Mecapack S2000 Sealer

Year: 2009

Mecapack S2000 tray sealer The machine is from 2009, it works perfectly to make MAP.


Year: 2006

DESCRIPTION: Semi-automatic unit of variable sealing speed with roller unit. Quick and easy format change. The machine is suitable for the use with all common sealing material such as rubberized paper tape, self-adhesive tape and hot melt. SECTORS OF USE: Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. MAIN FEATURES: Semi-automatic top and bottom Case Taper, end of packaging line. …

Easy Shrink 10 Thermal Shrink-Fitting Device


EasyShrink 10 covers a diameter range of 1/8 to 1.25 inches for carbide and heavy metals and 1/4 to 1.25 inches steel and HSS tools. The unit's built-in processor automatically adapts the correct power level to the selected media diameter to avoid overheating and minimize power consumption. With the EasyShrink 10 unit, the tool is safe to handle immediately after …

Beck Multiplex MP pico Sealer

Year: 2013

Product width 400 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes
Product height 200 mm

GUR IS MAKINA TY 1050 Sealer

Year: 2005

Product length 2500 mm
Max foil width 1050 mm


Year: 2005

Output 90 u/mn
Product width 800 mm
Product length 1000 mm

BVM BM 6030 W Sealer


BVM - banding machine Model: BM 6030 W Frequency: 50Hz Voltage: 380V Power: approx. 2 kW Machine dimensions: 121 x 140 x 160 cm (L x W x H)

Penta KT2 Sealer

Year: 2021

Very short used machine KT2 brand PENTA. (still under warranty) The heat-shrinkable tunnel of the KL series is heated to a temperature of 180/200 ° C. The KT tunnel series is powered by 380V 50Hz. A 3-phase socket must be used to connect the machine. It perfectly adapts to the needs of the given foil and the packaged object. This …

6,880 €

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CZ Czech Republic

Turbovac D10 Sealer

Year: 2014

Product length 620 mm
Shrinking tunnel No
Product width 520 mm

Multipack Type 479 Sealer

Year: 2001

Shrinking tunnel Yes

Fai Pack CS9700 Sealer

Year: 2000

Product length 900 mm
Product height 300 mm
Product width 500 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes

Tray-shrinkwrapper ACMI FENIX 265V

Year: 2017

Output 67 u/mn
Shrinking tunnel Yes

Dempack H22 Sealer

Year: 2005

Shrinking tunnel Yes

Ouest Conditionnement FA 650 C18 Sealer

Year: 1992

Product length 600 mm
Product height 300 mm
Product width 250 mm

HENKELMAN 600 Sealer

Year: 2000

Product length 750 mm

CMC Pratica-5 Sealer

Year: 2008

Output 166 u/mn
Product width 350 mm
Shrinking tunnel Yes
Product length 250 mm
Product height 30 mm

Robert Seal Corp. EKH-455 Sealer Low working hours

Year: 2017

Heat sealer used only 2 times, sale due to inactivity In working condition, like new

Siat XL0461 Sealer

Year: 2014

Manufacturer: SIAT (Italy) Model: XL0461 Year: 2014 Condition: As it is Semi-automatic Random case sealer: the machine is able to adjust itself on the various box sizes. The machine applies automatically self-adhesive tape stripes on the middle line of box. The adjustment and use are intuitive, simple and fast. See tech data attached In very good condition, as new.