Used Scm Group RECORD 110 AL TVN PRISMA Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Manufacturer Scm Group
Year -
Location Italy IT
Category Wood CNC machining centres - 5 Axis
Product id P90514126

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X stroke3500.0 mm
Y stroke1815.0 mm
Z stroke440.0 mm
Tool changer positions16.0
Vacuum pump250 m³/h
CNC typeNUM 1040
Length x width x height 3110.0 mm × 1250.0 mm × 200.0 mm
Weight -
Worked hours
Hours under power
State like new
At local norms yes
Status in production


Excellent conditions - visible in operation - customized demos by appointment.

Fully revised machine tool - updated software
Original of the Declaration of Conformity C.E. to the European Directives 98 / 377EC - 98/79 / EC - 80/336 / EC - 2006/95 / EC
Working volume mm. 3110x1250x200 (completely reachable by all operating units)
Operator group with 5 interpolating axes with PRISMA K 11kW / 15 HP electro-spindle
F18 drilling machine (12V-4HX-2HY spindles)
6 bar TVN worktop with high pressure terminal predisposition
Rotary tool change 16 positions RAPID 16
Vacuum pump with flow rate 250 mc / h
Updated operator interface: XILOG MAESTRO with dedicated 3D postprocessor

Computerized numerical control work center, with a mobile column structure and a fixed work surface. Designed to express maximum milling performance, it is able to work with different types of material: solid wood, chipboard, MDF, plastic materials, aluminum and light alloys in general. All the components that make up the work center are made according to the most advanced production standards, guaranteeing maximum reliability and durability, in full compliance with safety regulations.
Designed with the help of the best three-dimensional software for solid modeling, the structure of the machine is made of electro-welded steel carpentry.
All machining operations are performed on machining centers in a single positioning to ensure maximum tolerances of flatness, perpendicularity and precision.
It consists of a milling unit equipped with a power spindle and an automatic tool changer flanked by an independent spindle drilling unit, to guarantee the best performance in any application. The unit is anchored directly to the movable upright of the machine, to ensure maximum rigidity in milling and the best finishing quality. The automatic tool changer consists of a circular tool magazine and is managed by the numerical control.
New-generation electrospindle designed and built entirely by SCM to guarantee the highest quality through the most rigorous controls during construction and testing. The high performance, with all the power available already at low rpm, and the acceleration and deceleration times reduced to a minimum ensure excellent performance.
The suction cup TVN (Tubeless Vacuum) allows for maximum flexibility and reduced time in setting up the work area thanks to the total absence of constraints in the positioning and orientation of the various vacuum modules. It consists of movable aluminum bars in the X direction on ground guides and recirculating ball shoes. The exclusive profile of the bars guarantees maximum rigidity and allows the management of NTW-type pneumatic clamps (optional) specific for the processing of assembled window and window elements. The vacuum transmission between bar and suction cup is direct without the use of external tubes. Suction cups can be added or removed quickly with extreme ease.
The governing unit consists of an industrial numerical control and a PC-Office. The CNC and PC-Office solution combines all the qualities of numerical controls with the ease of use typical of personal computers.
The PC-Office allows you to use the Xilog Plus interface, the software developed directly by SCM to make programming quick and easy even for the less experienced operator, and allows you to exploit the full potential of compatible Windows personal computers including:
Remote assistance through the Telesolve service (standard)
Possibility of networking with company information system

RECORD 110 AL TVN PRISMA - volts 400 / 50-60 hertz
Main Technical Features
X-Y-Z axis travels = 3500x1815x440 mm
work area size: 3110x1250 mm
C axis travel = 640 °
B-axis travels = 270 °
maximum dimension in pendulum workable X: 1100 mm (spindle axis)
piece passage: 200 mm


electrospindle with HSK F63 connection
rotation speed 600-20000 rpm
right and left rotation
max power 11 kW at 12000 rpm (in service S1) 7 kW at 7500 rpm (in service S1)
grease lubrication
liquid cooling with forced circulation, with static inverter heat exchanger
suction hood managed by NC for 3 and 5 axis centralized suction machining.

F18 drilling unit managed by the electrospindle inverter
nr.12 independent vertical spindles (nr.7 dx and nr.5 sx)
6 horizontal spindles (2 + 2 long "X" 2 right / 2 left, 1 + 1 long "Y" right / left)
vertical spike attachment M10 / Ø11 mm
horizontal point attachment M8 / Ø9 mm
distance between spindles 32 mm
pneumatic on-off vertical travel of each spindle 60 mm
rotation speed variable from 2000 to 6000 rpm
integrated Dmax 120 mm blade with independent vertical movement
blade rotation speed variable from 2500 to 7500 rpm
motor power 2.2 kW

16 positions
distance between centers 85 mm
max weight for each workstation 6 kg
max total weight on stock 48 kg
max tool diameter 300 mm
positioned on the back of the mobile upright
nr. 6 tool holders for fastening cylindrical shanks (1 ER40 and 5 ER32)

nr ° 2 fixed reference bars for pieces in X direction, complete with 2 bars each
nr ° 6 movable bars manually in X direction
nr ° 2 reference lines (nr ° 1 front and nr ° 1 rear) composed of nr ° 2 reference stops for each movable bar (for the Y reference) alternatively selectable via button
provision for additional reference points
Luminous position indicators on each movable bar, to indicate the X-Y dimensions to which the suction cups must be positioned (each indicator manages nr 3 suction cups max for each mobile bar)
lifters predisposition on all bars
Predisposition for terminals with 2 work areas on all bars
motorized belt for unloading waste on the right side of the machine
nr ° 2 independent vacuum zones for pendulum machining
nr. 6 suction pads 145x145 H = 50
nr ° 6 suction cups 145x55 H = 50
nr ° 6 suction cups 180x65 H = 50
nr ° 2 raisers

brushless motors with digital drives
nr ° 2 prismatic sliding guides for each axis, with preloaded ball recirculation pads (X-Y-Z)
X-axis transmission with pinion and precision rack (V max 80 m / min)
Y-axis transmission with ball screw-nut system (V max 55 m / min)
Z-axis transmission with recirculating ball screw-lead system (V max 30 m / min)
C-axis transmission with precision reducer (V max 20 rpm)
B-axis transmission with precision reducer (V max 20 rpm)
mechanical locking system of the C axis
automatic centralized lubrication system

vacuum pump with flow rate 250 mc / h (5.5 kW)

anti-ejection protection on the operating unit (mobile in X and Y) with flaps (can be excluded vertically during the test cycle)
rear perimeter protections in metal bulkhead
floor-sensitive mats that prevent the operator from approaching the moving machine

numerical control NUM
program memory 128 Kb
maintenance of the thermal balance of the electrical components of the control unit through an air conditioner

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional sp1 operating system
17 "LCD monitor
Qwerty keyboard
CELERON microprocessor 2, 8 GHz
hard disk 1 TB RAM 8 GB
DVD-Rom player
wi-fi network card

part programming via graphic editor or free editor
automatic program execution
running multiple concatenated programs (MIX)
execution of manual mode of machine commands (MDI)
machine parameters configuration with password protection
subroutines and macro user management
management of operator, diagnostic, run time and interactive messages
report file (production, diagnostic)
barcode management
DXF file import
work optimizer
tool tooling management
dynamic control of accelerations / decelerations


CAD / CAM with three-dimensional graphics, developed by SCM GROUP, which allows you to program with extreme simplicity, based on the following main features:
Part programming programming
Tool data base management
Machine configuration management: operating groups, work surfaces, tool magazines
Management of piece locking planes (bars, clamps, suction cups, ...)
Operational control of the functions and machine diagnostics

The operator interface is proposed with a simple and immediate graphic that makes use of the most modern objects representation tools, presenting itself according to the following layout:
menu functions, organized in groups, distributed horizontally upwards
Geometry design in the center
properties of geometries and processes, positioned to the right of the screen with a drop-down menu
list of operations, located on the left of the screen, with tree structure.

The CAD part of the application offers extensive drawing functionality, through a sketching environment that has the following elementary geometries: point, line, arc, circle, ellipse, compound curve, polygons, slot, text.

On these geometric figures, further operations can be performed, such as the drawing of fillets and chamfers and the union of geometries.

The drawing aid functions are those typical of a CAD: osnap, size, copy, move, oppose, mirror, offset, wheel, geometry distance inversion, geometry start point modification, distance meter

Parametric programming is included: the parameters can be assigned both to the main project and to the individual subroutines or macros called in it.

Tool management
Tool management is done through a dedicated application called "Tool Manager": in this environment the tools, divided into categories, are graphically represented for a simple and immediate setting of the related parameters.

Each tool is identified by a name, providing the operator with a simple and direct way to select the tool itself.

Maestro APPS

A library of programming functions immediately available and simple to use, developed by SCM GROUP and specifications for the realization of furniture, furniture, doors, stairs, windows etc.
With a simple "click" the user has the possibility to access for free the technological know-how of SCM GROUP.

With Maestro APPS it is possible to choose, within the library supplied with Maestro, the type of work required.
At this point it is sufficient to choose the dimensions of the piece to be produced and automatically all the workings present on that type of panel will be adapted to the chosen size.

Estimate cycle times
Maestro is equipped with a preconfigured calculation module that - based on the programmed machining operations, the necessary tool changes, the tool paths etc. - is able to provide a numerical value of the time required to execute a program.
This function is absolutely effective in:
calculate the productivity of the machine before launching the actual production of the pieces
compare different versions of the same program to optimize the execution time
to estimate the cost of a supply in time of use of the machine
The software function is intended as a simulation so the data obtained from a real processing can vary in a range of values ​​of +/- 10%

Data import
Xilog Maestro allows the following imports of external CAD files:
import DXF, IGS, STL
Once the import has been performed, the geometries can be manipulated by the user through Maestro's normal CAD functions and can be used to apply the desired machining operations, exactly as if they were generated directly through Xilog Maestro.

PGM import it is possible to import PGM programs created through the previous SCM operating system (Xilog) or from external software sources; these programs are recognized and transformed into PGMX programs, which is the typical Xilog Maestro format.

MSL Connector
MSL Connector (Maestro Scripting Language) is the software developed by SCM GROUP to directly connect its Work Centers with the main software on the market.

The machine uses the information from the external software and, depending on the size of the parts and the operations to be performed, manages the machining strategy by optimizing the position of the locking systems and the tool paths.

The machine is supplied with:

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