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Durkopp Adler 550-767 SAB

Year: 2008

Durkopp Adler 550-767 SAB machine is a professional computer controlled station for sewing the airbag part of car seat upholstery. It checks every seam and stores data about it in a database. The machine was used in a small company so it worked only a few hours a day.

Necchi 881-260 Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2000

For sale 5 (FIVE) sewing machines brand NECCHI model Necchi 881-260 seen and liked collection at buyer's expense. • Perfectly working • Special sewing machine • Usable with 240 house power or for industrial use. • Great for sewing both light or heavy fabrics including leather • Professional use • Prompt delivery • Sales with Invoicing The machine is among …

FALAN FALAN 59 Automatic sewing machine


BLAKE FALAN 59 For shoe factories and shoemakers REVISED

Elektroteks Tigon Single Needle Continuous Quilting Machine

Year: 2021

Elektroteks Tigon Single Needle Continuous Quilting Machine Machine is like new

Singer cross stitch machine 457-U405-02


Singer cross stitch machine, used is sample development room serviced regular

Zoje 457B143M-T three point Zig Zag machine


Zoje 457B143M-T three point Zig Zag machine with Ram Unit used in sample room with regular services

Button Holer machine


mechanical lockstitch buttonhole machine Used in a development sample room, well maintained with annual services

Durkopp Adler 867-100 Automatic sewing machine


NC-1199-1 automatic machine by the German company NAHTECHNIK for sewing in the zipper tape together with the hem into the edge of the mattress, duvet, blanket, blanket, etc. The design is based on the machine head of the well-known company Durkopp Adler 867 290 040-100. The NC-1199-1 machine for sewing in a zipper on a long arm is the perfect …

Mammut Multi-Needle sewing quilting machine

Year: 2000

Mammut Multi-Needle sewing quilting machine Machine is in working condition

Durkopp Adler 550-867 SAB Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2014

3 pieces are available The AM-SAB 550-867 machine is a professional station for sewing the airbag zone of car seat upholstery, where after activating the side airbag the seam is broken in a controlled manner, enabling its opening. More machines on sale!

Mammut P1S 340 Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2005

As the follow up to the legendary Mammut Long arm quilter, the Single-Needle Quilting Machine Mammut P2S/P1S combines the consistent reliability and productivity with the highest degree of flexibility. Capable of producing high-quality quilts, mattress panels, comforter, as well as upholstery with very high filling weight and densities. The machine is characterized by simple handling, high precision as well as …

Durkopp Adler 868 Automatic sewing machine

Year: ~ 2018

Pole machine from the M-TYPE 868 290 322 series, two-needle stitched machine with bottom, needle and top foot transport and large vertical hooks. retrofitted with decorative sewing kit and tape guide. Currently mounted spacing 8mm. Possibility of installing other spacings on customer's request. Different needle spacings. Stitch length max up to 12 mm. Needle thickness Nm 110-180. Raising feet 20 …

Durkopp Adler 867 Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2022

new sewing machines for furniture and car upholstery Durkopp Adler 867-190322. Machines new straight from cartons folded with us on site. 12 months warranty. Technical Specifications: Energy-saving integrated 220V DAC motor with a panel. Stitch length up to 12 mm. Needle thickness Nm 110-180. Raising feet 20 mm. Safety clutch protecting the catcher from damage. Machines with medium-sized hooks (the …

Durkopp Adler 767 Automatic machine

Year: ~ 2005

with triple transport for furniture upholstery and car upholstery Durkopp Adler 767-FA-373-RAP 220V energy-saving machine efki with panel V820 with needle positioning, locking, lifting, thread tripping, tamping, etc. Pneumatics required The machines have a long stitch and neck with thin and thick threads (10). There are also two pieces with two stitch lengths. Warranty

Conti Complett TRIO PLUS Automatic sewing machine

Year: ~ 2000

Quick Trimming Machine Conti Complett Trio Plus model, three machines in one, changing the guide can produce a trio of several jobs, simple chain stitching, possibility of sewing with the same thread of the garment in addition to the normal sewing thread. , quality comparable to the overlock, field of use corresponding to traditional gauge machines from gauge 7 to …

Zoje ZJ-AM-5775BH-RK-900 Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2019

CNC HEAD TEMPLATE SEWING MACHINE It reduces your labor cost and increases your productivity and product range. Sewing area 80 cm (Y AXIS) Innovation synchronous belt conveyor system Tight template retention system. Thanks to the hook system, excellent sewing quality is achieved. Yarn cutting system eliminates the need for additional labor Average pressure Standard 4 mm foot movement Pattern recognition …

Durkopp Adler 767AE Automatic sewing machine

Year: ~ 2005

I will sell a super stan quilting machine. Durkopp Adler 767AE machine very good model for sewing all kinds of quilts, mattresses, etc. The machine has an electronic motor for 220V. Possible invoice net price. I also have other older and newer stitchers, including Durkopp Adler 867, Adler 467AE and Ultima CCF-1509 (Juki model). Many other machines are sold. Warranty!