Miscellaneous 327

Used Ottovanger C3-5 Feed mill

Year: 2009

Ottovanger containerized feed mill year 2009 made in netherlands . Installed in 2011 It has only 1000 working hours on it then stopped after 1 year. Very good condition. Capacity of 3 ton/ hr pellet or 5 ton/hr mash

Alcos CS2 Food machinery

Year: 2019

Linear filler with two heads. Year of purchase 2021. Complete with all technical documentation (operator manual, maintenance manual, electrical panel diagram, etc.) Automatic vacuum filler with 2 filling valves, suitable for filling jars or jars from 200 gr up to 5000 gr, adaptable to the different types of diameter of the jars or cans from 60 to 155 mm. The …

Key Superior MVESF Vibrator Unit

Year: ~ 2000

Key Superior MVESF Vibrator Unit It is in good condition

TMCI Padovan Ecofilter 20 Pressure filter Food machinery

Year: 1984

Pressure filter of the Italian company Padovan. Year of production 1984. Horizontal type. Filter area of 20 m2, efficiency 25,000-27,500 l / h. The filter was used to filter the juices. Fully acid-resistant design. It has not yet been dismantled, it is connected at the workplace. It can be viewed and checked before purchasing. It has original technical documentation with …

Cold press oil machine

Year: 2022

UM200 cold press oil machine is for oil extraction from dry oilseeds which may include sesame seed, hempf, sunflower seeds, canola, coconut, black cumin, grape seeds, safflower, canola, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, palm seeds, pomegranate seeds, coconut, lauri fructus, apricot seeds, hazelnut, peanut, walnut, opium poppy, flax seeds, almond, pistachio, jajoba, mustard seeds, nettle seeds, raspberry, pepper seeds, rosehip seeds, …

BR Systemes BR518 Bulk powder and aggregate dosing machine

Year: 2013

Bulk powder and aggregate dosing machine Control touch screen. 30 configurable programs. Double dosing speed. (pre-filling vibration + finishing vibration) Hopper with a capacity of 40L, equipped with motorized scrapers 304L stainless steel: Food grade. Accuracy: +/-0.2 grams It is a semi-automatic and automatic dosing machine. Semi-Automatic: The placement of the empty product under the dosing head is carried out …

2 PND SS8 Mango Processors

Year: 2022

I am with Off The Tree Snacks, we are a mango processor near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We have pivoted operations and will no longer need 2 PND SS8 Mango Peelers made this year 2022. They have to be purchased as a pair. We will not provide shipping, buyer will need to take the machines. I have attached pictures and videos …

Freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine

Year: 2020

Freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine, own cooling system, loading space up to 500 oranges = 100-120 juices. Cuts orange in half, juices it out, flows inside paper cup which is closed with heat foild afterwards. Machine has large window so all is visible to customer. Accepts cards and coins, also bill acceptor can be added. Large LCD screen with …

COFPACK LUX DW 1 Food machinery

Year: 1999

Line (Polish production) for flavoring, coating with powdery additives of corn puffs with a packaging machine, which includes: - ZP V20 heated palm oil tank - HD Series dosing pump: MA - BDS-600 dragee drum - COFPACK LUX flow-pack vertical packing machine with DW 1 weighing dispenser - packing table - belt feeders made of acid-resistant steel Technical Specifications: - …

SELWA MODEL SE22/5 Dryer for grains, seeds and herbs of herbal plants

Year: 2020

Dryer for grains, seeds and herbs of herbal plants The dryer includes: belt dryer, feeder systems (belt or screw) for feeding and receiving the raw material, automated control of the dryer from a touch panel located on the control cabinet. Characteristic 1. Dryer • Intended use: drying grains, seeds and herbs of herbal plants. • the possibility of using energy …

Eurolux-BAV vacuum process plant A15 For mayo, ketchup, dressing, sauces

Year: 2007

Eurolux-BAV vacuum process plant A15 For mayo, ketchup, dressing, sauces NEW Container content: ca.15 liter Batch size: 3-10 liters Material: stainless steel V2A 1.4301 Frame construction: mobile Double jacket Insulated 3 bar Year of construction: 2007 Homogenizer 5.5 kW 500-3000 RPM Agitator 0.5 kW 30 RPM Scraper stirrer 0.18 kW adjustable 10-45 rpm Automatic vacuum control 0.55 kW Lid manually …

Marel Target batcher TB3000

Year: 2005

The Marel TargetBatcher is the easy way to reduce giveaway, combining a pre-determined number of fresh or frozen products into a package of exact weight. With 7 high-accuracy individual scales and 14 holding bins the Target Batcher selects the best combination of products in the fraction of a second. HOW IT WORKS The TargetBatcher uses a line of seven weighing …

RTO 43-89mm Food machinery


The machine is used to close metal lids on glass jars. The diameter of the lid from fi 43 to fi89.

Massmann Illapack Loma carrera 100 Microwave popcorn line

Year: 2016

Machines included in the production line: - big bag station - Massman LH150 popcorn packing machine (in practice, we produce 120-max 130 pieces per minute) + additionally extended magazine for a larger number of bags, + corn feeding (tank, spring, sensors), adaptation to electricity in the EU; - illapack carrera 1000. Additional options such as a double foil supply system …

Agnelli A250 Food machinery

Year: 2006

An Italian machine for the production of ears for sale The machine produced ears in a Polish factory. Needs regeneration The set includes a molding machine and a laminating machine

Pavan TT92 Food machinery

Year: 2002

Extruder incl. for the production of cereal flakes. Capacity approx. 400-600 kg / h Min. Extrusion temperature on the 1st section: 30 ° C A twin-screw extrusion device as a result of a continuous and automatic process, a great variety of flour and cereal starches / tubers, both mixed and pure.

MCF TRADE 316 INOX Food machinery

Year: 2017

N.1 Automatic Washing Mod. Mcf Iper 316 Completely in Aisi 316 stainless steel Suitable for fruit and vegetables with Bubbling System With Blower, Complete With Centifugal Pump Di Product Advancement, Rotating Reel For Parking, Porter Elevator In Food Prolipopylene Technical data: - power: Kw.3 - Water consumption: Up to 100 Lt / hour - Overall dimensions: Mm.6200x1500xh.2000. - Capacity: Up …

Reach USV4 Cake cutter

Year: 2017

Reach USV4 Ultrasonic cake cutter 2017, never been used, ideal for cutting pies, quiches, pizzas, sponges, cakes, pastries, flapjacks, brownies and many more products, both sheet and round products can be cut, blade width 730mm, HMI touch screen controls, mobile, 1Ph