Exapro is your premier marketplace for high-quality used industrial machinery. We present our selection of measurement and control equipment under the Miscellaneous Industrial Equipment category. These machines are professionally maintained, offering an excellent blend of precision, reliability, and value.

Our measurement and control equipment excels in ensuring accuracy and consistency in various industrial processes. Ideal for industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical production, these machines are essential for maintaining quality standards, monitoring performance, and optimizing operations. The range includes devices for measuring temperature, pressure, flow, and other critical parameters, as well as advanced control systems for automated process management.

Every piece of measurement and control equipment goes through a stringent vetting process, ensuring quality and performance. Our machinery is cost-effective, promising significant savings compared to new equipment without compromising efficiency. Renowned brands like Siemens, Honeywell, and Yokogawa are part of our selection, known for their reliability and advanced technology. Prices range between €1,000 and €50,000, catering to diverse budget scales.

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Mouton pendule Zwick Roell / Pendulum impact tester

Year: 2022

Brand new HIT25P pendulum sheep from Zwick Roell, purchased in September 2022 and used for only a few hours. Due to change of technology. New value: 31,000 euros. The model we have is the Mouton Pendule HIT25P with the options below: 1 x Specimen centering device on notch 1 x Integral protection device 1 x HIT 25 pendulum table, designed …

Used Faro Messarm Quantum M

Year: 2021

Offer title: Faro measuring arm Manufacturer: Faro Model: Measuring arm Quantum M Year of construction: 2021 Technical condition: Excellent Condition: Visible Features: - Weight: 8.2 kg - Operating temperature: 10°-40°C - Temperature change: 3°C/5min - Operating humidity: 95% non-condensing - Measuring range: 2.4 m - Length measurement uncertainty according to VDI/VDE/2617: Single Point Specification: 0.020 mm Volumetric Specification: +/- 0.028 …


Year: 2008

LK Ascent 1000x700x600mm new Nikon Metrology Control (NMC) Unit new PH10 Fully Automatic Rotary Head new Hand Controller CAD-supported Surveying Software Installation, Commissioning ISO 10360 Calibration

Étalon Derbi Derbi 454 3D Low working hours

Year: 1997

Precision measuring machine used in metallurgy and calibration. Derbi 454 3D standard . Complete in very good condition. Sold with tools, operating instructions, marble, 220v power supply. Weight 218kg , year 1997. Dimensions 900 x900x 1600mm. Table : 560 x 760 mm. Can be shipped on pallets throughout Europe. Dismantle and prepare with care. Very easy to assemble. Fully functional. …


Year: 2008

HERA model measuring machine with PH 10 sensor built in 2008 by Metris Italia Testable on site by appointment

Mephisto Extreme 3d Body Scanner

Year: 2009

Mephisto Extreme 3d Body Scanner Full-body color scanner composed of 4 networked Mephisto Extreme scanner units: 4 PCs, 4 cameras and 4 projectors. Wall installation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JucUKbXeCxs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrJ_g74hPts Included for free: 4 security HDDs (cloned hard drives) Various spare cables Calibration panel Scan Base HP Z600 Post-Process Computer with RapidForm Software Shipping not included

IKA Rotavisc SBS hi-vi I Complete + Small volumes accesories Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2021

We sell the IKA Viscosimeter RO Viscosimeter Rotavisc hi-vi I Complete. Viscosity range (mPas): 200-80000000. Speed (rpm): 0,01-200. Temperature range (ºC): -30 a 300 We also include the accesory for small volumes.

Nikon Metrology ARM 7320SE +Metris Scanner+POLYWORKS Low working hours

Year: 2013

Nikon Metrology ARM 7320SE with Metris Scanner and Polyworks inspector /meshing Excellent condition Nikon Metrology arm 7 axis 7520SE-2429 with Metris scanner - Polyworks license Inspector/ meshing on Laptop computer ASUS ROG customer responsible for all shipping and insurance costs for carrier pickup from our shipping location Items Included Nikon Metrology 7 axis Romer Arm Laptop included with Installed polyworks …

Creaform HandySCAN 700

Year: 2015

Creaform Handyscan 700 3D scanner in very good condition, barely used. 50% price reduction. Complete in its case. The highly intuitive VX Elements 3D software platform is included. --- Technical informations : Accuracy up to 0.030 mm. Volumetric performance 0.020mm + 0.060mm/m Mesh resolution 0.200 mm Light source 7 red laser crosses + 1 line. Size of parts from 100 …

Zoller Zoller smile400/6 (SMC4/6-00059)

Year: 2011

Machine is in excellent condition Device manufacturer: E.Zoller GmbH & Co. KG. Type : SMC4/6-00059 Voltage : 230V L/N/PE Tolerance :± 10% Frequency :50/60Hz Power : < 1kVA Pneumatic :6 bar Weight :2100 N Year of constr. :2011 Software basic packages: ----Zoller pilot 3.0 / standard functions (version Packages : ----Measuring programs '' standard '' '' pilot 3.0 '' …

Newport RP RELIANCE (Sealed hole tablet top)

Year: 2014

NEWPORT RELIANCE isolation table Newport RL-2000 Series Round Leg Sealed Hole Isolation Table

x-rays with new metal detector PEN - TEC S.R.L. XBR-6000 Hot deal

Year: 2021

x-rays with new metal detector PEN - TEC S.R.L. XBR-6000 Never used with supermarket quality certificate.

3D scanner Creaform Go!SCAN 20

Year: 2014

Technology of 3D-scanning: laser: laser triangulation phase; light source: light-emitting diode. Properties of 3D-scanning: Transfer color: Yes. Capture textures: Yes (50–250 DPI). 3D-Resolution: 0.2 mm. Accuracy: 0.1 mm. Scan speed: 550 000 measurements per second. Operating distance from the subject: 380 mm.

6,500 €

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CZ Czech Republic

YAMATO MOD. MET 20 PSU - Metal detector used


DESCRIPTION: Metal detector, ferrous and non-ferrous, including stainless steel, for the control of tablets or capsules. Efficient and reliable industrial production machinery. High processing speed of weighing signal, precision simple operation. Ideal even in difficult applications, such as products with high iron content or bulk product. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: Detection …

ZEISS Contura 2014G3

Year: 2018

We offer for sale automatic measuring equipment ZEISS Contura 2014G3 incl: 212138. year of acquisition 12/2018

Fischerscope X-Ray XDVM-W

Year: 2004

Fischerscope X-Ray XDVM-W carryover thickness gauge Type: XDVM-T7-W Model System X-RAY CE compliant machine Year of construction 2004 Price to be agreed upon The FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDVM®-W can measure the coating thickness and alloy composition of any metal coating system, including single, binary and ternary alloy coatings, double coatings with or without an alloy layer, and triple coatings.


Year: 1991


Atlas CI3000 aging chamber

Year: ~ 2014

The Ci3000+ Weather-Ometer and Fade-Ometer and its advanced digital control systems represent monumental achievements in the application of digital and optical technologies in laboratory-friendly aging instruments. The 3000 series is endorsed by numerous OEMs in the textiles, paints & coatings and plastics sectors. This exclusive platform delivers accurate, reproducible and repeatable results for predicting the service life of materials. The …


Year: 2003

Baces 3 D Friulrobot Year 2003 Complete with ball tip


Year: 2006

3D Coordinate measuring instrument including measuring table s.no.213, T-213

Introduction to Measurement and Control Equipment

Measurement and control equipment are critical in various industrial processes, ensuring precision, consistency, and quality. These tools are used to monitor, measure, and control different parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, and level in manufacturing, processing, and maintenance operations. In the category of miscellaneous measurement and control equipment, we include a wide range of devices and systems that cater to diverse industrial needs.

Types of Measurement and Control Equipment

  1. Temperature Controllers

    • Purpose: Monitor and regulate the temperature of industrial processes.
    • Applications: Used in HVAC systems, manufacturing processes, chemical processing, and food and beverage industries.
    • Key Features: PID control, digital displays, programmable setpoints, and alarms.
  2. Pressure Transducers and Gauges

    • Purpose: Measure and display pressure in systems and processes.
    • Applications: Hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, process industries, and environmental monitoring.
    • Key Features: High accuracy, various pressure ranges, analog and digital outputs.
  3. Flow Meters

    • Purpose: Measure the flow rate of liquids and gases.
    • Applications: Water treatment, chemical processing, oil and gas industries, and HVAC systems.
    • Key Features: Different types (e.g., electromagnetic, ultrasonic, turbine), high precision, and durability.
  4. Level Sensors

    • Purpose: Detect and measure the level of liquids and solids in tanks and silos.
    • Applications: Food and beverage, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment.
    • Key Features: Various sensing technologies (e.g., ultrasonic, radar, capacitive), reliability, and ease of installation.
  5. Data Loggers

    • Purpose: Record and store data from various sensors and measurement devices over time.
    • Applications: Environmental monitoring, process control, transportation, and logistics.
    • Key Features: Multi-channel inputs, large memory capacity, wireless connectivity, and software integration.
  6. Control Valves

    • Purpose: Regulate the flow of fluids in a system based on control signals.
    • Applications: Chemical processing, oil and gas, power generation, and water treatment.
    • Key Features: Precise control, various sizes and materials, and compatibility with different control signals.
  7. Proximity Sensors

    • Purpose: Detect the presence or absence of an object without physical contact.
    • Applications: Automation systems, assembly lines, robotics, and safety systems.
    • Key Features: Non-contact detection, various sensing ranges, and durability.

Key Features and Specifications

When selecting measurement and control equipment, several key features and specifications should be considered to ensure they meet operational needs:

  • Accuracy and Precision: Ensures reliable measurements and control, critical for maintaining quality and safety.
  • Range and Capacity: The operational range and capacity should match the specific application requirements.
  • Response Time: Fast response times are essential for dynamic processes requiring real-time adjustments.
  • Output Types: Compatibility with existing systems and the types of outputs required (e.g., analog, digital).
  • Durability and Reliability: Equipment should withstand harsh industrial environments and offer long-term reliability.
  • Ease of Installation and Integration: User-friendly design and compatibility with other systems for seamless integration.
  • Maintenance and Support: Availability of technical support, ease of maintenance, and availability of spare parts.

Advantages of Using High-Quality Measurement and Control Equipment

Investing in high-quality measurement and control equipment offers numerous benefits:

  • Improved Process Efficiency: Accurate monitoring and control lead to optimized processes and reduced waste.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: Consistent measurements and controls ensure high-quality outputs and compliance with standards.
  • Increased Safety: Reliable monitoring and control systems help prevent accidents and maintain safe working conditions.
  • Cost Savings: Efficient processes and reduced downtime lead to significant cost savings.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Considerations When Buying Measurement and Control Equipment

To select the right measurement and control equipment, consider the following factors:

  • Specific Application Needs: Determine the exact requirements of the process or system to choose appropriate equipment.
  • Environmental Conditions: Consider the operating environment, such as temperature, humidity, and exposure to chemicals, to select suitable devices.
  • Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with existing systems and infrastructure.
  • Budget: Balance the initial investment with long-term operational costs, including maintenance and calibration.
  • Vendor Support: Evaluate the availability of technical support, training programs, and maintenance services.
  • Scalability: Consider whether the equipment can be scaled or upgraded to meet future needs.

Popular Brands and Pricing

Several reputable brands manufacture high-quality measurement and control equipment known for their reliability and performance. Here are a few notable ones:

Temperature Controllers

  • Omega Engineering: Known for a wide range of precise and reliable temperature controllers. Prices typically range from $50 to $500.
  • Watlow: Offers advanced temperature controllers with robust features. Pricing generally ranges from $100 to $1,000.
  • Honeywell: Renowned for their versatile and durable temperature control solutions. Prices generally fall between $75 and $800.

Pressure Transducers and Gauges

  • WIKA: Provides high-accuracy pressure gauges and transducers. Prices typically range from $100 to $1,000.
  • Ashcroft: Known for durable and reliable pressure measurement devices. Pricing generally ranges from $150 to $1,200.
  • Dwyer Instruments: Offers a variety of pressure gauges and transducers. Prices generally fall between $80 and $900.

Flow Meters

  • Siemens: Renowned for their high-precision flow meters. Prices typically range from $200 to $5,000.
  • Endress+Hauser: Offers advanced flow measurement solutions. Pricing generally ranges from $300 to $6,000.
  • KROHNE: Known for durable and accurate flow meters. Prices generally fall between $250 and $5,500.

Level Sensors

  • VEGA: Provides reliable and accurate level sensors. Prices typically range from $200 to $3,000.
  • Rosemount (Emerson): Known for advanced level measurement solutions. Pricing generally ranges from $250 to $4,000.
  • ifm electronic: Offers a variety of level sensors with robust features. Prices generally fall between $150 and $3,500.

Data Loggers

  • MadgeTech: Renowned for versatile and reliable data loggers. Prices typically range from $100 to $1,500.
  • HOBO (Onset): Offers advanced data logging solutions. Pricing generally ranges from $120 to $1,800.
  • Testo: Known for high-quality data loggers with various applications. Prices generally fall between $150 and $2,000.


Measurement and control equipment are vital for ensuring precision, efficiency, and safety in various industrial processes. With a wide range of devices such as temperature controllers, pressure transducers, flow meters, level sensors, data loggers, control valves, and proximity sensors, selecting the right equipment depends on specific application needs, environmental conditions, and budget. Key factors to consider include accuracy, range, response time, output types, durability, ease of installation, and vendor support. Leading brands like Omega Engineering, Watlow, Honeywell, WIKA, Ashcroft, Siemens, Endress+Hauser, KROHNE, VEGA, Rosemount, ifm electronic, MadgeTech, HOBO (Onset), and Testo offer a range of high-quality measurement and control equipment to suit various applications and budgets. By carefully evaluating application requirements, environmental conditions, compatibility, and budget, businesses can invest in the right measurement and control equipment to enhance their operational efficiency and ensure consistent, high-quality performance.