Entering the world of thermoforming machines - Form, Fill, and Seal (FFS) lines - can be a complex endeavor due to the intricate mechanisms involved and the host of manufacturers present in the industry. Designed to streamline and optimize packaging operations, these machines play a pivotal role in the production lines of countless industries, from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals. This article provides a comprehensive look at these FFS machines, the prominent manufacturers in the market, and crucial factors to consider when purchasing. Additionally, we'll highlight the benefits of buying through Exapro, a trusted platform committed to assisting buyers throughout the sales process.



Moulding length 70 mm
Total power requirement 3.5 kW
Moulding width 100 mm

3M-Matic 700 r-E


Description Multi-format machine type 29200 Random case sealer Upper and lower Scotch Specifications Manufacturer 3M-Matic Model 700 r-E Year 1998 Condition Used Serial Number 9579 Dimensions (mm) 780x1180mm Height (mm) 2180mm Elec 380V 50Hz 1,4A 260W Weight (kg) 195 kg Adhesive tape dimensions Maximum spool diameter 410mm (inside spool 76.2mm) Ribbon width 38-50mm Carton dimensions: width 150 - 550mm Carton …

ADOLF JLLIG 100UA Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 1973

Moulding length 600 mm
Total power requirement 38 kW
Moulding width 1000 mm

Al.Ma. TF 380 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line


Thermoforming machine brand AL.Ma. model TF 380-300 in good general condition Visible in Italy

Alfa FRS1719 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2004

The FRSSF is designed exclusively for the thermoforming filling and sealing of cups. Unreeling of base material Heating of the base material Thermoforming of the base material into cups Filling of the cups Unreeling of the lid material Alignment of the lid material Airtight sealing Technical Spec Product: Sauce Cup: 10 - 50 gms Per cycle 12 cups Filling temperature …

Allied model 1424-ST L bar sealer


Allied model 1424-ST L bar sealer with shrink tunnel -14" long x 22" width sealing area -26" long x 10" height shrink tunnel opening -With temperature controls -1/2 HP, 3 Phase, 60 cycles, 220 volts

Altech Alsleeve Automatic Neck Protection Sleeve Applicator


Very little used Altech model Alsleeve automatic neck protection sleeve applicator. The application of the shrink sleeve over the neck and the closure of the package ensures protection of the product against unwanted manipulation. Has capacity approx. 60 pc/min (depends on the size of sleeve and package). Width of sleeve: 30-150 mm, height of sleeve: 25-120 mm. Electrical supply requirement …

Ampi Moka 12 Pu


Used AMPI (supplier) model MOKA 12 PU automatic liquid filler. Filler is designed for filling liquids into small glass bottles with cylindrical shape and then seal it. Unit consist of: module MOKA with carousel, filling unit with (2) filling stations, station for fitting and sealing caps, vibration conveyor for caps. Working capacity is 10-30 pcs/min. Filling volume max 210 ml. …



APM Rotary Band Sealer with Embossing coder - Model TBS-3/8EC-TS - Embossing coder - 45 fpm - 110 volts, 10 amps

Wrapper, Bundler, Arpac, Mdl 1158-20 Tw, Overwrapper, Tunnel


ARPAC Shrink Bundler with overwrapper and shrink tunnel. Includes 3-1/4" wide belt at feed. Complete with heat tunnel, belt measures 20" wide, approximately 5' long heating area. Complete with Reeves drive. Rated for 240 volt, 3-phase, 60 cycle. Previously used in pharmaceutical operation and in good condition.

Arpac Intermittent Motion Shrink Bundler

Year: 2009

Single frame welded construction ensuring smooth transition between conveyors. Top and bottom film cradles accommodating a total of four 14" diameter rolls of film. Tool-less film supply roll core chucks. Power driven pinch roller film feed controlled by low inertia film dancers with fast, straight through quick threading feature. Air control system with filter-regulator, lubricator and plug-in pneumatic valves. Central …

Arpac 60 Cycle Tray Wrapper


Clear film only. 28" wide sealbar. Capable up to 60 trays/minute depending upon size and applications. Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC. Shrink wrapper's electrical - 460V 3ph 60Hz 16.5FLA. Heat tunnel - two heating zones with 460V 3ph 60Hz 55FLA. Arpac HMI interface. Currently runs 24" wide film. Machine will be supplied production ready with full testing, light overhaul and repainting. …

Arpac Tray Shrinkwrapper With Heat Tunnel


Left hand tray shrinkwrapper with speed up to 30 trays/minute depending on package specifications and applications. Package size range: up to 16" width, 13" length and 10" height. 28" wide sealbar. 80"long tunnel has (2)blowers with independent speed and temperature controls. Tunnel clearance: 24-1/2"W x 16-1/2"H. Discharge elevation: 34-1/4". Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000, Allen-Bradley MicroView HMI. Air supply at 80 psi. …

Atip Model Atipack 3000 Filling And Sealing Machine


Used ATIP model Atipack 3000 automatic filling and sealing machine. Maxhine is designed for filling product into cups and closing them. Suitable for filling mayoneese, salads and spreads with larger parts (like vegetable, fruit, fish). Capacity up to 3000 pc/hour (depending on product). Volume of one dose 1520 ml, max size of larger parts up to 10 mm3, max temperature …

AUTOVAK M320 / M420 / m520 / m550 / m620 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line


- Areas of application: Medical products, food, industrial accessories - Main material: Stainless steel - Machine length: 6.4m-12m (customer-specific) - Machine weight: approx. 800 kg - 1600 kg - Optional: vacuum, nitrogen, plug assistant, automatic filling, online printing, online control, etc. Autovak is an international company with research, development and production facilities in Suzhou, China, and sales and service offices …

Bausch & Stroebel model AFV6015 6 piston ampoule filler/sealer


Bausch & Stroebel model AFV6015 6 piston ampoule filler/sealer - For closed ampoules, all stainless steel construction - Stainless steel belt infeed conveyor - Flame opening and closing stations - Set for 2, 3 and 10 ml - Discharge chute - 1 HP, 3 Phase, 60 cycles, 220 volt motor

Bdm S.R.L Cellophane Overwrapper/Bundler


One (1) used BDM S.R.L Cellophane Overwrapper/Bundler. This is a fully automatic overwrapper with bundling capability for up to 75 ppm. Capable of wrapping individual sizes from 15 to 250 mm wide X 10 to 60 mm high X 50 to 210 mm long. Maximum bundle size 50 to 250 mm wide X 20 to 150 mm high X 50 …

Beta-Pak BPZ-400 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2017

BPZ 400 is a complete packaging line with flexibility to meet various needs, which carries out successive packaging processes and provides products with a long shelf life. Having product compliance and a highly sensitive dosing system, it is an improved packaging system which realizes both small and large scale hygienic packaging. Being a machine operated by a single operator, it …

Technical Components and Functionality

The core of any thermoforming machine comprises several crucial components: the thermoforming station, the filling station, and the sealing station.


The thermoforming station begins the process by heating a plastic sheet, typically polyethylene, polypropylene or PVC, until it becomes pliable. This softened sheet is then formed into the desired shape using either a vacuum or pressurized air.


Next, the newly formed packaging is moved to the filling station where it is filled with the product. This process can be automated and customized depending on the product in question, such as liquids, solids, or powders.


Finally, the filled packaging is transported to the sealing station, where a top film is applied and sealed to ensure the package's integrity and product safety.


Manufacturers of Thermoforming Machines

Multivac: A top-tier manufacturer globally recognized for its innovation and reliable machinery. Multivac has a rich portfolio of thermoforming machines that cater to a variety of industries and packaging needs.


ULMA Packaging: Based in Spain, ULMA is revered for its high-quality equipment. Their thermoforming machines offer exceptional versatility and durability, making them a popular choice for businesses worldwide.


Illig: A German powerhouse in the world of thermoforming machinery, Illig has an impressive range of equipment, each boasting unique capabilities. Known for their precision and efficiency, Illig machines are a worthy investment.


GEA: A Dutch-based multinational, GEA is a major player in the thermoforming sector. Their machines are known for their advanced technology, high-speed performance, and energy efficiency.


Ishida: A Japanese manufacturer, Ishida is recognized for its cutting-edge machinery. Ishida's thermoforming machines stand out for their user-friendly interfaces and optimal output capacities, fulfilling various packaging demands.


Purchasing Considerations

When purchasing a thermoforming machine, you must take several factors into account.


Firstly, inspect the machine's condition, ensuring all components are operational and maintained.

Consider the machine's compatibility with your products. The filling system must be suitable for the type, size, and consistency of the products you'll be packaging.

Inquire about the machine's output capacity to ensure it matches your production needs.

Check if any special electrical or environmental conditions are required to operate the machine.

Benefits of Buying Through Exapro

Exapro simplifies the buying process by providing a secure platform that facilitates each step of the sales process. The team at Exapro can offer invaluable advice, ensuring buyers make the most informed decision possible. They also assist with communication between buyers and sellers, making transactions smoother and more transparent.


Budget Considerations

Keep in mind that Thermoforming Machine - Form, Fill and Seal, FFS Lines typically range in price between 14,000€ and 65,000€. Consider all costs, including maintenance and operational expenses, when defining your budget.


Organising Transportation

While buyers are responsible for the machine's transportation, both the seller and Exapro can provide assistance if needed. Prior to transport, it's vital to conduct a thorough check of the machine, confirming all components are secured, and the machine is safe to move. Remember, a comprehensive inspection can help you avoid potential issues and costly repairs in the future.