Shima Seiki NSSG122

Year: 2014

Shima Seiki NSSG122 from the year 2014. Shima Seiki Machine plus yarn rewinding machine bonus. Pictures attached

MECA TECHNA 95 Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2002

MECA TECHNA 95 quilting machine - 32", 3 bars, double needle - lock stitch - continuous quilting and tack&jump without thread trimmer - 5 slots for loading materials - longitudinal and transversal cutters or winder - machine currently stopped, requires updating of the drives and general overhaul

Meca Farside 84 Multi needle lockstich quilting machine

Year: 1990

Meca Farside 84 Multi needle lockstich quilting machine Machine in very good condition!!!used for mattress production panels! -Quilting machine for the production of quilts and bedspreads. -3 NeedleBars -Maximum quilting width 2400mm


Year: 2014

Pattern sewing machine JAM INTERNATIONAL MODEL: JT316 FC In very good condition. Working area 1600 x 700 mm 2014 production year

Durkopp Adler 205 Automatic sewing machine

Year: 1998

Strobel 141-23 sewing machine Strobel 141-23 sewing machine for sale in good condition, the price is net, I recommend it

C.M.C.I 108 Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2008

C.M.C.I 108 sewing machine for moccasins for sale a C.M.C.I 108 sewing machine for moccasins, in perfect condition, used for only 2-3 months, from 2008, I recommend, the price is net

Durkopp Adler 868-290322-70 Automatic sewing machine Low working hours

Year: 2021

DURKOPP ADLER 868 LOCKSTITCH MACHINE DURKOPP ADLER 868 290322-70 columnar lockstitch machine from the M-TYPE series, a single needle lockstitch machine with bottom, needle and top foot feed and large vertical grippers. Retrofitted with decorative seam set and tape guide. Possibility of installing other spacers. Long-arm machine with a clearance of 70 cm. Technical parameters: Different needle spacing, Stitch length …

Richpeace RPS-AL-1-1500x1000-AI-LH Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2018

Single-head quilting robot for quilting one or more layers Quilting field 100x150cm Dimensions : Length 3.60m - Depth 2.87m - Height 0.82m Fixed head (no rotation) Automatic thread cutter PVC frames supplied Numerous spare parts supplied Software for programme development supplied Example of use by clicking on this link 2 other machines with a smaller quilting area (80x120cm) are …

Richpeace RPS-AL-1-1200x800-AI-LH Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2015

Quilting robot/Automate - 1 head for quilting one or more layers 80x120cm quilting field Dimensions : Length 2.68m - Depth 2.46m - Height 0.86m Fixed head (no rotation) Automatic thread cutter PVC frames supplied Many spare parts supplied Software for programme development supplied Click on this link for an example of use 2 machines of this size are on …

Juki Ams221 Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2022

Juki AMS-221ENHL 3020 2 needles Automatic sewing machine with sewing field 30cm x 20 cm Machine equipped with two needles possibility of sewing with two colors Computer controlled machine for sewing programmed pattern in available sewing field of 300 x 200 mm, equipped with servo motor built in the machine head (driver direct system) and stepper motors. It is used …

Pressing Machine For Sleeve Plackets - OM-701 - IRONING PRESS

Year: 2018

3.000 pcs/shift capacity can be obtained with latest technology. Sleeve plackets and bia tape ironing is possible. After the fabric is positioned on the mold it is transfeared to the stacking station. The machine is easy to operate as it is fully automati. Any kind of fabric is well positioned by the help of laser line. Mold can be adjusted …

GRUPPO GRASSI 72.4-E Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2010

GRASSI GROUP multi-needle wrapper - 2 heads for straight embroidery + 2 heads for 2D design embroidery - material loader - thread holder perch - machine currently not working, control PC needs to be replaced. Mechanically in excellent condition.


Year: 1999

2 KANZAI 1103 UTC KS cover sewing machines mounted on table with 380 volt three-phase positioning motor, pneumatic lifting

Durkopp 205-370 Automatic sewing machine Hot deal


Durkopp Adler 205-370 sewing machine for sale a practically unused Durkopp Adler 205-370 sewing machine in perfect condition, I recommend it, the price is net

Musashi Itálie M21 eagl Automatic sewing machine

Year: 2018

The perfect sewing machine. Fully functional tour possible

2,590 €

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CZ Czech Republic

Juki DDL-8000A Automatic sewing machine Low working hours

Year: 2021

Juki 1-needle stitcher, thread cutter and automatic presser foot, with integrated screen + flexible 30 LED lamp. On caster frame. Recent machine purchased new at the end of 2021. Immaculate condition. Used very very little, 4 months, approximately 140 hours.

Texi Compacta CM-500L. Automatic sewing machine


Texi Compacta CM-500L stitching machine. Perfect condition, serviced. Used several times. Pickup machine in Rzeszów or possible shipping.

Pegasus M952-52H overlocker Low working hours

Year: 2021

Pegasus M952-52H overlocker 2 needles, 4 threads with differential drive by claws, original Pegasus integrated motor without thread cutter. Maximum sewing speed 7000 rpm. Machine on caster frame. Very very little used, not even 2 hours per month over 4 months.. Perfect condition, like new.

Takatori LC 320+TCR Automatic sewing machine


Sewing machine Tights sewing machine (crotch + toe caps) Sewing machine - automatic Takatori LC 320+TCR

Used Combine Machine For Production Of Cleaning Mesh Scourer

Year: 1

Used Integrated Combine machine with 2 heads for production of mesh scourer , with rolling. It had work only 2 months , without any problem . Using round wire : 0,7mm Out put scourer : 5-50gr Out put : 6-8kg/ hour Made in China