Entering the world of thermoforming machines - Form, Fill, and Seal (FFS) lines - can be a complex endeavor due to the intricate mechanisms involved and the host of manufacturers present in the industry. Designed to streamline and optimize packaging operations, these machines play a pivotal role in the production lines of countless industries, from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals. This article provides a comprehensive look at these FFS machines, the prominent manufacturers in the market, and crucial factors to consider when purchasing. Additionally, we'll highlight the benefits of buying through Exapro, a trusted platform committed to assisting buyers throughout the sales process.

Rotomax Rotomaster Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2023

Packaging machine for pharmaceutical and cosmetic food packaging. Possibility of vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere (ATM). Stainless steel construction. Ideal for packaging fresh pasta, pizza bases, cold cuts, salami, cheeses, etc.

ILPRA Speedyform Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2022

Moulding length 300 mm
Forming depth 100 mm
Moulding width 420 mm
Total power requirement 12 kW

Multivac R145 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2022

Moulding length 240 mm
Forming depth 120 mm
Moulding width 235 mm
Total power requirement 9 kW

Used Tabletop Bag Sealer, Mfd 2021

Year: 2021

1 – Used Tabletop/Lab Size Bag Sealer, Model # FR-900, Manufactured 2021. Bag sealer is equipped with approx. 5.5 In. wide conveyor and aiset NGE-600 digital control panel. Electric specifications; single phase, 110 Volt, 50-60HZ. Stainless steel table shown in the photo is available at an additional cost.

Used Audion Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH CS-Matic 100 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2020

Mint condition machine with very few operating hours. This as good as new, very efficient, fully automatic shrink wrapping machine works with a permanently heated longitudinal and an intermittent transverse sealing, which offers at least 3 undeniable advantages: - No length limitation of the product to be packaged - Significant increase in production capacity - Cost savings due to less …

Product Design Corp. Sigma – II NEO Sealer

Year: 2019

1 Used Sigma – II NEO Air Cooled Induction Sealer. Manufactured in 2019. This is a 2 Kw, air cooled heat induction sealer with very little use. Comes with height adjustable head, stainless steel construction including base and integrated control panel. Speeds up to 55’/minute. Equipped with universal sealing head for 20-120mm diameter caps.

Used Wayne Model Wsts Slitter Sealer With Nordson Glue – New 2019

Year: 2019

Year 2019, Last running at a contract packer, 12 Packs of 12oz. Glass Bottles in Tablock Cases, Excellent Condition, Fully Automatic, Speeds up to 20 cases/minute, Small Footprint, Nordson ProBlue 7 Glue Unit, Will run RSC, HSC and Tablock Cases, Quick Changeover, Safety Switches on Lexan Doors, Allen Bradley PLC with Operator Touchscreen Controls, Servo Flap Folder, Scheduled for Removal …

Used Sunchon SUN-520T Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2019

Moulding length 140 mm
Moulding width 95 mm

Process chees - grissini packing machine OPAK MAKİNE QZ 1000 MAXI (form fill seal)

Year: 2019

Moulding length 267 mm
Forming depth 22 mm
Moulding width 280 mm
Total power requirement 18 kW

Weiler 640 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2019

Weiler model 640 BFS LVP machine Low hours, approximately 3,000 running hours Molds and tooling for 250ml and 500ml IV bags/bottles (14 cavity) included Output: 3150 containers per hour 250ml; 2700 containers per hour 500ml Container drawings available on request 14 parison programable parison head with Moog controller Tooling for Eurocap or nipple/pierce top presentations Eurocap cap welding machine with …

Fillmatech Tubeline P Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2019

Automatic tube filling and sealing machine for PE and laminate tubes including: - Format set D.19 and D.35 - Tube magazine for empty tubes - automatic tube alignment according to the typeface - Leister hot-air sealing unit - Coding device on the tube fold on one side - water-cooled sealing jaws - Post-cooling of the weld seam with a cold …

Used Accutek 4 kW Automatic Induction Sealer

Year: 2018

Sealers 1 Used Accutek 4 kW Automatic Induction Sealer. This is a high efficiency water cooled unit which was manufactured in 2018. Constructed in food grade/sanitary stainless steel with a splashproof enclosure. Comes with height adjustable sealing head with “skew” feature allowing exposure times to be reduced as well as being able to achieve a more uniform heat pattern for …

Nimco 257 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Nimco Model 257: Designed and manufactured in the USA, the NiMCO Model 257 is dedicated to forming, filling, and sealing 57 mm cross-section or 2.25” inches Mini paperboard gable-top cartons. Here's why this machine stands out: Impressive Output Speeds: With a remarkable capacity of up to 1200 cartons per hour (20 cartons per minute), our Model 257 ensures efficient …

Used 3-M Carton Sealer, Model: 200A

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: 3M Model No.: 200A *Price Does NOT include cost of crating, shipping, delivery or installation. Model: 200A Mfg Date: 2018 Top And Bottom Taping Manually Adjustable Product Feed Guides Manually Adjustable Tape Head Height Stainless Steel Infeed And Discharge Rollers Weight: 272 lbs Speed: Up To 40 Cases Per Minute Tape Head Width: 2" Standard Minimum Box Dims: 6"L …

SMI BP1102AS Tray Wrapper

Year: 2018

2018 SMI BP1102AS Tray Wrapper.

Loynds model FW500 Fold Wrapper for Pre-Formed Candies

Year: 2018

Loynds model FW500 Fold Wrapper for Pre-Formed Candies - Set for piece measuring 15 x 15 x 15 mm - Manually load product onto lug chain infeed - Cellophane wrapping material - Die folds and heat seals - 3 phase, 60 cycle, 220 volts - New 2018 The size range is as follows: Length – 19mm – 45mm Width – …

Lameplast L Pentafill Bench-Top Sealer

Year: 2017

Heat Sealer 1 Used Pentafill Bench-Top Sealer. This is a sealer for pre-filled single dose plastic containers. Equipped with a heating head and cold molding pliers and pneumatic sealer for previously filled strips. Can support formats: 0.33, 0.6, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10ml fill capacity. Comes with strip holder, integrated adjustable heating and cooling controls, start and emergency stop …

Reepack BT 1000DL, ST80, DT80 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2017

Automatic Packaging and ShrinkIng Line Reepack This line is a fully automatic packaging and shrinking line. For a quick overview have a look at the video below. This line consist of the following equipment: Reepack BT 1000 DL Vacuum Chamber belt machine; Reepack ST 80 Shrink Tunnel; Reepack DT 80 Drying Tunnel: 1. REEPACK BT 1000 DL VACUUM CHAMBER BELT …

D&b Cleaning System Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line Low working hours

Year: 2017

D&b Cleaning System forming, filling and filling line Excellent condition, used very little.

Technical Components and Functionality

The core of any thermoforming machine comprises several crucial components: the thermoforming station, the filling station, and the sealing station.


The thermoforming station begins the process by heating a plastic sheet, typically polyethylene, polypropylene or PVC, until it becomes pliable. This softened sheet is then formed into the desired shape using either a vacuum or pressurized air.


Next, the newly formed packaging is moved to the filling station where it is filled with the product. This process can be automated and customized depending on the product in question, such as liquids, solids, or powders.


Finally, the filled packaging is transported to the sealing station, where a top film is applied and sealed to ensure the package's integrity and product safety.


Manufacturers of Thermoforming Machines

Multivac: A top-tier manufacturer globally recognized for its innovation and reliable machinery. Multivac has a rich portfolio of thermoforming machines that cater to a variety of industries and packaging needs.


ULMA Packaging: Based in Spain, ULMA is revered for its high-quality equipment. Their thermoforming machines offer exceptional versatility and durability, making them a popular choice for businesses worldwide.


Illig: A German powerhouse in the world of thermoforming machinery, Illig has an impressive range of equipment, each boasting unique capabilities. Known for their precision and efficiency, Illig machines are a worthy investment.


GEA: A Dutch-based multinational, GEA is a major player in the thermoforming sector. Their machines are known for their advanced technology, high-speed performance, and energy efficiency.


Ishida: A Japanese manufacturer, Ishida is recognized for its cutting-edge machinery. Ishida's thermoforming machines stand out for their user-friendly interfaces and optimal output capacities, fulfilling various packaging demands.


Purchasing Considerations

When purchasing a thermoforming machine, you must take several factors into account.


Firstly, inspect the machine's condition, ensuring all components are operational and maintained.

Consider the machine's compatibility with your products. The filling system must be suitable for the type, size, and consistency of the products you'll be packaging.

Inquire about the machine's output capacity to ensure it matches your production needs.

Check if any special electrical or environmental conditions are required to operate the machine.

Benefits of Buying Through Exapro

Exapro simplifies the buying process by providing a secure platform that facilitates each step of the sales process. The team at Exapro can offer invaluable advice, ensuring buyers make the most informed decision possible. They also assist with communication between buyers and sellers, making transactions smoother and more transparent.


Budget Considerations

Keep in mind that Thermoforming Machine - Form, Fill and Seal, FFS Lines typically range in price between 14,000€ and 65,000€. Consider all costs, including maintenance and operational expenses, when defining your budget.


Organising Transportation

While buyers are responsible for the machine's transportation, both the seller and Exapro can provide assistance if needed. Prior to transport, it's vital to conduct a thorough check of the machine, confirming all components are secured, and the machine is safe to move. Remember, a comprehensive inspection can help you avoid potential issues and costly repairs in the future.