Exapro is your go-to platform for quality used industrial machinery. Our extensive range includes feeders, scales, and sorting machines, fundamental to enhancing efficiency and quality in packaging and conditioning processes. Feeders ensure a controlled flow of diverse materials, scales guarantee precise weighing for product consistency, and sorting machines enable swift categorisation based on multiple characteristics.

These machines find use in industries ranging from food processing to pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and logistics. Renowned manufacturers such as Eriez, Mettler Toledo, and TOMRA ensure these machines deliver superior performance, precision, and reliability.

At Exapro, our offerings are priced between €4,000 and €25,000, accommodating various budgets while providing excellent value. Critical machine parameters like feed rate, weighing capacity, sorting criteria, and more, are all detailed to help you make an informed decision.

By investing in these machines, businesses can optimise their production lines, assure product consistency, and drive customer satisfaction. Let Exapro aid you in finding the perfect machinery to fit your needs and budget. Upgrade your packaging and conditioning process today.

Artificial Vision Machine/ Sorter - Meyer 30LD2 from 2018 Low working hours

Year: 2018

Artificial Vision Machine/ Sorter - Meyer 30LD2 from 2018 Meyer brand artificial vision machine model 30ld2 in very good condition and ready to work. Made entirely of stainless steel. With 4 vision cameras and LED light to be able to see the product on both sides. Very fine selector that works very well. You can try it.

Key technologie Optyx 3000 Optical sorter

Year: 2006

Optical sorter Brand: Key Technology Model: Optyx 3000 Year: 2006 In a perfect state Very high flow More information on request

PA Packaging Automation Eclipse SL2 Feeder - scale - sorting machine


Fresh Cut fruit for packaging, weighing, foiling / type Eclipse SL2 PA Packaging Automation ltd. / conveyors - transporters, metal detector with Ishida checkweigher, labeling and printer, code controller, carton packing station.

Bosch USM 2 Feeder - scale - sorting machine

Year: 2018

Syringe-retaining robot Manufacturer: Bosch Model: USM 2 Year: 2018 Was installed downstream of a syringe candler Rate: 30 nests/minute (20 syringes per nest) Format used: BD Hypak 0.5 ml syringes PLC: Siemens Simatic S7-1500 Power supply: 3-ph 400 V + N + PE / 50 Hz / 5.1 A Overall dimensions (w x d x h): 3360 x 3150 x …

Bosch USM 1 Feeder - scale - sorting machine

Year: 2018

Syringe-destroying robot Manufacturer: Bosch Model: USM 1 Year: 2018 Was installed upstream of a syringe candler Rate: 30 nests/minute (20 syringes per nest) Format used: BD Hypak 0.5 ml syringes PLC: Siemens Simatic S7-1500 Power supply: 3-ph 400 V + N + PE / 50 Hz / 5.2 A Technical documentation: available, details on request Overall dimensions (l x d …

Bausch & Ströbel SAM 8061 Feeder - scale - sorting machine

Year: 2003

Syringe charger Manufacturer: Bausch & Ströbel Model: SAM 8061 Year: 2003 Maximum cadence: 24,000/hour Format: Rondos nest 20 syringes Min/max syringe format: Diameter from 6.85 to 10.85 mm Height from 46.7 to 84 mm Overall dimensions (l x d x h): 2500 x 2150 x 2350 mm Weight: 2020 kg Technical documentation: available, details on request

SIMIONATO TRAMOGGIA Feeder - scale - sorting machine Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2000

Simionato Hopper With Step Ladder,Vibrating Screen Tank And Photocell Drive

ICS AUTOMAZIONE MOD. DBS C2 - Deblistering machine used

Year: 2006

DESCRIPTION: All blister packs rejected in the course of a production process contain valuable pharmaceuticals. If these highly sensitive products are not returned immediately to the current batch packaging cycle, substantial losses will be incurred. In these cases deblistering machines are succesfully used to recover your products. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: …

VMK 31 + 16 nobbing lines

Year: 2015

Nobbing lines Manufacturer: VMK Model: 31 and 16 Year of manufacture: 2015 The lines consist of: 2 VMK feeders type 31 2 VMK nobbing machines type 16 (H+T cutting) Set for mackerel (tray size 75 mm), but can be set for other species Incl. conveyors and bulk feeders Excl. vacuum system

Used Newtec 2000 Feeder - scale - sorting machine

Year: 1994

Used Newtec 2000 scale Year 1994 Visible in Italy 2 x 380 V

Fresh Cut Feeder - scale - sorting machine


Fresh Cut fruit for packaging, four stations/scales plus a round table for packing into boxes Retailing packaging assembly stations with 4 scales and a conveyor belt with a round turntable for packing into cartons + a metal detector.

OMEGA MOD. DF-1D1 - Desiccant feeder used


DESCRIPTION: This feeder can fill tablets, capsules and canisters into bottles, can adjust for different product sizes. Highly flexible and designed with constructive modularity these machines are very well known for their robustness and reliability. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: Constructive modularity, easy size change-over and compact overall design. The technological solutions, …


Year: 2002

Distributor-rectifier Manufacturer : BCM Model: BCM 1000-062 Year : 2002 Number of channels : 9 Channel pitch: 125 mm Orientation station Product format range (W x D x H) : - Min: 32 x 32 x 92 mm - Max: 65 x 110 x 250 mm PLC: Siemens Simatic S7-300 Control panel: Siemens Simatic Panel Power supply: 400 V 3-ph …

Vibratory sieve used


DESCRIPTION: A vibratory is designed to remove contamination, oversize elements and to classify products of any type of material. Ideal for the selection and assortment of large capacity and reliability of semi-liquid products or powders. For industrial use and for a wide range of products. Easy and fast cleaning and operation. It applies well to any type of production line …

Minced meat production and packaging line

Year: 2010

Used minced meat production and packaging line. New 2010. 1.Minced meat production and portioning line - specification Assumptions: -Product: pork minced meat -Product: pork minced meat -Product capacity: approx. 800 - 900 kg / h -Packaging line capacity: up to 55 - 60 portions (500 grams) /minute -Packaging machine capacity: up to 40 trays/minute -Portion size: 500 g -Packaging format: …

Pols SB 3000 Speed batcher

Year: 2005

Speed batcher Manufacturer: Pols (Marel) Model: SB 3000 Year of manufacture: 2005 Batch sizes from 4 to 28 kg Throughput max 12 batches/hr Incl. a bulk feeder and a feeding conveyor

Posimat PP 661 unscrambler

Year: 1991

Posimat PP 661 unscrambler 16-station stainless steel PET bottle unscrambler ( Round - Oval - Square )

Ilapak LW1200 SF weigher for hard fruit such as apples

Year: 2017

Ilapak LW1200SF scale Suitable for delicate hard and stone fruits, such as apples, kiwis, apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines, etc. 12 weighing sensors With several brushes and chute breaker to protect the fruit Exit to the unloading conveyor in the middle of the scale Complete with: Roller inspection conveyor Elevation Belt Conveyor with cross discharge per portion / Tiered conveyor with …

Key Technology Optyx Raptor Laser Sorting machine

Year: 2007

Sorting by colour deviation and density Incl. infeed shaker The machine is currently used for cut lettuce and cabbage

DF - unscrambler for ampoules used


DESCRIPTION: The unscrambler for ampoules is integrated into the packaging process of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Thanks to this machine the ampoules are transported on the conveyor belt in a vertical position and aligned through a screw, to be counted and transported towards the side belt, in the direction of the filling machine. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, …

Exapro’s Feeders, Scales, and Sorting Machines: Essential Components of Your Packaging Line

Feeders, Scales, and Sorting Machines are an integral trio of machinery in the packaging and conditioning sector: feeders, scales, and sorting machines. With their unmatched efficiency, these machines drastically improve operational flow, boost productivity, and help to ensure the quality of your final product.


Feeders form the heart of any packaging operation. These devices are designed to precisely regulate the flow of material into your packaging or processing line. The right feeder can smoothly handle a wide variety of materials, from powders and granules to irregularly shaped objects.

Whether you're considering a vibratory feeder for evenly dispensing small parts, a rotary feeder for handling bulk material, or a screw feeder for accurate metering of powders, Exapro offers an extensive selection of used feeders that can meet your operational requirements without breaking the bank.


Accurate weighing is a critical aspect of any packaging and conditioning process. Industrial scales ensure that each package contains the correct amount of product, maintaining consistency and meeting legislative requirements.

Exapro’s inventory includes a range of scales, from simple bench scales for small-scale operations to advanced checkweighers for high-speed, high-accuracy weight control. These machines can seamlessly integrate into your existing line, helping to eliminate product giveaway and reduce waste.

Sorting Machines

The final step in a well-organised packaging line is sorting. Sorting machines streamline the process of separating, grading, and arranging your products based on various criteria, including size, weight, or quality.

Used sorting machines from Exapro can help to expedite your packaging process, ensuring that only products meeting your stringent standards reach the market. Whether you need optical sorting for checking product colour or X-ray sorting for detecting foreign bodies, our platform can help you find the right machine at a competitive price.

Why Exapro?

Exapro takes pride in supporting businesses as they seek to improve their packaging and conditioning processes. With our extensive selection of used feeders, scales, and sorting machines, you can elevate the efficiency of your operation, ensure product consistency, and ultimately drive customer satisfaction. 

Exapro's range of used feeders, scales, and sorting machines offers an affordable entry point for businesses looking to improve their packaging and conditioning operations. We provide an extensive selection of machinery, priced between €4,000 and €25,000, ensuring you can find a solution that fits your budget while enhancing your production line's efficiency. 

Whether you're upgrading an existing line or launching a new project, trust Exapro to provide top-quality used industrial machinery that offers excellent value for money. Contact our team today to discuss your specific requirements and let us help you find the perfect machinery to meet your needs.


Main Advantages of Feeders, scales and sorting machines

Feeders, scales, and sorting machines play essential roles in packaging and conditioning lines. Each of these devices brings unique advantages to the process:


Consistent Flow: Feeders ensure a steady and controlled flow of material into the packaging or processing line, which optimises efficiency and minimises the risk of bottlenecks or stoppages.

Versatility: They can handle a diverse range of materials, including powders, granules, and irregularly shaped objects. This versatility makes them suitable for various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.

Precision: High-quality feeders can accurately meter the correct quantity of product, reducing wastage and ensuring consistency in the packaging process.


Accuracy: Industrial scales ensure that each package contains the exact amount of product. This precision is crucial in maintaining product consistency and meeting legislative requirements for accurate labelling.

Quality Control: By quickly identifying packages that are over or under the target weight, scales reduce wastage and help to ensure the uniform quality of the final product.

Cost Efficiency: By eliminating overfilling, scales can provide significant cost savings over time, particularly in industries where the product being packaged has a high cost per unit weight.

Sorting Machines

Efficiency: Sorting machines significantly speed up the process of separating, grading, and arranging products. This increased efficiency can lead to substantial productivity gains.

Quality Assurance: They play a crucial role in maintaining quality standards by ensuring that only products that meet the specified criteria progress to the packaging stage.

Flexibility: Sorting machines can be adjusted to sort based on a wide range of characteristics, including size, shape, colour, and weight. This flexibility means they can be tailored to the specific needs of each production line.

Feeders, scales, and sorting machines bring efficiency, accuracy, and quality control to your packaging and conditioning lines. By investing in these types of machinery, businesses can enhance their production process and deliver a consistently high-quality product.


Main machine parameters of Feeders, scales and  sorting machines

When considering the purchase of feeders, scales, and sorting machines, understanding the critical parameters of each machine is essential to ensure they meet your specific production requirements. Here are some key parameters:


Feed Rate: This is the speed at which the feeder can distribute materials onto your processing line. It's often measured in volume per time unit (e.g., cubic feet per hour).

Hopper Capacity: The hopper is the part of the feeder that holds the material before it's fed onto the line. The larger the hopper, the less frequently it needs to be refilled.

Material Compatibility: Not all feeders are suitable for all types of materials. Some feeders may be designed for powders, others for granules, and others for larger, irregularly shaped objects.


Weighing Capacity: This is the maximum weight the scale can accurately measure. It's essential to choose a scale with a weighing capacity that matches your product's weight.

Accuracy: The scale's accuracy (or resolution) is the smallest weight change it can detect. More precise scales can identify smaller variations in weight.

Speed: In a high-volume packaging operation, the speed at which a scale can weigh items (often measured in weights per minute) is crucial.

Sorting Machines

Sorting Criteria: Different sorting machines can sort based on different characteristics, such as size, weight, colour, or quality. The sorting criteria should align with your quality control needs.

Throughput: This is the number of items that the machine can sort per unit of time, which is essential for maintaining an efficient production line.

Rejection Accuracy: The machine's ability to accurately identify and remove items that don't meet the sorting criteria is a vital parameter.

Remember, these are general parameters, and specific machines may have additional parameters based on their design and functionality. When purchasing used machines, it's also crucial to check their maintenance history and operational condition.


Area of use

Feeders, scales, and sorting machines are versatile pieces of equipment that find their application in a broad range of industries due to their ability to automate and enhance critical processes. Here are some of the key areas of use:


Food Processing: In this industry, feeders are often used to accurately meter ingredients into mixing or packaging processes. This could include everything from spices and flour to fruits and vegetables.

Pharmaceutical: Feeders can be used for precise dosing of medicinal powders or tablets in the packaging lines.

Manufacturing: In various manufacturing sectors, feeders supply raw materials or parts onto a production line, whether that be in the automotive, electronics, or other sectors.


Food and Beverage: Scales are used to weigh items for packaging to ensure consistent quantity and to meet regulatory requirements. This is particularly important in industries where products are sold by weight.

Pharmaceutical: Accurate scales are crucial for ensuring correct dosages in packaged pharmaceuticals.

Logistics and Warehousing: Scales are used for weighing packages for shipping to determine accurate freight costs and to ensure compliance with shipping regulations.

Sorting Machines

Agriculture: Sorting machines are often used to grade and sort produce based on size, weight, and quality, ensuring only the highest quality products reach the market.

Recycling: In recycling facilities, sorting machines are used to separate materials into different categories for processing.

Food Industry: These machines are used to sort products by size, shape, colour, or weight to ensure consistent quality and presentation. This could be used for anything from sorting fruits and vegetables to organising packaged goods.

It's important to note that these are just a few examples, and the potential applications of feeders, scales, and sorting machines extend far beyond the ones listed here. The versatility of these machines makes them a valuable addition to any production line in need of automated and efficient processing.


Main Manufacturers 

There are many reputable manufacturers of feeders, scales, and sorting machines that are recognised for their innovation, quality, and reliability. Below are some well-known manufacturers for each category:


Eriez: Known for its broad range of vibratory feeders suitable for a wide variety of industries.

Brabender Technologie: A leading manufacturer that offers high-quality, accurate feeders, particularly for the food and chemical industry.

Coperion K-Tron: Renowned for its precise and reliable feeders, often used in the plastics, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.


Mettler Toledo: A globally recognised brand that produces a wide range of scales, including precision balances and industrial scales.

Ishida: Known for its multihead weighers and checkweighers, which are commonly used in the food industry.

Avery Weigh-Tronix: Provides a broad selection of scales, from bench scales to floor scales and truck scales.

Sorting Machines

TOMRA: A leading provider of sensor-based sorting solutions, with machines used extensively in the food, recycling, and mining industries.

Bühler Group: Manufactures a wide range of optical sorting equipment used in the food processing and plastics industries.

Key Technology: Known for its advanced sorting machines used in the food processing industry, including optical and digital sorters.

It's always important to remember that while these manufacturers are well-regarded, the best choice for your needs will depend on your specific requirements, budget, and the specifications of the machine. And of course, you can find high-quality used machinery from these manufacturers and more at Exapro.