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Capacity120.0 kg
Length x width x height - × - × -
Weight -
Worked hours 5600 hours
Hours under power
State good
At local norms ---------
Status visible


Compartmentized Silo ,8 t of green coffee

including dust extraction socket,bearing columns,with bracing arms,4.0 m height,bin weighing scale

Coffee roasting machine,Type GN 120 Ap for a batch capacity of approx. 120kg of green coffee,for an hourly capacity of approx 420 kg.

Coffee roasting including :

1. burner by natural gas,typ G1/1-E ZMAD,Weishaupt

2. catalyzer typ TVR/NVK 1204-2/2G,burner G1/1-E ZMD

3. cooling system

4. chaff collector to separate and dispose of chaff liberated during roasting,including collectin bin

5. switchgear cabinet :a touch screen for the operation of roaster

6. hydrofor typ PMD 20/VA

Metal detector,type MZD 11,made by Prisma Industriale,Italy,year 2007

The MDZ11 metal detector for continuous control of metal contamination comprises mainly a detecting head,which can be fixed to a special conveyor,along which the product to be controlled passes.

Roasted coffee silo,subdivided into 4 compartments a approx. 5 t.

Roll Mill,type UW 246 for the grinding of roasted coffee beans,capacity 250-500kg/h


- bin of the top of roll mill with capacity 300kg
- roll mill who can be ajustable
- heating/cooling aggregate

Ground coffee silos,with 2 cell,capacity approx 1 t, each

Automatic packaging line for ground coffee and coffee beans

The group is composed of following packaging machines:

-Automatic packaging machine vacuumpack,madein Italy, by ICA S.p.a, year of production 2003.

Product to be packed 125gr and 250 gr.

The line consist of:vacuumpack RS 20 packet,volumetric auger filler, automatic bundling macchine,automatic wraping machine.

Speed :38-40 fillings/minute

- Automatic packaging machine for ground coffee and coffee beans,packs in normal atmosphere.Madein Italy, by ICA s.p.a,year of production 2003.

Product to be packed and weights:100gr,125gr,250gr,500gr ,for ground coffee,beans coffee,varied kind of seed (sunflowers,peanuts etc).

The line consist of:CSV40 PACKET, volumetric auger filler mod f PV2 for ground

coffee,automatic weighters mod for coffee beans,automatic bundling macchine .

Speed :28-38fillings/minute,depending by products and weights.

- Volumetric auger filler (semiautomatic) for coffee beans dosing,made in Italy,by ICA S.p.a,year 2003

Consist of: feeding hopper,automatic weighers mod PV2M at ground level.

Product to weigh and weights:coffee beans 1000-2000- 3000 gr

Speed depending by weight accuracy and operator ability/dexterity:

1000 gr up to 24 weighings/minute
2000 gr up to 16 weighings/minute
3000 gr up to 12 weighings/minute

- Bundling machines ,made in Italy,by ICA S.p.a. There are 2 of them

Automatic bundling machines packing hard and free-standing paket shaped bags in thermo-shrinking polyethylene.

Product to bundle: bags containing ground coffee 125-250 gr.

Reel features:inner core 70 mm,outer diameter 350 mm.

Bundle dimensions:

minimum 150x80x40
maximum 420x80x230

Machines cosist of: tubular-steel structure,conveyor belt for product feeeding,programmable pusing device for gathering packs in the desired number,electical cabinet with control board and controls.

-Automatic wrapping machine mod RT/C,made in Italy,by CAM, year 2003

Suitable to collate and overwrap 1-2 pouches of 250 gr. undervacuum with heat-sealable material.

Speed: approx. 20 Pack/min.

Labellig machines for coffee ” brick pack”

The group is composed of following packaging machines:

- Automatic over wrapper machine mod. NRT,with line feeder,film centering,glue heater NORDSON Problue gluer.

Speed:32 brick pack/min.

Made in Italy,by CAM, year 2008

- cold glue labelling machine mod CG72/T1 linear with mechanical and electrical integration with over-wrapper machine NRT.

Made in Italy,year 2008.

Ink jet printing equipments :videojet TRIUMPH 7124, year 2005 and videojet

EXCEL 273-se ,year 2007.Both equipments are independent and can be attach to packing line.
Rotoplat TP 105/FRD,year 2001
It is a rotating turntable machine operating with stretch film.
Pallet load: max. Height 2200 mm,max.weight 1200kg.
Table revolution per minute =9.

Label applicator TRITO ,made in Italy,by ALIPACK, year 2007

The TRITO labeling head automatically appiles the label on the top,side and bottom of flat products with a lot of different formats.It can be installed and integrated with other automation system. The TRITO used a reel of labels (maximum diameter is 300 mm).

Roasting lines for nuts and seeds ,made in Spain,by FAMASUR, year 2011

This equipment can be used to roasting sunflowers seeds,almonds,peanuts,pistachios

The capacity of the equipment is about 500 kg/h,depending by products.

The roasting lines consist of:

1.mixer elevator with control panel: use to mix well the products.The capacity is 550L
or 100kg Elevation made possible by screw sin -fin and direct engine for rotation and
inclination. Maximum height elevation:1.5 M

2.feeding elevator: suppliers the oven with products

3.roasting oven TDM 3: incorporates various Stainless Steel mesh belt conveyors, superimposed such that the first receives the fruits from a feed hopper on top of the oven ,then unloads and tips them onto the belt immediately below,this to the next and so on until the fruits rech the oven exit.Each belt has a different temperature,the first being the least hot and the last the hottest.

The roasting oven has burner Lamborghini,bench for oven 30cm height,control
panel(can controlled belt speed,roasting time,temperature control).

On one side of the oven ,in the middle is a glass window,throught which the belts and
roastind process can be observed,samples taken etc.

4.cooling conveior:is made as a complement to the roasting oven ,its main function
being to cool and clean the fruits of the impurities and residues thei release.

Made by Stainless Steel.

5.Cyclon for air filtracion

Compresor GA 11C + dry air ,year 2003,Atlas Copco

Sealing machine,year 2004:is used to closing bags made by aluminium heat - welding or other multilayered enveloped heat-sealable bags.

Sealing machine has botton to controll temperature and heating time.

Working Hours :
- coffee roasting machine: 5 600 hours
- roasting line for nuts and seeds: 500 hours
- roll mill: 3 000 hours
- vacuum packing machine: 4 500 hours
- volumetric packing machine: 2 500 hours
- bundling machine: 800 hours

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