Exapro offers an extensive selection of used biscuit or croissant production lines, bridging the gap between quality and affordability. With a price range between €25,000 and €190,000, these machines provide an optimal solution for businesses of all scales. From large-scale bakeries to specialty manufacturers, these lines cater to a plethora of industry needs.

Manufactured by globally recognised brands such as Buhler, Rondo, and Mecatherm, among others, each production line promises high production capacity, consistent product quality, and operational efficiency. The machines' key parameters, from production capacity and age to power consumption and flexibility, are transparently listed, ensuring informed decision-making for potential buyers.

Key benefits include large-scale production, cost-efficiency, and product versatility. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established industry player, Exapro's collection ensures a perfect blend of performance and value, making it the go-to platform for acquiring top-tier biscuit or croissant production machinery.


Year: 1975

Capacity 10 u/h


Year: ~ 1980

Belt Width 1860 mm
Belt Length 2200 mm

Hebenstreit/Danger/Heidler/SIG Flachwaffel Complete wafer production WZ-EM

Year: ~ 1990

Capacity 3000 u/h
Belt Length 5000 mm
Belt Width 1020 mm

Swiss roll + YES plant for swiss rolls, second hand

Year: ~ 1985

Capacity 2220 u/h
Belt Length 20000 mm
Belt Width 800 mm

Alimec Cupcake line Complete biscuit or croissant production line

Year: ~ 2005

Capacity 14000 u/h
Belt Length 50 mm
Belt Width 80 mm

Padovani s.r.l. AOM 1113 Complete line for the production of biscuits and jam

Year: 2012

Capacity 400 u/h
Belt Length 30000 mm
Belt Width 1400 mm

Rheon HM Complete biscuit or croissant production line

Year: 2009

Capacity 4000 u/h
Belt Length 120 mm
Belt Width 70 mm

Gorreri sponge cake line,swiss roll

Year: 2017

Capacity 14000 u/h
Belt Length 16000 mm
Belt Width 600 mm

Rice Cake Production Line

Year: 2007

Capacity 2200 u/h

Seewer Rondo SCL 20 A1 croissant production line

Year: ~ 1990

Capacity 0 u/h
Belt Width 0 mm

TEKNIPACK EA-6C 104 Cookie wrapping machine

Year: 2011

Cookie wrapping machine (round) Corrugated paper and cellophane applicator Max. package length: 155mm WIRING DIAGRAMS AVAILABLE

Orbitor Apple Pie /tart/Flynn/cookies line Complete biscuit or croissant production line

Year: ~ 1995

Capacity 4000 u/h
Belt Length 1150 mm
Belt Width 510 mm

BECAM: BM 4 203

Year: 2008

Capacity 1000000 u/h

RONDO Ecoline SEL601.A Complete biscuit or croissant production line

Year: 2016

Sale of food processing equipment Line RONDO Ecoline SEL601.A Puff pastry production line The compact Ecoline line is designed for the automated production of small-piece confectionery products that are folded and rolled. Designed and manufactured in a factory in Switzerland, it has all the advantages of RONDO machines and is attractive for its price. Year of manufacture 2016. In good …

Complete Biscuit or Croissant Production Line in the Food Processing Machines Category on Exapro

Delve into the delightful world of biscuits and croissants with our state-of-the-art food processing machinery available on Exapro. For professionals in the food manufacturing industry, ensuring the right tools and machinery for your production is paramount. With Exapro's vast collection of top-quality machinery, you’re spoilt for choice.

But why choose Exapro for your machinery needs?

When you choose Exapro, you're not just purchasing a machine. You're investing in quality, trust, and an extensive network of professionals in the industrial machinery sector. The platform is renowned for providing access to a vast array of equipment from renowned manufacturers, ensuring longevity and performance.

Exapro's selection of used biscuit or croissant production lines presents an opportunity for businesses to acquire top-tier equipment without breaking the bank. The price range ensures there's something for everyone, from the budding entrepreneur to the seasoned manufacturer. The price range for these pre-owned machines falls between €25,000 and €190,000. This range, while broad, offers flexibility for businesses of varying scales and financial capacities.

Moreover, for those looking to upgrade or diversify their machinery, selling on Exapro is as straightforward as buying. The platform boasts a vast audience of potential buyers, ensuring your equipment gets the visibility it deserves. Sellers benefit from Exapro's seamless listing process and the assurance of transacting with genuine buyers.

So, whether you're kickstarting your biscuit and croissant manufacturing journey or looking to upgrade your existing setup, the complete biscuit or croissant production line available on Exapro is your gateway to success.  Dive into Exapro's collection today and discover the perfect blend of affordability and excellence for your production needs.


Advantages of Complete biscuit or croissant production lines

Investing in a complete biscuit or croissant production line is a strategic decision that promises increased productivity, consistent product quality, and operational efficiency. Whether a business is looking to scale up, diversify its product range, or simply enhance its production processes, this integrated solution offers a plethora of advantages:

High Production Capacity: These complete lines are designed to produce biscuits or croissants at a large scale, ensuring a higher output in a shorter time frame.

Consistency in Quality: With automated processes and precision in machinery, every biscuit or croissant produced maintains a consistent size, shape, taste, and texture. This uniformity ensures brand reliability and consumer trust.

Cost-Efficiency: By integrating multiple stages of production into a single line, businesses can achieve economies of scale, reduce waste, and optimize resource utilization, leading to cost savings in the long run.

Flexibility and Versatility: Modern production lines offer the capability to produce a variety of products by making simple adjustments. This adaptability means manufacturers can quickly respond to market trends or seasonal demands.

Reduction in Manual Labour: Automated machinery minimizes the need for manual intervention, reducing the chances of human errors, ensuring a safer working environment, and leading to overall operational efficiency.

Space Optimization: A complete line is designed to be compact and organized, maximizing production while minimizing the factory floor space required.

Integrated Quality Control: Many advanced production lines come with built-in quality control mechanisms that monitor and ensure the quality of products throughout the production process.

Safety and Hygiene: These production lines adhere to strict safety and hygiene standards. Automated systems reduce direct human contact with the product, ensuring that the baked goods are produced in a contamination-free environment.

Scalability: As the business grows, the production line can be augmented or adjusted to increase capacity, ensuring that businesses can meet rising demands without needing entirely new setups.


Main machine parameters of Complete biscuit or croissant production lines

When buying or selling a complete biscuit or croissant production line on a marketplace like Exapro, it's essential to consider specific machine parameters to ensure you're making an informed decision. These parameters provide insights into the machine's capabilities, condition, and suitability for your needs. Here are the main machine parameters to consider:

Production Capacity: Indicates the number of biscuits or croissants the machine can produce per hour or per batch. This parameter helps businesses gauge if the machine meets their production requirements.

Footprint and Dimensions: The physical size of the production line is vital to determine if it will fit within the allocated factory space. This includes length, width, height, and weight.

Power and Energy Consumption: Details about the machine's power requirements, such as voltage, frequency, and overall energy consumption, are critical for assessing operational costs and compatibility with local power sources.

Types of Products Supported: Some machines may be more versatile than others. It's important to know whether the machine can handle various dough types, fillings, and shapes to produce different kinds of biscuits or croissants.

Automation and Control Systems: Understanding the level of automation, including programmable logic controllers (PLC) and user interfaces, can provide insights into the machine's ease of use and the precision of operations.

Maintenance History: Details about past maintenance, repairs, or modifications can provide insights into the machine's reliability and any potential issues that might arise in the future.

Brand and Manufacturer: Reputable brands or manufacturers typically produce machines with a track record of performance and durability.

Available Attachments and Accessories: Information on any additional equipment or attachments that come with the production line, such as moulds, cutters, or packaging systems.

When buying or selling on Exapro, you have comprehensive details on these parameters that can facilitate smoother transactions. Buyers can match machine specifications to their requirements, while sellers can provide transparent listings that attract genuine interest.


Area of Use

Complete biscuit or croissant production lines are specialized machinery designed primarily for the food processing industry. Their areas of use span a range of applications and sectors where mass production of these baked goods is required. Here's a breakdown of their primary areas of use:

Large-Scale Bakeries: Many large bakeries, especially those supplying supermarkets, local stores, and chain outlets, use these production lines to meet the high demand for biscuits or croissants.

Food Processing Plants: These are facilities where various food products, including baked goods, are processed, packaged, and distributed on a large scale.

Hotels & Resorts: Larger hotel chains and resorts, especially those with a substantial in-house dining service, might have their own production lines to cater to their guests with freshly baked goods every day.

Cruise Ships: Larger cruise ships that serve thousands of meals daily may have such machinery to offer fresh biscuits and croissants to their passengers.

Specialty Biscuit/Croissant Manufacturers: These are businesses that focus exclusively on producing a range of biscuits or croissants, often with unique recipes, shapes, or fillings.

Airline Catering Services: Companies that provide meals for airlines may use these machines to produce biscuits and croissants for in-flight meals.

Institutional Catering: This includes establishments like hospitals, schools, and universities, where there's a need to cater to a large number of people daily.

Contract Manufacturers: These are businesses that produce biscuits or croissants on behalf of other brands or companies. They would use these production lines to fulfill large orders.

R&D and Testing Facilities: While primarily used for production, some research and development facilities might have these machines to test new recipes, production techniques, or to prototype new products before large-scale production.

Export-oriented Units: Businesses that manufacture biscuits or croissants for export to international markets would use these production lines to meet the high volume requirements and maintain consistency in product quality.

It's worth noting that while the primary area of use for these machines is the food industry, the exact type, capacity, and features of a biscuit or croissant production line will determine its suitability for a particular application or sector.


Leading Manufacturers of Complete biscuit or croissant production 

While Exapro hosts a wide range of machinery from various manufacturers, some globally recognized names specialize in the production of machinery for biscuits, croissants, and other baked goods. Here are some renowned manufacturers that you might come across on platforms like Exapro:

Buhler Group: A Swiss multinational, Buhler is known for its high-quality food processing machinery. They offer solutions for biscuit, wafers, and bakery production.

Rondo: Specializing in dough processing, Rondo provides machinery solutions for pastries, croissants, and other baked goods.

Fritsch: Part of the Multivac group, Fritsch is well-known for its bakery equipment, especially for bread and rolls, pizzas, croissants, and more.

Mecatherm: A French company, Mecatherm specializes in industrial baking and pastry-making equipment. Their production lines are known for their efficiency and versatility.

Rademaker: This company has a long-standing reputation for producing bakery equipment, with specialized solutions for croissants and other pastries.

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS): RBS offers a range of baking and snack systems, which includes biscuit and cookie production lines.

Baker Perkins: A well-established name in the bakery and confectionery sectors, they offer equipment for biscuit, cookie, and cracker production.

IMA Group: While IMA is known for its packaging solutions, their acquisition of companies like T&T (Tecno Tosi) expanded their offering to include machinery for biscuits and bakery products.

Rheon: A Japanese company that is particularly known for its encrusting machines but also offers lines suitable for croissants and other pastries.

Voskhod: A manufacturer based in Russia, they provide various bakery equipment, including those for biscuit and croissant production.

It's important to note that the availability of machinery from these manufacturers on Exapro or similar platforms can vary based on listings at any given time. When considering a purchase, always review the machine's details, manufacturer's reputation, and any available reviews or references to ensure you're making an informed decision.