Used chemistry and labs equipements and machines 215

Used KBTech KB Tech 2008-07ER Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine

Year: 2020

The machine is designed to automatically close 0.5 mL Eppendorf microtubes in racks specifically designed for this purpose. A total of 190 racks will be supplied with the automat. (95 white and 95 blue racks) Features : Drawer capacity: 2 racks of 24 microtubes each Rack capacity: 24 microtubes/rack Cycle time: approx. 5 sec Technical Data : Manufacturer: KB Tech …

Used KBTech KB Tech 2008-09ER Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine

Year: 2020

Eppendorf Lobind 0.5mL microtube dispensing machine supplemented by a NOROIT biological safety hood NOROIT biological safety hood (included in the offer). The distribution is done in specific racks supplied with the automat (95 white racks and 95 blue racks). The machine consists of the following elements - Vibrating bowl - Vibrating rail with separator - Pick&Place type manipulator arm with …

Used and as New Jeros 8160 Washing machine Exaprime Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2020

Used washing machine for sale. It has been used for about 50 hours. Brand new condition. For washing production parts. Does not meet our expectations in terms of rinsing. Year 2020. Documentation and videos in the advertisement

Bosch KKX 3900 Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine

Year: 2013

Producer Bosch Type KKX 3900 Year of construction 2013 Dimension ca. [in mm] 2200 x 900 x 1800 Weight ca. [in kg] 1500 Country of origin Germany The machine inspects filled and sealed capsules with the help of an X-ray unit. It can be connected behind any capsule filling machine.Machine is equipped with format set capsule size 3.Connection triclamp for …

Vetraco CP 024 N Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine

Year: 2007

Compactor Manufacturer: Vetraco Model: CP 024 N Year: 2007 PLC: Siemens Simatic S7-300 Control panel: Siemens Simatic Multi Panel Power supply: 400V 3-ph / 16A / 50Hz Installed power: 7 kW Compressed air supply: min 6 bar / max 8 bar Complies with CE standards Technical documentation: present Overall dimensions (W x D x H): 2050 x 1750 x 1800 …

ITECO - Isolator glove box used

Year: 2003

DESCRIPTION: Isolator designed for all those production or research activities that require a guarantee of complete isolation of the manipulated product. 10-flange unit made in stainless steel. SECTORS OF USE: Designed for the use in the pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, food, dietary, medical devices industry. MAIN FEATURES: The isolator is used for the protection of product during processing, achieving high levels …

Ackley VIP 5S Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine

Year: 2014

printing machine Manufacturer: Ackley Model: VIP 5S Year 2014 Ink printing (ink roller + printing roller) on one side of the tablet Visual quality inspection Automatic defective product rejection HMI Allen Bradley 1200P Technical documentation: present (operating and maintenance manual, CE certificate, mechanical plans, electrical diagrams) Complies with CE standards

COMBER PF500 Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine

Year: 2000

Used Comber model PF500 stainless steel 316L nutsche filter dryer. Filtration surface 0,70 sqm. Vessel total capacity 650 litre, working capacity approx. 500 litre. Unit has welded dished top and bottom mobile filter plate with hydraulic lock and hydraulic lifting-max. stroke 600 mm. Inside diameter 950 mm. Internal rated full vacuum/4 bar max. pressure at -15/140°C. Stainless steel external jacket …

Aeromatic T6 Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine


Fluidized air bed Manufacturer: Aeromatic Model: T6 Refurbished in 2015 (automatic) Tank: volume 550 litres, tank bottom surface 0.77 m², resistance to overpressure 2 bar Filter casing: resistance to overpressure 2 bar Coarse dust filter area 38 m² (ASHRAE separation degree 85%) Outgoing air filter area 21 m²

servolift M-D-L 200 Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine

Year: 1996

a lifting and turning trolley made of KO steel for 200l barrels. Trolley of the German company Servolift. Self-propelled battery trolley with drive. The trolley lifts and rotates drums up to 200 kg. Dimensions: length 250 / width. 94 / height 195 (with the mast folded). raised mast before turning 240cm raised mast after turning 300 cm the trolley has …

Filter pres ANDRITZ SE 630 MD Hot deal

Year: 2012

Used Andritz model SE 630 MD chamber membrane type filter press. Filter press has (22) plates 630 x 630 mm - combination of (10) membrane, (10) chamber and (2) end plates. Filtration surface 12.4 m2. Cake volume 163 litres, cake thickness 30 mm. Filter press frame is suitable to be extended up to 40 plates, giving max. filtration surface approx. …

Pass through chamber used


DESCRIPTION: Pass-through chambers protect critical environments while allowing transfer of materials to or from adjoining rooms. Typical installations are in the walls of cleanrooms and laboratories. In these applications, materials must be transferred with minimal loss of room pressure; and without the need for personnel movement between rooms. Standard chambers have an interlock that permits only one door to be …

Comber PF200 Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine

Year: 1998

Used process filter made by fi. Comber, type PF200. Stainless steel design of AISI316L contact parts. The filtration area is 0.20 m2. The total volume of the container is 315 L, the working volume is approx .: 250 L. The inner diameter of the container is 700 mm. Hydraulic stroke of the bottom of the container by up to 500 …

JIAHE 80Ton Press Machine With Feeding System - chemical machine Low working hours

Year: 2020

We offer for sale a new hydraulic press (80t closing force). This press is used for extruding and dosing mixed mixtures. The operating time of this machine is a maximum of 20 months. Part of the equipment of this machine is a special stainless steel plate. The machine was used in the prototype process for the production of the BMC …

GETINGE La Calhène 1219 Miscellaneous pharmaceutical / chemical machine


Manufacturer : GETINGE La Calhène Type: 1219 Clear PVC Wall Modular Insulator 316L stainless steel work base 4 cuffs GEMÜ valves 2 BOURDON E733 pressure transmitters, -1 to +3 bars 2 CLS15 E+H conductivity probes DPTE Alpha and Beta System Dimensions (LxWxH): 2300x900x1900mm 230V, 6.5A

Andritz Model SE630 CD Chamber Type Filter Press

Year: 2011

Used Andritz model SE 630 CD chamber type filter press. Filter press has (19) 630 x 630 mm Lenser polypropylene recessed plates and (2) end plates giving (20) chambers. Filtration surface 11,88 m2. Cake volume approx. 131,2 litres, cake thickness approx. 25 mm. The unit has hydraulic closure by single acting hydrauliuc ram with maximum closing pressure approx. 385 bar …

NIRO AEROMATIC MOD. S-320 - Spheronizer used


DESCRIPTION: Spheronizer systems are developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, they deliver spherical pellets at fast production rates using patented technology to maximize yields. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The NIRO Spheronizer consists of a horizontal spinning wheel with a special friction pattern machined on its top surface; it rotates within a …