Lattuada TL10 - 0T2000 Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2008

Lattuada TL10 straight line edger & Open Top washer OT 2000 from 2008 Capacity : 400V-50HZ-6bar 19Kw + 18Kw Description : Inlet conveyor edger L2100xW1200xH3000mm; edger: L3400xW1200xH1500mm; Outlet conveyor: L2100xW1200xH3000mm; Washer: L2300xW1300xH3050mm; Outletconveyor from washer: L4000xW800xH3010/2450mm; Blower: L1000xW800xH1200mm

Bottero 353 BCS-R Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2014

Technical specifications Make : Bottero Type : 353 BCS-R Year : 2014 Condition : Clean good working order Serial Nr : GG5T1B-20959 Description : Bottero Modulinea 353 BCS-R CNC-controlled flat glass cutting machine incl. automatic glass recognition, glass thickness 2-19 mm, hydraulic tilting function, breaking bars 2+1, 2 cutting oil tanks, Shape Scanner with ScanCad, CAD/M optimisation software, film cutting

CMS Deltashape Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2009

Capacity : 10KA - 40A - 400V - 50Hz Max glass size : 7500 mmxml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" / Max glass Height : 3300 mm Total working meters : +/- 1.300.000 lm

Bottero Variant 810BCS Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2007

40x40mm; 3-55mm; 0,4-6m/min; 0-45°; 27KVA; 4600Kg Capacity : 27KVA

Lisec BSV-45 Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 1992

Lisec BSV-45 beder Conditions : Working order - as it is

Bottero 110FC Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2005

Long conveyors at the inlet and outlet. The thickness of the processed glass is 3-50 mm. The minimum dimensions of processed glass are 40 x 40 mm. Speed - 0.6-6 m/min. Power - 28 kW. Dimensions: 11200 x 2000 x 2600 mm. Weight: 5500 kg. The equipment is in excellent condition. Connected and in working condition, it works all the …

Lioda mus125 Glass cutting / edging machine Low working hours

Year: 2018

glass grinder from 5 to 26 mm. perfect polishing without cerium. Bascula from or to 45 °. Automatic lubrication pump. In excellent condition. Year 2018, we sell for closing activity

Lisec A1RL Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 1998

Technical specifications Make : Lisec Type : A1RL Year : 1998 Conditions : Working order - As It Is

Biebuyck Mini Crack-Off Hot deal

Year: 2000

_ Production capacity: 400 glasses - capacity of cut items: Height: 400mm Foot diameter: from 30 to 200 mm Edge diameter: 200 mm maximum Edge thickness: 10 mm. maximum Admissible weight: 3Kg Original 2000, refurbished 2022

Bavelloni VX8 Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2006

Make : Bavelloni Type : VX8 Year : 2006 88 KW max glass dimension 2600/1600mm with transfer 90°. Service made in 2018 , in operation available from september 2021.

BAVELLONI GME 3110 Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2002

BAVELLONI GME 3110 - Year 2002 Cutting Table Rectilinear Cut Max Cut 2730x3700 mm Thickness 3-19 mm Cutting head speed up to 100 m/min. Power 15/20 kW

BAVELLONI SB10 Glass bevelling machine

Year: 1997

BAVELLONI SB10 - Year 1997 Sagomatrice Shaping Machine Min workable 100 mm Max workable 2100 mm Thickness 3+40 mm Max bevel 40 mm Power 3.5 kw

LATTUADA AL4 E Glass bevelling machine

Year: 2007

LATTUADA AL4 E – Year 2007 Molatrice rettilinea 4 mole Straight line edging machine 4 wheels Thickness 3-20 mm Min. Dimensions (Flat Edge) 60x150 Speed 1,2-8 m/min Power 6,5 kW Pos.1 - rear thread Pos.2 - front thread Pos.3 and 4 - flat edge polishing *** WORKING CONDITION***

MAVER S400 Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2002

MAVER S400 - Year 2002 Automatic cutting table "stand alone" for the floated and shaped glass Max Dimensions 3700x2750 mm Thickness 2-25 mm Max Cutting Speed 200 m/min. Cutting Precision +- 0,15 mm Power 12 kW Air Consumption 6 bar

Bottero 110FC Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2011

Straight line edger for heavy duty production, 3 diamond grinding wheels allows working glass up to 50mm tick. Minimum glass dimension: 40x40mm; Glass thickness: 3-50mm; Speed 0,6-6m/min; Installed power: 27KVA Weight: +/-3600Kg Available: +/- 03-2022

Bottero Tilting table Glass cutting / edging machine


Make : Bottero Type : Tilting table Condition : as it is Description : Float cutting table modified to only tilting and breakout table.

Szilank Glasswasher 2100 Glass washing machine

Year: 2009

Szilank Glass washing machine for sale! Max glass height 2100mm. In very good working condition. this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The Szilank Glasswasher 2100 Glass Washing Machine is a high-quality and efficient solution for cleaning and washing glassware. With its advanced features and durable construction, the 2100 model offers …

Bottero Victralux 111FX Glass cutting / edging machine


Year : new Conditions : new Capacity : 27KVA- 400 V (+/-10%) 3Ph + PE-50HZ Machine for flat edge with arrises: 40x40mm from 3 till 50mm - 250Kg/m 3 diamond edge 1 diamond back arris 1 polishing back arris 1 diamond front arris 1 polishing front arris 4 polishing edge.

BOTTERO Titan 220N Glass grinding line Hot deal

Year: 2008

Double side grinding line with low-e removal Max glass size 4000 x 2600 mm. Very low grinded meters In good working condition 2 machines are included in the price along with control cabinets

CCCM Glass Machinery CCM Ayyıldız Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2023

Ccm CNC GLASS CUTTING TABLE; It provides straight and shaped cutting of glass with its high cutting precision and low cutting tolerance. • Machine functions controlled by CNC automation • SERVO motor in X, Y and C axes. • Cutting bridge and cutting head rack and linear bearing system • Perfect Cut optimization program • Edge stripping with the Mushroom …