The purpose, cause and belief that inspire Exapro for the Industry

Every company has a higher purpose that drives its vision and rallies its stakeholders. Without a purpose and values, a project has little chance of growing towards some ultimate goal: a dream that would create a better World in the niche in which it serves.

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s work with the “golden circle”, Exapro has clearly formulated its “WHY” that has been driving it forward since its creation in 2000.



  • Digitalization
  • Solution-driven and Innovative
  • Humans and technology combined
Industrial world

"Industrial World"

  • Will to disrupt
  • Future of the Industry
  • Startup disruptive approach



  • B2B within the Industry
  • Plants are buyers and sellers
  • Global coverage

"Global Manufacturing"

  • All sectors
  • New and Upcoming services
  • Industry 5.0

Exapro’s vision

At Exapro, we are trading and promoting second-hand machinery around the Globe. Our passion for used machinery did not happen by accident. At the end of the 90’s, we realized there was a major gap in the market: the expected connection between obsolete equipment and their potential use was not executed properly and only on a regional basis. The Manufacturing World could benefit immensely from an optimal online marketplace for trading second-hand machinery.

Each industrial machine in the right place

Our vision is therefore to give buyers access to good quality used machines at affordable prices and to offer sellers a fast way to find reliable customers for their equipment. We are convinced that every machine should fulfill its purpose. A seller’s surplus machinery means a buyer’s opportunity to purchase branded industrial equipment while cutting down costs.

Globally digested and accepted

Our approach is client-oriented. Thanks to an international team of experienced Key Account Managers, we can assure support to all types of clients: private entities, large production companies and even resellers. Trading on a global scale is part of our mission, as it is the most efficient way to connect buyers and sellers from different corners of the world.

Human-personalized support to go the extra mile that the Digital World alone does not offer

We are a multinational and multilingual team specialized in global trade but also powered by a strong interest in the technical aspects of the equipment we help sell or acquire. While we are not technicians, we are here to make sure that buyers and sellers - those who are the real machine specialists - connect successfully, no matter the distance or barriers.

The biggest assets are our partners - trusted buyers and sellers with whom we have established long lasting connections over their years of presence on the used machinery market. We cherish business relationships, which is one of the reasons our clients stay with us and repeatedly offer or purchase machines through Exapro’s online platform.

Combining the marketplace with the auctioning World

There are two rather different market approaches in the used machinery business:

1. the marketplace approach where a limited amount of machines is offered at what the seller believes to be the market price. Time is less of the essence than the descending price negotiation.
2. the industrial auctions where machines have to be sold within a limited amount of time at an ascending price reflecting the current demand for them.

While our marketplace is clearly serving the former approach, the latter is covered through active and specialized promotions through Bidsuite, the ultimate solution for industrial auctioneers.

We are convinced that very few machines deserve to be scrapped. We therefore exclude the scrapping business from our business model.

Future to better fulfill Exapro’s mission

The wide contribution and impact of Exapro’s WHY clearly state that our ambition is to build on our strengths in order to enhance the manufacturing World. This means to gather all of our Web knowledge, our global trade skills and our extensive database to develop new disruptive services for the Industry in the coming years.