Exapro is your premier marketplace for high-quality used industrial machinery. We present our selection of hydraulic hammers and vibratory tampers under the Construction and Mining category. These machines are professionally maintained, offering an excellent blend of power, durability, and value.

Our hydraulic hammers excel in delivering powerful impacts, making them ideal for breaking through concrete, rock, and other tough materials. They are essential tools for construction and demolition projects, providing efficiency and reliability. Similarly, our vibratory tampers are perfect for compacting soil, gravel, and asphalt, ensuring a stable foundation for various construction tasks.

Every hydraulic hammer and vibratory tamper goes through a stringent vetting process, ensuring quality and performance. Our machinery is cost-effective, promising significant savings compared to new equipment without compromising efficiency. Renowned brands like Atlas Copco, Caterpillar, and Wacker Neuson are part of our selection, known for their reliability and advanced technology. Prices range between €3,000 and €50,000, catering to diverse budget scales.

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MARINI A.R.T. 220 hydraulic hammer Low working hours

Year: 2000

MARINI A.R.T. 220 Self-propelled Group Plant for milled and recycled asphalt at the same time - Hourly production over 100 Ton. - even with 100% recycled material - Towing of the semi-trailer group - Cleaning the surface to be repaved - Lifting of the milled material - Depositing and heating of Bitumen - Working hours 2,600 The unit is capable …

VENANZETTI LAGO 212/24 hydraulic hammer

Year: 1997

Vibrating Screen TECNO VIBRATIONS VENANZETTI - model LAKE 212/24 - Year 1997 - External measurements mm. 1,400 x 3,200 - Inlet mouth mm. 800 x 400 - Kw 4.5 - Closed model suitable for fine product, with 3 induced outlets

Caterpillar AP 655D hydraulic hammer

Year: 2007

Caterpillar AP 655D Vibratory Finisher with AS4251C Scraper - AS4251C heated scraper with variable frequency width and depth - Maximum width mm. 8,000 - Total weight 19,200 kg - Rubber track carriage - C6.6 engine with ACERT technology - 129.5 kW/176 hp - Double driver's seat - Electronic monitoring system - LCD advisor - High-capacity cooling and ventilation system - …

Used Muller Vibrating Piling Rig Plant.


Can be fit on a Crane or on Excavator. Is complete with very strong Power-pack and in a very good working condition.

Variant Machine VM100

Year: 2023

Our refurbished concrete brick, paving, and curbstone machine is a testament to quality and affordability. It comes complete with a comprehensive set of components, making it an all-inclusive solution for your production needs. Here's what you'll find included in the package: Single Hopper, 4 Block in One Press Brick Making Machine: 1 unit Electric and Hydraulic Unit: 1 unit Brick …

Introduction to Hydraulic Hammers and Vibratory Tampers in Construction and Mining

Hydraulic hammers and vibratory tampers are vital tools in the construction and mining industries, used for tasks such as breaking rocks, demolishing structures, and compacting soil and other materials. These powerful machines improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure precision in heavy-duty operations, making them indispensable for various projects.

Hydraulic Hammers

Types and Applications

  1. Hydraulic Breakers:
    • Purpose: Used for breaking rocks, concrete, and other hard materials.
    • Applications: Demolition, quarrying, trenching, and road construction.
    • Types:
      • Mini Hydraulic Breakers: Ideal for smaller projects and lightweight machinery like mini-excavators and skid steers.
      • Medium Hydraulic Breakers: Suitable for medium-sized excavators and backhoes, used in road construction and demolition.
      • Heavy Hydraulic Breakers: Designed for large-scale demolition and quarrying, compatible with heavy-duty excavators.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Impact Energy: Measured in joules or foot-pounds, indicating the force of the hammer blow.
  • Blow Rate: Number of blows per minute, affecting the machine's efficiency and speed.
  • Tool Type: Chisels, moil points, and blunt tools designed for specific tasks.
  • Noise and Vibration Control: Features that reduce noise and operator fatigue, enhancing safety and comfort.
  • Compatibility: Ensuring the hydraulic hammer matches the carrier machine's hydraulic flow and pressure specifications.

Vibratory Tampers

Types and Applications

  1. Plate Compactors:

    • Purpose: Used for compacting soil, asphalt, and gravel to create a solid foundation.
    • Applications: Landscaping, paving, road construction, and trench compaction.
    • Types:
      • Forward Plate Compactors: Lightweight and maneuverable, ideal for small to medium-sized projects.
      • Reversible Plate Compactors: Can move forward and backward, suitable for larger areas and deeper compaction.
      • High-Performance Plate Compactors: Designed for heavy-duty applications and deep compaction needs.
  2. Rammers:

    • Purpose: Deliver high-impact force to compact soil and granular materials.
    • Applications: Trench work, backfill compaction, and confined spaces.
    • Types:
      • Vibratory Rammers: Use a jumping motion to compact materials, suitable for cohesive and granular soils.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Compaction Force: Measured in kN or lbs, indicating the force applied to the ground.
  • Plate Size: The surface area of the compactor plate, affecting coverage and compaction depth.
  • Engine Power: Determines the machine’s performance and efficiency.
  • Vibration Frequency: Affects the compaction efficiency and operator comfort.
  • Mobility and Handling: Features like handles, wheels, and ergonomic designs for ease of use and transportation.

Advantages of Hydraulic Hammers and Vibratory Tampers

Hydraulic Hammers

  • Efficiency: High impact energy and blow rate reduce the time needed for breaking and demolishing tasks.
  • Versatility: Compatible with various tools for different applications, increasing functionality.
  • Durability: Built to withstand harsh working conditions and heavy use.
  • Safety: Features like noise and vibration control enhance operator safety and comfort.

Vibratory Tampers

  • Effective Compaction: Ensures stable and durable foundations for construction projects.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly controls and maneuverability make them suitable for various operators.
  • Versatility: Can be used on different materials and in various settings, from large open areas to confined spaces.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduces labor costs and time, increasing overall project efficiency.

Considerations When Buying Hydraulic Hammers and Vibratory Tampers

Hydraulic Hammers

  • Application Requirements: Determine the specific tasks and conditions where the hammer will be used.
  • Carrier Compatibility: Ensure the hammer matches the hydraulic flow and pressure of the carrier machine.
  • Tooling Options: Choose appropriate tools (chisels, moil points, etc.) for specific tasks.
  • Durability and Maintenance: Consider the machine’s build quality and ease of maintenance.

Vibratory Tampers

  • Material Type: Match the tamper to the type of material being compacted (soil, asphalt, gravel).
  • Compaction Depth: Ensure the machine can achieve the required compaction depth for the project.
  • Portability and Ease of Use: Consider the machine’s weight, handling features, and mobility.
  • Engine and Power Source: Choose between gas, diesel, or electric models based on availability and preference.

Popular Brands and Pricing

Hydraulic Hammers

  • Atlas Copco: Known for robust and reliable hydraulic breakers. Prices range from $5,000 to over $50,000, depending on size and capacity.
  • Sandvik: Offers high-performance hydraulic hammers for various applications. Pricing typically ranges from $7,000 to $60,000.
  • Stanley Infrastructure: Provides durable and efficient hydraulic breakers. Prices generally fall between $6,000 and $55,000.

Vibratory Tampers

  • Wacker Neuson: Renowned for high-quality rammers and plate compactors. Prices range from $1,000 to $8,000.
  • Bomag: Offers a wide range of compaction equipment known for reliability. Pricing typically ranges from $1,200 to $10,000.
  • Multiquip: Known for durable and efficient vibratory tampers. Prices generally fall between $1,500 and $9,000.


Hydraulic hammers and vibratory tampers are essential tools in the construction and mining industries, ensuring efficient, precise, and safe operations. Hydraulic hammers excel in breaking and demolishing tasks, while vibratory tampers are critical for compacting soil and materials to create stable foundations. When selecting these machines, consider factors such as application requirements, carrier compatibility, tooling options, material type, compaction depth, and ease of use. Leading brands like Atlas Copco, Sandvik, Stanley Infrastructure, Wacker Neuson, Bomag, and Multiquip offer high-quality equipment to meet various project needs and budgets. By carefully evaluating these factors, businesses can invest in the right hydraulic hammers and vibratory tampers to enhance their operational efficiency and ensure successful project outcomes.