Durkopp Adler 550-767 SAB Hot deal

Year: 2008

Durkopp Adler 550-767 SAB machine is a professional computer controlled station for sewing the airbag part of car seat upholstery. It checks every seam and stores data about it in a database. The machine was used in a small company so it worked only a few hours a day.

Fanghangel 300 U mattress sewing machine


Dear customers, We are proud to introduce our mattress sewing machine - the Band Edge Mattress Sewing Machine. This machine is specifically designed for mattress manufacturing and offers high productivity, accuracy and efficiency. The Tape Edge Mattress Sewing Machine has an automatic tape positioning function that allows the material to be processed quickly and accurately. The tape is automatically fed …

Agomec Agofast 120 Quilting Machine

Year: 2018

Agomec Agofast 120 Quilting Machine Machine is like new 1400 rpm Max speed : 1200 stitches/min 120" width


Year: 2007

Machine for sewing finger part of the socks. CONTI COMPLETT 232 DIGITRONIC

Takatori LC 320+TCR Automatic sewing machine


Sewing machine Tights sewing machine (crotch + toe caps) Sewing machine - automatic Takatori LC 320+TCR

KEESTAR 81300 A1 Automatic sewing machine


We can offer sewing machine for BIG BAG Machine type KEESTAR 81300 A1 (similar same machine how from UNION Special) With servo machine and frame Very good conditions (machine have around only 200 hours work) Some yet new spare parts More foto and specifications after request

9,000 €

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CZ Czech Republic

Necchi 881-260 Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2000

For sale 5 (FIVE) sewing machines brand NECCHI model Necchi 881-260 seen and liked collection at buyer's expense. • Perfectly working • Special sewing machine • Usable with 240 house power or for industrial use. • Great for sewing both light or heavy fabrics including leather • Professional use • Prompt delivery • Sales with Invoicing The machine is among …

FALAN FALAN 59 Automatic sewing machine


BLAKE FALAN 59 For shoe factories and shoemakers REVISED

Almost NEW DURKOPP ADLER 205-370 Cylinder Arm Heavy Duty Walking Adler Sewing Machine


Almost NEW DURKOPP ADLER 205-370 Cylinder Arm Heavy Duty Walking Adler Sewing Machine. The machine have been working maximum 40 hours. Like new! Very good motor 220V. Included is also a flat table attachment. The table is old and its probably better and cheaper top ship the head and motor without the table.

FOXSEW FX-1430 Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2022

Blind stitch sewing machine. For the adoption of blind stitch mode, the sewn stitch is invisible from the surface of the fabric, which holds the clothes well cleaner and more elegant. Use: It is suitable for blind sewing of knitted, cotton and chemical fiber garments, especially for sewing neoprene diving garments, water-resistant garments and surfing garments. specification: mode: single thread …

Elektroteks Tigon Single Needle Continuous Quilting Machine

Year: 2021

Elektroteks Tigon Single Needle Continuous Quilting Machine Machine is like new

Texi Compacta CM-500L. Automatic sewing machine


Texi Compacta CM-500L stitching machine. Perfect condition, serviced. Used several times. Pickup machine in Rzeszów or possible shipping.

NECCHI NECCHI 921-100 Automatic sewing machine


Necchi sewing machine model 921-100 in perfect working order.

Brother brother pr650 Sewing machine


Brother brother pr650 sewing machine almost new used for testing only

EAGLE MUSASHI 21 Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2004

Fillet pocket machine year 2004 series no.HK430433 good condition

Joyee JY-A777-BD Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2018

For sale, cut and sew + overlock for transfer.. used for 5 years but they are ck. and new and with motors and tables

serkon/unicut Polypattern DC80 Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2020

COMPLETE automatic cutting room Automatic Cutting Polypattern - W/ n 2.20 mt width. 8 cm alt. cooling system blade Spreading table w/ 2,20 mt width, 6 mt carpet, 4,80 mt insufflation and 1,80 mt park POLYPATTERN STOOL WITH 2,20 Mt WIDTH

Rumi Seven R SD-CL

Year: 2007

2 pcs Seven R SD-CL Machine Circular Single-cylinder For Cazle Rumi Full Electronic Cazle For Production Of Socks is sponge designed, complete with device for closed tip ,,classic linking,,, Btsr with 18 sensors , filter, fan, cantara, power supply LgL No.1 Software Rumi dravw And spare parts set Diameter 3.3/4 x 160 NEEDLES

Durkopp Adler 867-100 Automatic sewing machine


NC-1199-1 automatic machine by the German company NAHTECHNIK for sewing in the zipper tape together with the hem into the edge of the mattress, duvet, blanket, blanket, etc. The design is based on the machine head of the well-known company Durkopp Adler 867 290 040-100. The NC-1199-1 machine for sewing in a zipper on a long arm is the perfect …

FROMAC FR-867 MTR Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2014

Automatic machine for sewing zipper tape in mattresses, quilts, blankets and covers. The Italian company FROMAC, model FR-867 MTR Based on the head of the German company Durkopp adler 867, a special guide for the zipper tape and a puller facilitating the movement of the material are mounted to the machine. machine checked, mechanic started and sewn on. In the …