Used Ottovanger C3-5 Feed mill Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2009

Ottovanger containerized feed mill year 2009 made in netherlands . Installed in 2011 It has only 1000 working hours on it then stopped after 1 year. Very good condition. Capacity of 3 ton/ hr pellet or 5 ton/hr mash

Visys Python™ 680 Smart laser Sorter Food machinery

Year: 2012

VISYS Python™ 680 Smart laser Sorter configured with double–sided Digital laser and an optical inspection unit operated by fully digital Apollys™ engine (electronics and software algorithms) for Advanced shape recognition (68 cm scanwidth), specific and customized for Nuts and Dried Fruits: front and rear inspection unit equipped with four (4) lasers (red, infrared in the front inspection unit, - red, …

Used Bühler SMA LACB 203-3 Grain sieve cleaners

Year: 2016

Output: 110 to/h for wheat Little used. Delivery 2016, durable professional machine. Low power consumption. (2,2 + 0,75 KW) Especially also for all oilseeds, soy, sunflower, rape. Separation of husks perfectly possible. Inlet and outlet aspiration and sieve box can be vacuumed, quick sieve change. Large sieve area: 6m2 pre-sieve plus 6m2 main sieve

françai Galétière industriel en bande de crêpe en ligne continue Food machinery

Year: 2008

1- An industrial galley pan with two cooking drums (diameter each drum = 60 cm, width each drum = 60 cm), for manufacturing; continuous line band. To make pancakes, buckwheat pancakes, blinis, tortillas etc. - heating ; city ​​gas 2- A stainless steel mesh conveyor for cooling, length 4 m. 3- A PVC conveyor for cutting vertical and horizontal pancakes, …

MEYER CF7 sorting machine

Year: 2016

CF Excellent Features: 1.LED light source — high spectral purity and stable power supply ensures a long lifetime for this machine. 2.NIR function / optional — impurities are rejected by this function, and ensure the quality of product. 3.2048 CCD sensors — the top sensors brings the characteristics of high resolution, high recognition and incomparable accuracy for this machine. 4.Special …

comaco AGM8RS8 Food machinery Hot deal

Year: 2002

seaming and filling box closing unit for gr formats for 500 gr cans Agm8rs 42w size 70/73 109ml

Combined system IDEON / CEIA series WPM-L model WPM-L-3500 including checkweigher IDECON series WP-L and metal detector CEIA model THS / SLMS21

Year: 2018

Combined system IDEON / CEIA series WPM-L model WPM-L-3500 including checkweigher IDECON series WP-L and metal detector CEIA model THS / SLMS21 opening 250x150 mm including accessories new never used



Item #8857 – HOMOGENISER Manufactured by GEA NIRO SOAVI Model Ariete NS2006 this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The GEA NIRO SOAVI Ariete NS2006 Homogeniser is a cutting-edge food processing machine designed for high-pressure homogenization applications. With its advanced technology and robust construction, it offers exceptional performance and versatility in …

PKP Chromatography System

Year: 2014

Pall’s PKP chromatography products, a family of standard modular automated systems, are designed to perform all types of low pressure column biochromatography (e.g., ion exchange, affinity, mixed mode, hydrophobic interaction, size exclusion and hydroxyapatite) and membrane chromatography. These systems are suitable for small-scale production or process optimization, in addition to manufacturing biotherapeutic molecules according to GAMP guidelines.

BT RT 350 Food machinery

Year: 2021

We offer for sale a complete ravioli/dumpling machine with all the equipment that goes with it. Ravioli / Maulentaschen / Dumplings machine (Pelmeni machine) in mint condition. batter mixer meat mixer blast freezer And much more that goes with it. Up to 350 kg/h Technical specifications Size: 1514x2042x706mm Weight: 450kg Power consumption: 1.5kw Dough thickness: 0.2 - 1.2mm Filling (dough …

COMACO agm3 rs w18 Food machinery Hot deal

Year: 2000

comaco seamer and filler monobloc unit agm3 rs w18 for closing 2.5/3/3.4/5 kg cans

Used Winicker & Lieber Quarta 100 Tea/Tobacco cut machine Hot deal

Year: 2013

For sale: WINICKER & LIEBER QUARTA 100, made in Germany. Condition: excellent (used) The machine was purchased in 2013 for 98,000 Eur for our tea manufacturing business. All the paperwork, documentation are available. The machine works well with no issues. Reason for selling it: We have ordered a bigger machine from the same brand as the production increased. The machine …

GNA Project AV65N Food machinery

Year: 2004

Fourth range processing machinery, salad washing and packaging


Year: 2020

NWT-200 COLD DRYER WITH INTEGRATED WEIGHING SYSTEM WITH 4 CELLS + 39 CASSETTES + 39 SCREENS Refrigerating cycle dehumidifier with recovery of liquids extracted from the food Minimum air dehydration temperature: - 25 + 15°C Production capacity up to about 220 kg depending on the product, about 120 kg for herbs External dimensions (lxpxh) mm 1500 x 1380 x 1850 …

Buhler SORTEX E Feeder - scale - sorting machine

Year: 2009

Buhler SORTEX E optical sorter Optical sorter with two cameras

STELLAR Freeze Dryer Versatile Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Year: 2014

STELLAR Freeze Dryer Versatile Laboratory Freeze Dryer Versatile Laboratory Freeze Dryer

GS ITALIA SRL CUSTOM DL 210 DOUBLE Food machinery Low working hours

Year: 2013

Double Pneumatic Volumetric Dispenser For Creams And Viscous Products All In Stainless Steel With Dripper And Sliding Slider Like New Total Revision Just Done By Gs Italia.

Key Superior MVESF Vibrator Unit

Year: ~ 2000

Vibrator Unit Manufacturer Key Superior Model MVESF Year 2000 It is in good condition

RAYTEC RAGGI X Food machinery


For Jars And Glasses With New Generator Recently Replaced

Fam SUD3D Whole Head Shredder

Year: ~ 2000

Whole Head Shredder Manufacturer Fam Model SUD3D Year 2000