Streamlining your industrial machine park in order to cope with the economic slowdown.

Simple and effective for all industrial sectors, Exapro is a solution to selling second hand industrial equipment.

The Economic Slowdown affects most countries and areas and mainly that of Industry. Having to face this phenomenon, companies that do not want to sustain the crisis try to find new outlets.

During a radical change of activity or a reorganization, an important batch of machines are expensive to keep as a capital property. A professional website such as, specialized in auctions, provides an outsourced solution to get rid of a high quantity of assets.

For sales of small batches or single machines, Exapro is an opportunity for companies which want to rationalize their park of machines. Streamlining is buying new quality machines at affordable prices and selling old ones without scraping them/selling them cheaply. The goal is to organize its park to optimize the profitability. Several ways exist by various media: press, Web, radio... Internet is certainly the less expensive and the one reaching most of the people.

There are several websites for everyday life products but just a few for industrial products. Serving machine requires a real appraisal. A serious partner with a know-how in the industry sector and that is well referenced on the internet, is hard to find. is a proper answer for all the actors of the branch of industry. It is the B2B market place that makes the sale and purchase of all pieces of industrial equipment. " It is the international aspect of this trade where the key of our innovation lies,'' claims Mr. Bordier who runs the european operations from Prague.

Exapro’s website bids more than 35 000 offers of industrial machines translated into 6 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Czech. RA real international web portal for all buyers and sellers, Exapro offers products that are classified by category: machine tools, sheet metal working machines, printing machines, public works equipment, handling, conditioning and packaging including the textile industry thanks to the website.

Exapro connects serious buyers together with their partners. A large number of queries are processed every day, and ‘filtering’ them is an extra guarantee for the sellers/partners of the website who can quickly close a deal.

Exapro stands out as a simple, fast and effective solution for all the professionals of the Industry in France, Europe and Worldwide.

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