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Exapro is a market place for used machinery offering about 50.000 machines on its website. Moreover, our activity also concentrates itself on providing services and support to the involved parties when it comes to close a deal. What makes us a trusted partner is the personal service we offer in advising and respect the particular wishes of those involved, completing the deal in the best possible conditions . Making a sale across borders isn’t easy, as a lot of parameters have to be taken in consideration. One of them is the trading language that will be used or the logistics and freight of the merchandise, especially when it comes to ship a machine that can weigh many tons.



From Japan to Mexico: how to deal with inter-continental trade

Deal between two users: the purchase of a machine still in production

Exapro: first place to look for machines

Exapro as an outsourced business ressource


From Japan to Mexico: how to deal with inter-continental trade

Buyer: large company in Mexico in the automotive industry

Seller: resellers of injection moulding machines in Japan, specialising in Fanuc

Machine: Fanuc Roboshot injection moulding machine


Initial Situation

The buyer contacted Exapro to get some more information about a Fanuc injection moulding machine. As the client was Mexican, one of our Spanish speaking agents replied to the request and took the case. Unfortunately, this Fanuc had just been sold. We decided to propose an alternative offer to our Mexican client with one of our specialized partners located in Asia. Our partner found a similar one located in Japan, a pre-owned machine that had never been used, which the buyer accepted to consider.


Help for the communication

From here started the negotiations about the price, but the process required the help of our agents as the Japanese seller’s language was English, whereas our Mexican client was only speaking Spanish. The Geographical distance (time difference) between both countries also challenged the collaboration between the two parties, thereby a permanent communication became necessary to carry out the transaction in optimal conditions. This is when our agents intervened to keep the communication going. Then, the buyer asked for an inspection therefore we requested the services of a another trusted partner of our who would certify the state of use of the machine.


The negotiation process: to agree on the terms of the contract

As soon as the third company asserted that the machine was in an excellent state, we helped with the price negotiation and the terms of payments as this became the point disagreement between the two parties. This settled, the shipping of the machine was organized, depending on the Incoterm that was chosen and validated by both clients on a mutual basis. The machine arrived safely and is now processing in a Mexican factory.

A neutral third party to help

Communication and seriousness are key elements to close a deal. Both parties may encounter some difficulties to understand each other, on the first hand language, and on another hand by defining the terms of the contract according to the wishes of both involved persons. Thus, an intermediary company like Exapro, providing services to facilitate and speed up the process by proposing assistance and a solution to any new problem coming up, might be in such cases helpful.


Deal between two users: the purchase of a machine still in production

Buyer: Glass industry company based in Portugal

Seller: French mold maker

Machine: Sigma palletized machining center


Machines in Production

At first, our Portuguese client contacted Exapro to ask for further information about a machining center he found on our website. The Sigma machine was currently processing in the factory it belonged to. The buyer was informed about the situation, therefore our team contacted the French factory. As our Portuguese client was planning to buy the machine anyway, he asked for technical information to ensure the feasibility of his purchasing project.


Additional costs to negotiate

Exapro contacted the French seller to ask for details and as the French client could not speak English, we translated the emails we received and transferred them to the buyer. Both parties decided to make the sale, but the buyer asked for an offer including the machine dismantling and loading. In order to assess the pricing of a truck loading for this kind of machine, we contacted an outside service provider and ensured that both parties agreed on the additional amount to be paid by the buyer.


 The final details

The final step was to organize a visit to assert the state of the machine and if the product was fulfilling the buyer's expectations. After the buyer saw the machine, he confirmed the purchase and we coordinated the machine’s removal and transportation to the Portuguese factory. Then, the machine was dismantled and the different components were loaded in a truck. The machining center is now processing in a glass production factory in Portugal. Exapro helps organizing the purchase of machines even though they are under process and provide assistance with the logistics as well. On Exapro, factories can buy and sell their machines online without restricting their production until a buyer shows up.


Exapro: first place to look for machines

Buyer: large Pharmaceutical manufacturer in Turkey

Sellers: Italian engineering design and consulting company, french, swiss and polish machine resellers

Machines: French cleaning and sterilizing machine, Italian bottle filling-capping line, Swiss rotary tablet press and Polish filling machine.


An established client

 Our client is a well established company in the chemical sector and is expert in buying pre-owned machinery. The firm regularly asks for our services to help with the research of machines, but also with the communication with the sellers, as the languages of the person in charge of purchasing the machines are Turkish and English. So far the company has mainly purchased machines from our partners and therefore regularly sends us specifications about the required machines so we can prospect our partner database fulfilling the expectations of our client.


Most purchases follow the same pattern:

1) First case, the buyer finds a machine on our website and contacts us for further details. We send the information about the product, and if the machine suits their purpose, we then place both parties in touch . If the seller does not speak English, we help with the translations, communications and completion of the purchases. Exapro’s solution was to apply one multi-lingual agent (French, German, Italian) to manage the clients expectations on a multibuy project. With the assistance of native Polish and Turkish colleagues. One point of contact.

2) Second case, our Turkish client sends us his requirements for the purchase of a specific type of machine and we look for the right product to offer him. As soon as we find a potentially suitable machine, we send the offer to our client who decides if he is interested or not. If yes, we initiate the usual process, as to say: we put in touch the buyer with seller, who organizes the visit of the machine, defines the terms of the contract (price, freight, dismantling, date of delivery) and finally closed the deal. Most of the deals have been successful so far and we can assist right to the end, we expect more to come.

Using Exapro as a purchasing tool on the internet enables resellers to put online as many machines as they wish in order to increase the visibility of their announcements and therefore maximise their chances to find serious clients. On an other hand, Exapro’s agents offer to help with the communication between both parties and organize the details of the purchase, which speeds up the selling process. Quick and easy to use, Exapro is a highly functional platform that allows busy sellers to spend as little time as possible looking for clients and close deals with the help of qualified intermediaries.


Exapro as an outsourced business ressource

Buyer: Polish, Finnish, Spanish, French, Turkish companies

Seller: French machinery reseller

Machines: Various types of machine tools


A partnership built over years

 Our partner is a French reseller specialized in gear machines and mostly provides CNC or conventional machine tools. Above 60 of his machines are already available on Exapro and attract many potential buyers from all over the World. We received a lot of requests that resulted in 10 successful deals with companies based in Spain, Poland, Turkey, Finland, France… So far, most clients closed deals very quickly thanks to professional services provided by both the reseller and Exapro.



Reseller: short definition

On Exapro it is possible to put machines online and delegate the organization and communication part to the multilingual agents who will keep you informed about the process and details of the purchase. Besides, it is an easy way to close deals without trading directly with the buyer and also a gain time for resellers who already have their own business activities.

Reach a new market

The close collaboration with this reseller is also a great way for both of us to develop previously untapped markets. Indeed, as gear machines is the main sector our partner is focused on, it allows us to perform sales in a sector which has a lot of potential but only a few resellers. 


In this case study, the reseller uses Exapro as an outsourced business resource (he already possesses his own website) in order to sell his machines and ensure the seriousness of his clients. Exapro also helps with the communication as the reseller only speaks French. On another hand, through our website the reseller is able to reach a wider market and close deals with buyers globally.

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