MORETTO XD610S+OTX600VP+Otx1800VP Dryer for hygroscopic materials

Year: 2011

Drying system for hygroscopic materials Manufacturer: MORETTO Equipment: - dehumidifier with two dehumidifying columns XD610S - OTX 600VP stainless steel insulated hopper with suction valve + 9 kW heater - OTX 1800VP stainless steel insulated hopper with suction valve + 27 kW heater - server to control the FLOWMATIK process

Miami 2019 Dryer Hot deal

Year: 2019

The subject of sale is a modern automatic line for drying with warm compressed air for various types of raw materials, i.e. coal, sand, vegetables, fruit, granulates, etc. The drying line consists of: - Beta Air 1000 generator (furnace) with automatic cleaning system fire lamp manufactured by Gizex, which is equipped with blowing fans, retort fuel feeder with fire protection, …

Přerovské Strojírny A.s. - PSP Engineering PSP Engineering Dryer

Year: 1996

This is a dryer complete with a bag filtration system, loading and unloading equipment (augers), storage silos and a concrete weighbridge for heavy vehicles. Plant never started up and purchased used. The machines are all to be assembled because they have already been disassembled.


Year: 2006

BINDER MODEL 9110-0102 FD 115 Drying oven with forced convection IN PERFECT CONDITION. FD Series Drying ovens with forced convection Temperature range 5 °C above ambient up to 300 °C (572 °F) Patented APT.line® preheating chamber assuring temperature accuracy and reproducible results Fast and uniform drying with mechanical convection of large sample amounts with a powerful fan DS controller, timer …

NASAN NB-6 Dryer Hot deal

Year: 2016

Microwawe Dryer model NB-6 by NASAN. The device is practically unused, we have had it since the end of 2016, it has worked at most one full working week. We have a set of six containers for raw material, CE certificates, etc. 6 kW

Glatt WSG 120 (1986) Granulating Fluid Bed Dryer Dry

Year: 1986

Chamber volume 100 L
Type Fluid bed dryers
Minimal T° 100 °C

65,000 €

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MK North Macedonia

Politec ST4 Food machinery

Year: 2016

A professional dehydrator ideal for low-temperature food dehydration. The ST4 food dryer has a large drying surface area of 11.90 m² spread over 20 levels for drying up to 150 kg of fruit and vegetables. Thanks to its horizontal hot-air ventilation system, this all-stainless steel food dehydrator is ideal for all fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, spices and other dried products that …

Buchi B-290 Dryer

Year: ~ 2005

Evaporation capacity: 1.0 L/h of H2O, higher for organic solvents. Final particle size: 1 – 60 μm. Yield: Up to 70%

Used lab spray dryer Buchi B-290.

Year: 2010

Used lab spray dryer Buchi B-290. Year of manufacturing: 2010. Power consumption: max. 2900 W Connection voltage: 200 – 230 V ± 10 % Frequency: 50/60 Hz Environmental conditions: for indoor use only Temperature: 5 – 40 °C Altitude: up to 2000 m Humidity: maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31°C decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at …

GEA PMA + Sirocco 1200 Dryer

Year: 2008

Chamber volume 1200 L
Type Fluid bed dryers

Hüttlin HKC-05-TJ Dryer

Year: 1998

Chamber volume 5 L
Type Fluid bed dryers
Minimal T° 80 °C

Diosna Minilab Dryer


Minimal T° 20 °C
Type Fluid bed dryers


Year: 2004

Chamber volume 100 L
Type Fluid bed dryers

Glatt Gpcg 3 Dryer

Year: 1995

Chamber volume 10.6 L
Nbr of trays 15
Minimal T° -10 °C
Type Fluid bed dryers

Used Vötsch TS4 Dryer

Year: 2006

Chamber volume 360 L
Nbr of trays 6
Minimal T° 100 °C
Type Others

Glatt GPCG-1 Dryer


Chamber volume 4.5 L
Type Fluid bed dryers
Minimal T° 120 °C

Tauro B.Master Dryer

Year: 2009

Professional dryer by Tauro Essiccatori model B.Master. Year of construction 2009. Equipped with user manual. Additional Information: Voltage: 400V Frequency: 50Hz Power: 5.2kW Compliant with the essential requirements of the directives: 2006/45/EC (machinery directive) 2006/95/EC (low voltage) 89/336/CE (electromagnetic compatibility)