Thermo Fisher Scientific ULT7150 Thermo Fisher Scientific Ultra low temperature freezer

Year: 2019

Thermo Fisher Scientific Ultra low temperature freezer Thermo Fisher Scientific Ultra low temperature freezers - 2 pcs Working temp.-150C, 193L capacity, made 2019 in good working condition.

Cryomech lnc LNP060210 Liquid nitrogen generator

Year: 2012

Liquid nitrogen generator designed for the production of liquid nitrogen from atmospheric air, its accumulation in a Dewar vessel and storage with the possibility of dispensing the product at any time. Included: Ceccato BeltairPro 500F7.5R PRO piston compressor (Italy), air dryer Ceccato CDX 4 (Italy).

PEIXIN PX-SJZ ZDBZ30 Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine Low working hours

Year: 2018

Automatic line for the production of Peixin wet wipes from non-woven fabric. From 5 to 30 pieces in a package. Maximum speed up to 800 wipes per minute. Material weight - 40~80 g/m2 Tissue dimensions: (150~200)×(180~220) mm Folded wipe dimensions: (150~200)×(90~110) mm Finished product dimensions: (200~300)×(90~120)×(30~80)mm Power consumption of the device 25 kW Year of production 2018. The machine is …

Bactoscan FC analyser in raw milk

Year: 2007

Bactoscan FC - FOSS. raw milk analyser Counting IBC. The 100% automated BactoScan FC employs flow cell cytometry to provide a system that counts Individual Bacteria Cells - IBC (only viable bacteria). The BactoScan FC consists of the analyser, the PC and the basic Foss Integrator software package. Analysis time: 8.5 minutes Sample intake: approx. 4.5 ml Sample temperature: 2 …

Used Scienion sciFLEXARRAYER S3

Year: 2017

Scienion Automated Media Dispenser sciFLEXARRAYER S3. 4 channel system. For smaller volumes. With PC and software . production of custom microaray, production of chips for research applications and production of diagnostic kits Dispense Volume 30 – 800 pL/drop No. of Dispense Capillaries From 1 to 8 PDC channels Distance Dispense Capillaries 4.5 or 9 mm increments Target Holder 200 x …

Büchiglas CR60 ChemReactor with Huber Unitstat 510w Heating Cooling System Low working hours

Year: 2006

Büchiglas CR60 ChemReactor with access platform with Huber Unistat 510w heating and cooling system Use information: • Water has been the only solvent used. • It works fine but has now been decommissioned. • In excellent condition. • Needs new Thermal oil in Huberstat. • Has had very little use over the years and is immaculate in condition. • Also …

Four de calcination Thermolab ?

Year: 2009

Large-capacity calciner (approx. 150l) T max 750°C dimensions of oven section: height 60cm, width 43cm, depth 65cm. Overall dimensions: height 243cm, width 105cm and depth 105cm. This 21KW oven (400V, 50Hz (" phases)) is equipped with an air blower and a supercalciner unit to burn combustion gases. PID control.

Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2 Sakura Flap Gluer

Year: 2017

Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2 Sakura Flap Gluer VERY GOOD CONDITION Ref. 6160 :Tissue-Tek Activated Carbon Filter Purchase date: July 2017 Under annual maintenance contract

DAKO AGILENT Autostainer Link AS48 Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine

Year: 2014

Autostainer Link AS48 Agilent Dako - Process 48 slides in less than three hours. This means you can finish 96 slides in a normal working day with just one Autostainer Link 48 and one PT Link. - Gain up to 45 minutes of autonomy compared with our fastest Autostainer Plus - Make the most of your laboratory time by …

Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI vacuum inclusion system

Year: 2017

Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI Sakura vacuum inclusion system - VIP 6 AI can be combined with the TEC 5 SAKURA tissue embedding console machine. - Sakura recommended protocols for processing adipose/non-adipose tissue in one go - Safe tissue processing with automatic bottle check to ensure correct connection - Solution manager ensures sample safety during instrument use - Heated vessel …

Envirolyte ELA 2000 Disinfectant generator Hot deal

Year: 2021

The Envirolyte ELA-2000 has been designed for production of Neutral Anolyte and Catholyte. Some automation and easy operating procedures give the added benefits to rapid elivery of safe and fast acting disinfectan - Neutral Anolyte. The strenght of Neutral Anolyte in terms of active chlorine concentration can be adjusted by current setting in de plc and valves.

Ferroli Weishaupt Complete line for production of Ethanol, DDGS and alcohol

Year: 2005

Ethanol Factory for sale Includes used plant for production of ethanol, DDGs and glucose syrups. Plant produces ethyl alcohol for food and pharmaceutical industries, technical alcohol, dried distillers grains (animal feed) and dextrin as a base for adhesives. Production line was made in 2005 with the following capacities: - Ethyl Alcohol: 30,000 litres/day or 10,971,000 litres/year - Technical Alcohol: 3340 …

Axomatic Marchesini Axomix50 - Fus50 Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine Low working hours

Year: 2019

Preparation plant for dense - semi-dense products consisting of: - AXOMATIC/MARCHESINI turboemulsifier, model AXOMIX50, year 2019, ATEX category Slow counter-rotating cosial mixing with Teflon scrapers Homogenization turbine (speed up to 3,000 rpm). Color touch screen type control panel to display all main functions of the machine. Mechanical lid lift. Mechanical vessel tipping to facilitate unloading of finished product. Hopper for …

Proditec Inspectab 100C Tablet Inspection Machine

Year: 2017

TABLET INSPECTION MACHINE Manufactured by PRODITEC (France) Model Inspectab 100C, Year 2017, with colour capability it can inspect the batch, detect the selected defects, remove the defective tablets Only used for about 6 months. Last being used on 6mms diameter round tablets. capacity at up to 120,000 tablets per hour (on 5mms round flat tablets), up to 35,000 tablets per …

Used Scienion sciFLEXARRAYER S3 Automatic non-contact liquid dispensing system

Year: 2009

Automatic non-contact liquid dispensing system Scienion sciFLEXARRAYER S3 for production of custom microarray for research and diagnostic applications. Components: automatic spotter, enclosing box, pump, computer with running software. Size: spotter 85x76x64 cm; pump 27x46x60 cm

EREA MIRAGE Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine Hot deal

Year: 2013

All-stainless steel visual inspection box EREA, year 2013 Set of 4 units

EREA PE 40.10 Weighing cabinet

Year: 2001

Weighing cabinet Manufacturer: EREA Model: PE 40.10 Year : 2001 Serial number : 010183.01 Class : ISO 5 Material : stainless steel 316 L Installed dimensions (W x D x H) : 4028 x 5995 x 2640 mm Work surface : 1200 x 600 mm Power supply: 400 V 3-ph F7 pre-filters, H14 filters Nominal fan speed: 4000 m3/h Technical …

Drum pump for High Viscosity, Standard™, SP-700DD-752B-39 Low working hours

Year: 2019

STANDARD’s 700DD Series pumps are engineered to transfer viscous materials from drums, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) and large storage vessels. Utilizing the principle of positive displacement, these pumps deliver a continuous flow of material with little product degradation. Pump is provided with a 1.5 kW TEFC electric motor. Technical Specifications: Design Progressive Cavity / Positive Displacement Max. Viscosity = 100,000 …

Weighing cabinet

Year: 2008

Weighing cabinet Manufacturer: EREA Type: PES 34 16 Year : 2008 Serial number : 2008010501 Surface area : 5 m² Installed dimensions (w x d x h) : 3400 x 2958 x 2952,5 mm Worktop dimensions : 1665 x 720 mm F7 pre-filters, H14 filters Class: ISO 5 Material: 316 L stainless steel Power supply: 400 V 3-ph Technical documentation: …

ABN Cleanroom Technology SteriCube Outdoor Coldroom Unit Hot deal

Year: 2023

Mobile outdoor cold room that has returned from its first rental period with a customer in the pharmaceutical sector. The unit consists of 2 separate areas, cold room + technical room and airlock. Based on our SteriCube concept, the unit is resistant to all weather conditions and is developed to be installed outdoor. The unit must be transported in two …