Seamer FMI Mecfond f 99 Food machinery Low working hours

Year: 2001

In perfect condition can be provided video or check on place full revised in 2022 productivity: 130 pcs/min f99

Schaaf 9250 Extruder

Year: 1989

This extruder series offers a mature combination of capacity, product flexibility and performance. Robust design, simple operation and maintenance, as well as highest product quality and reliability. Upgraded with a Turbo unit in 2009, it has now a capacity of over 300kg/hour. Sold together with a coextrusion unit, a dryer (oven) and a packaging machine. Excellent working condition.

Россия - Food machinery

Year: 2020

I will sell a ready-made business for the manufacture of treats for dogs, along with equipment, leftover goods and raw materials, trademarks On sale are: 6 large drying ovens + one small drying oven Freezer with a capacity of 3.5 tons 2 chest freezers with a capacity of 300 and 150 kg A packaging machine that forms a flow-pack bag, …

Like new Industrial Tunnel Oven Rinaldi 84 kW

Year: 2019

Industrial Tunnel Oven cooking chamber 80cm wide and 200cm long. Oven like new reinforced 84 kW Year 2019 never used it was suppose to be used for flatbreads (pita type) Suitable for pizza and pinsa Capacity around 3 quintals per hour The video shown gives a reference, the oven for sale is bigger and more performing

Visys Python™ 680 Smart laser Sorter Food machinery

Year: 2012

VISYS Python™ 680 Smart laser Sorter configured with double–sided Digital laser and an optical inspection unit operated by fully digital Apollys™ engine (electronics and software algorithms) for Advanced shape recognition (68 cm scanwidth), specific and customized for Nuts and Dried Fruits: front and rear inspection unit equipped with four (4) lasers (red, infrared in the front inspection unit, - red, …

Morgante Linea lavorazione UVA Food machinery

Year: 2020

Fruit packaging line, the line is made up of 2 rotating belts, 1 upper one for packaging and 1 lower one for crates of raw goods or those to be repackaged. On the work surface there are 2 linear belts for unloading the packaged cases. The belts have adjustable speed and production counters

BELDOS BELCAKE 670 -advanced depositor 3 in 1 ( dosing,icing,decoration) Low working hours

Year: 2019

Advanced depositors 3 in 1 - dosing,icing,decoration ( made in Belgium) Volumetric stainless steel depositor , specially designed for cake production applications: -depositing of cake batters , -icing of middle layers,top/side finishing of cakes SUITED for depositing of icecreams , pudding, honey, sauce, jam, jelly, paste in a cup injections of eclairs,berliners,profiteroles, decoration and top/side finishing of cakes -power: Air: …

ACMG Galétière industriel en bande de crêpe en ligne continue Food machinery

Year: 2008

1- An industrial galley with two cooking drums (diameter of each drum = 60 cm, width of each drum = 60 cm), for manufacturing; continuous line strip. To make crepes, buckwheat pancakes, blinis, tortillas, etc. - heating ; city ​​gas 2- A stainless steel mesh conveyor for cooling, length 4 m. 3- A PVC conveyor for cutting vertical and horizontal …

4 Brand New Kemutec CM680 Cone Mills and spares

Year: 2022

My company is selling 4 brand new, never used Kemutec CM680 Cone Mills. They were manufactured in 2022 and are still in the original crating. We have the manuals and drawings on hand. We also have the spare parts and accessories below for sale, also never used and still in original crates: 2x Spare Heavy Duty 5.00mm Round Hole Cones …

Gravity Seperator 5XZ-5 Low working hours

Year: 2019

All the specifications and dimensions are listed in the technical specifications of the products. Also I can provide direct contact with the manufacturer and additional information needed, as well as test on site.

Rotary Cleaner with Air Recycler Low working hours

Year: 2019

All the specifications and dimensions are listed in the technical specifications of the products. Also I can provide direct contact with the manufacturer and additional information needed, as well as test on site.

Weishu Almond milk production line

Year: 2020

Almond milk production line This line is also suitable for production of different nut (hazelnut, macadamia nut and etc.) and seeds (hemp, poppy etc.) milks, also different non-carbonized soft drinks (juices, lemonades and etc.) Basic production steps: 1) Almond nut cleaning and soaking 2) Almond nut peeling 3) Nut milling (if other nuts or seeds are used steps 1 and …

PKP Chromatography System

Year: 2014

Pall’s PKP chromatography products, a family of standard modular automated systems, are designed to perform all types of low pressure column biochromatography (e.g., ion exchange, affinity, mixed mode, hydrophobic interaction, size exclusion and hydroxyapatite) and membrane chromatography. These systems are suitable for small-scale production or process optimization, in addition to manufacturing biotherapeutic molecules according to GAMP guidelines.

Rotary / vacuum filter 20m2 Apag type SRV 20

Year: 2002

Used Apag SRV20 rotary / vacuum filter. - 20m2 filtration area - Filter drum diameter 1721mm - Length of filter drum 3750 mm - Rotational speed of the filter drum 0-9 r.p.m. - Vacuum pump capacity 450m3 / h - Extraction pump capacity 36m3 / h - Feed pump capacity 36m3 / h - Air consumption 1 Nm3 / h …

Used Ottovanger C3-5 Feed mill Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2009

Ottovanger containerized feed mill year 2009 made in netherlands . Installed in 2011 It has only 1000 working hours on it then stopped after 1 year. Very good condition. Capacity of 3 ton/ hr pellet or 5 ton/hr mash

Drum-vacuum filter 20m2 Padovan type Taylo 20

Year: 2000

Used vacuum-drum filter made by Padovan, type Taylo/Lux 20 MQ. Filtration area 20 m2. New: 2000

comaco AGM8RS8 Food machinery Hot deal

Year: 2002

seaming and filling box closing unit for gr formats for 500 gr cans Agm8rs 42w size 70/73 109ml

Peeling and packaging line for vegetables

Year: 2020

Used line for peeling and vacuum packing of vegetables. New 2020. All controlled automatically. The equipment set includes: - stainless steel bunker with hydraulic turntable - circular filter with antifoam dosing system - coir peeler 3m - roller peeler (milled blades on stainless steel rollers), smooths nicely on alumina peeler - Sormack knife peeler 2m (hand peeling effect) - rotary …

Ювест-ОП ЮВЕСТ – 8,0БНТ Food machinery

Year: 2017

For sale there is a used bottling line for gas/non-gas water and drinks in PET 0.5; 1.0; 1.5 l) and glass 0.5 l. Productivity 8000 bottles/hour. Russian production line of the Yuvest-OP brand. Equipment: - Triblock automatic machine (rinsing PET/glass, filling PET/glass, capping for PET) with a set of conversion to another bottle format and a circulation washing system. - …

Krones VARIO CLEAN AUT - 3,000 CIP unit (Clean-In-Place)

Year: 2008

Overview The CIP system was built by Krones in 2008 and is part of a complete filling line that is being sold. As the buyer already owns a central CIP system, this machine is for sale separately. The condition is very good, as the system was regularly serviced and was in use until recently. Technical data Pump capacity: 30 m³/ …