PR9 - Exapro entered sucessfully the German-speaking market of used machines

December 2007

Exapro enters successfully the german market with both inbound and outbound sales growing rapidly.

Germany, Switzerland and Austria are traditional industrial countries. These are already a mature market for used industrial equipments. Germany is the first manufacturer of industrial machines worldwide, and Switzerland is well-known for the high-quality and the technological advances of its equipments.
It has been a successful challenge for Exapro to enter this market: the first three trimesters of 2007 amount to a total of 15,6% of the sales.

This Exapro's success is true for both buyers and sellers of used industrial machines. As a result, 11,42 % of the visitors of the website are now German-speaking, whereas only 2,5% in October 2006.

Some important business deals have been concluded this year: a pharmaceutical freeze-drier sold from Germany to Belgium for an amount of 120 000 euros, or a MAHO milling machine from France to Germany.

This increase of sales opens the website to the whole German-speaking visitors: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, but also Poland, and some other East European countries.

The textile industry on receives the benefits of this market-opening, for example a spinning plant sold from Germany to Morocco for an amount of 110 000 euros.

EXApro achieves this success by upgrading its referencing on german-speaking search engines and professional directories.

In 2008, the website plans to reach 20% of its sales of used industrial machines within the german-speaking market and to develop its awareness face to ageing competitors.

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