Find out the right market price for your used machinery

Exaval is a solution powered by 20 years of experience and data collected by the marketplace Exapro.
Its algorithm supported by the team of experienced agents can pinpoint the market price for thousands of models and growing every day.

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Market price appraisal of your machinery

Robust pricing algorithm

Using machine learning and smart database crunching

Millions of entry points

Collected over 20 years of active trading of industrial machinery

Appraisal validation

by a team of experienced traders in the Industry

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How it works

Exaval provides two complementary services

  • Valuation of common machinery - The algorithm relies on a significant number of entry points, using a limited number of fields: Manufacturer, Model, Year and key attributes. This ensures a high accuracy of valuation.
  • Appraisal by a team of traders - For any uncommon machines or industrial equipment with complex options, Exapro's traders connect millions of prices and validate the pricing through its network.

Pricing your machine is easy with our helping hand

Questions Often Asked

It is simple, you contact us and send a list of equipment you want to appraise. We confirm which one we can valuate with high precision and those we can process manually by gathering specific market data. Contact us to get started.
The valuation of common machinery is fast and on a per machine fee. The appraisal by traders is on hourly fee basis.
The average answering time is one working day for the valuation of a common machine, 3 days for human appraisal.
We are working on it and you can expect news from us within a few months.
Exapro is here to help you acquire or sell a machine thanks to its international team of traders. Just get in touch.

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