How Exapro works

Buying and selling machinery on Exapro is easy. But Exapro is more than just a platform – our team of 20 specialists works behind the scenes to ensure that buyers get the exact machines their they are  looking for and sellers only get introduced to serious and qualified leads. This means that whether you’re a buyer or a seller, Exapro is doing most of the heavy lifting. You just close the deal.

Here’s how it works:

list a machine on exapro

1. List A Machine

As a first step, a seller lists the machine he or she wants to sell on our website. We take over from there, translating the listing into 9 different languages so that potential buyers around the world can search for and find the machine. All for free.

exapro agent

2. Exapro Agent Manages Listing

From here on out a dedicated Exapro agent manages the listing, promoting it on our site and to registered buyers in the relevant industry. This optimizes the sales process and ensures the highest possible exposure for the machine.

exapro agent

3. Buyers Browse Exapro Website

Thanks to our high online visibility, we attract more than 300,000 potential buyers each month, who browse our extensive catalogue of offerings. Buyers have access to offers from over 10,000 sellers from around the world.

4. Exapro Agent Handles Buyer Inquiries

exapro agent

Buyers submit inquiries for any machines they’re interested in. The dedicated Exapro agent handles all inquiries – answering questions and providing technical information about the machine, as well as helping with multilingual communication – to be sure the machine is exactly what the buyer is looking for. At the same time, the agent determines who the most serious and qualified buyers are, guaranteeing consistency of service and saving sellers from filtering through and communicating with leads.

exapro agent

5. Exapro Agent Connects Buyer and Seller

Having determined the most qualified buyers, the agent puts them in contact with the seller. They then communicate directly with each other to arrange seeing the machine in person.

exapro agent

6. Close Deal!

After visiting the machine, the buyer and seller close the deal directly.

It’s as easy as that. 

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