current industry demands.


Leading manufacturers of Flexo printing machines 

Flexo printing industry is home to several renowned manufacturers known for their quality, durability, and innovation. If you're exploring Exapro or similar marketplaces, you might come across machines from the following well-regarded manufacturers:

Mark Andy: A leading name in the label and package printing industry, Mark Andy offers a range of Flexo presses designed for high-quality printing and efficient production.

Nilpeter: A global company with a century-long history, Nilpeter produces high-quality Flexo presses primarily catering to the label printing industry.

Bobst: While Bobst is more commonly associated with die-cutting and folding-gluing equipment, they also have a range of Flexo post-print machines suitable for corrugated board printing.

Heidelberg: A titan in the printing industry, Heidelberg offers a range of printing solutions, including Flexo machines for specific applications.

Comexi: Specialising in solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting sector, Comexi offers Flexo presses known for their efficiency and innovation.

Uteco: An Italian manufacturer, Uteco is known for its Flexo presses catering to a range of printing applications, including packaging and labels.

Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H): This German company is a leading name in machinery for the production of flexible packaging, and their Flexo presses are recognized for their advanced technology and quality.

Gallus: A member of the Heidelberg Group, Gallus is focused on label printing and offers Flexo presses that are popular in the label production industry.

MPS Systems: Based in the Netherlands, MPS produces advanced Flexo and offset press solutions, mainly for label and flexible packaging printing.

KBA-Flexotecnica: A subsidiary of the Koenig & Bauer Group, KBA-Flexotecnica offers Flexo presses specifically designed for the flexible packaging sector.

When exploring machines from these manufacturers on Exapro or similar platforms, it's essential to conduct thorough research, assess machine condition, and understand the specific model's capabilities to ensure it aligns with your production requirements.