Minipack Torre - Shrink wrapping machine used


DESCRIPTION: Machine for wrapping and packaging with shrinkable cellophan film products cylindrical, square, rectangular and oval in various formats. The machine meets the needs for flexibility in packaging, product quality and investment. The unit packs, with any material, products with high aesthetic. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: Mobile manual chamber heat-shrink wrapper. …

LP SFE 2500 NF + SE 2002 Sealer


Product height 600 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes
Max foil width 2400 mm

Minipack Chamber Sealer


Product length 550 mm
Product width 400 mm

1,930 €

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GB United Kingdom

MiniPack Torre MASTER SKIN 5035 Sealer Hot deal

Year: 2000

Product length 1700 mm
Product height 1600 mm
Product width 1200 mm

HASSIA DR-B54 Sealer


Feeder disc with 40 cells ø 10 mm x 2 rows 54 mm wide die with ø 20 mm alveoli. Batch and expiration coder Motor vibrator feeder 220/380 V Built-in commissioning this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The HASSIA DR-B54 Sealer is an advanced packaging machine renowned for its efficiency …

Italdibipack IC 4520 Sealer

Year: 2005

Brand Italdibipack Model IC 4520 Built 2005 Seal machine with drying tunnel

3M Sealer


3M carton sealer Operation, with the bottom seal Width min 130 max 500 Height min 100 max 550 Length not less than 100 mm and not more than 600

Tecnomeccanica Carton Sealer Sealer

Year: 2007

Type of glue : Hot glue Packaging Type : Cardboard box Number of lanes : 1

Smipack BP 700AS Sealer


Smipack BP 700AS Sealer Sealer BP 700AS Smipack BP 700AS Sealer

BECK PS-400, 412/25 Sealer


consisting of: foiling machine type PS-400, year unknown shrink tunnel 412/25, year unknown film is fed crosswise and formed into a tube with needle roller for holes in the foil used for marzipan figures (fruits) distance between drivers approx. 150 mm, width 120 mm shrink tunnel belt width 400 mm ready for operation

Bosch B550 Sealer

Year: 2016

Bosch B550 Band Sealer There are three machines. All stainless steel construction Complete sanitary machines, used at blue bunny ice cream One with trimmer Two without trimmer Years 2016(2) & 2017(1)

PACTUR Mod. LADY PACK 45/SL2 - Heat sealing machine with shrink tunnel used


DESCRIPTION: The sealers Pactur thanks to their production concepts, can be easily transported. The electronical control grants good performances and user friendly functioning. Although they have a limited foot print, are equipped with a real shrink tunnel, which grants high packaging perfomances and excellent results. The machine has two conveyor belt movement cycles, selectable from the control panel: forward-forward and …

Rochmann SVAL 60/35 Sealer

Year: 2003

Tray shrinking and packing system Complete Bj 2002 and 2003



DESCRIPTION: Machine for the packaging of products with sealing film. The welder instantly seals polyethylene bags, polyethylene foam, bubble wrap bags during the time period between the lowering and the raising of the pedal. SECTORS OF USE: This welding is recommended for bags containing solid objects (not powders or liquids): textile material, printed, delicate items, electronics, jewelery, screws, etc. MAIN …

Conflex CW-160 Sealer


Output 100 u/mn
Product width 381 mm
Max foil width 863 mm
Product length 914 mm
Product height 127 mm

Giemme Italy Sirio Sealer

Year: 2004

Output 20 u/mn
Shrinking tunnel Yes

Inauen VC999 Sealer


For buckets Rotary For closing / welding plastic buckets or bowls With vacuum and protective gas treatment

PACKMATIC Mod. 50ASW - Overwrapper used


DESCRIPTION: Bundling machine for packaging various products with stretch or shrink film. Compact and flexible machine with a simple and linear design. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: The transport system combined with the precision of each phase of the production cycle allows to achieve high levels of efficiency with products that are …