Entering the world of thermoforming machines - Form, Fill, and Seal (FFS) lines - can be a complex endeavor due to the intricate mechanisms involved and the host of manufacturers present in the industry. Designed to streamline and optimize packaging operations, these machines play a pivotal role in the production lines of countless industries, from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals. This article provides a comprehensive look at these FFS machines, the prominent manufacturers in the market, and crucial factors to consider when purchasing. Additionally, we'll highlight the benefits of buying through Exapro, a trusted platform committed to assisting buyers throughout the sales process.

FRIMAQ PACKAGING S.L TFF432320 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: ~ 2017

Moulding length 320 mm
Forming depth 23 mm
Moulding width 430 mm

Mespack H-420 FED Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2013

Moulding length 420 mm
Moulding width 400 mm

Dozing and thermoforming APS ML 7100

Year: 2008

Dozing and thermoforming high speed packing machine, capacity 3000 pcs/h; 4 cases/cycle; control PLC Mitsubishi A2; film width 320-620mm; roll diameter 450mm; top film sealable film like PA/PE; film width 300-615mm, roll diameter 400mm; with ELS labeling system; machine equipped additional with cross web-labelling system for labelling on top of the ready made package; stainless steel, never used, in original …

HASSIA Butter and Processed Cheese Portion Filling Machine, FFS Line

Year: 1994

Moulding length 64 mm
Forming depth 39 mm
Moulding width 52 mm

Used FARCON FC420 Packaging machine Low working hours

Year: 1997

Moulding length 220 mm
Forming depth 42 mm
Moulding width 320 mm

Multivac R145 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2022

Moulding length 240 mm
Forming depth 120 mm
Moulding width 235 mm
Total power requirement 9 kW

Illig 70K Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 1990

Moulding length 680 mm
Forming depth 125 mm
Moulding width 280 mm

ENFLEX F 19 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2007

Little used automatic horizontal packaging machine Enflex F-19 for shaping and filling bags of heat-sealed foils. The machine is equipped with a device for gluing plastic zippers. The machine is without a discharge conveyor and a dispenser. Bag size width - min. 80 mm / max.190 mm height - min.120 mm / max. 300 mm bottom - min 40 mm …

Farmores K260/N Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2002

Thermoformer Manufacturer:Farmores Model: K260/N Year: 2002 Serial number: 299/U Production of PVC or polystyrene trays Forming station consisting of a mould and a counter-mould Forming control station consisting of a mechanical feeler with photoelectric cells that check the position 1 station for loading the sprays 2 stations for loading the tips into the trays 2 tip distribution bowls: - Manufacturer: …

Form, fill, seal machine for cream or condensed milk 5-15 m3

Year: 2000

Used Gea aseptic form, fill and seal machine. Year 2000. Machine for filling and packing cream or condensed milk. Filling capacity 5-15 cm3. Filling temperature 20-25 ° C capacity 36,000 cups / h (maximum capacity at 30 cycles / min) number of cups per measure 20 32 mm format 10-cup block production speed max. 30 cycles / min

Farcon FC 320 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2008

Moulding length 0 mm
Forming depth 42 mm
Moulding width 254 mm

Farcon FB320 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2008

Manufacturer: Farcon Model: FB320 Year: 2008 Complies with CE standards Weight: 7500 kg Used thermoformer tested and functional Sold EXW

Used OCME VEGA HT 60/2 Shrinkwrapper

Year: 2013

Brand:OCME Model:VEGA HT 60/2 Speed:120 pack/minute Year:2013 Condition:Very good Characteristics: OCME brand shrink wrap machine model VEGA HT 60/2, built in 2013, capacity 120 packages / min, machine in impeccable condition, ready to work. Status of the machine: Seller has been given electrical power to the OCME to make sure that everything was OK and the machine was working, They …

CFS 320 Compact Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2008

Moulding length 225 mm
Forming depth 150 mm
Moulding width 300 mm
Total power requirement 10 kW

Multivac Baseline F200 thermoform packaging machine for kashar cheese /cheddar

Year: 2012

Multivac thermoform packaging machine for kashar cheese /cheddar Lifting system for preheating Down film(soft) : Width : 357 mm Thickness : 200mm Up film(Soft) Width : 340 mm Thickness : 80 mm

Multivac R175 CD SKIN Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2013

The machine will be shipped with 3 tools: Tool 1: 2:1 packagingsize 225×170mm (variable forming depth max. product height 80mm); Tool 2: 3:1 packagingsize 225×110mm (variable forming depth max. product height 80mm); Tool 3: 3:1 packagingsize 195×110mm (variable forming depth max. product height 80mm);

Multi̇vac R145 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 2008

Moulding length 110 mm
Moulding width 55 mm

Hassia THL 28/22 Thermoforming - Form, Fill and Seal Line

Year: 1980

Moulding length 40 mm
Forming depth 20 mm
Moulding width 50 mm
Total power requirement  kW

Technical Components and Functionality

The core of any thermoforming machine comprises several crucial components: the thermoforming station, the filling station, and the sealing station.


The thermoforming station begins the process by heating a plastic sheet, typically polyethylene, polypropylene or PVC, until it becomes pliable. This softened sheet is then formed into the desired shape using either a vacuum or pressurized air.


Next, the newly formed packaging is moved to the filling station where it is filled with the product. This process can be automated and customized depending on the product in question, such as liquids, solids, or powders.


Finally, the filled packaging is transported to the sealing station, where a top film is applied and sealed to ensure the package's integrity and product safety.


Manufacturers of Thermoforming Machines

Multivac: A top-tier manufacturer globally recognized for its innovation and reliable machinery. Multivac has a rich portfolio of thermoforming machines that cater to a variety of industries and packaging needs.


ULMA Packaging: Based in Spain, ULMA is revered for its high-quality equipment. Their thermoforming machines offer exceptional versatility and durability, making them a popular choice for businesses worldwide.


Illig: A German powerhouse in the world of thermoforming machinery, Illig has an impressive range of equipment, each boasting unique capabilities. Known for their precision and efficiency, Illig machines are a worthy investment.


GEA: A Dutch-based multinational, GEA is a major player in the thermoforming sector. Their machines are known for their advanced technology, high-speed performance, and energy efficiency.


Ishida: A Japanese manufacturer, Ishida is recognized for its cutting-edge machinery. Ishida's thermoforming machines stand out for their user-friendly interfaces and optimal output capacities, fulfilling various packaging demands.


Purchasing Considerations

When purchasing a thermoforming machine, you must take several factors into account.


Firstly, inspect the machine's condition, ensuring all components are operational and maintained.

Consider the machine's compatibility with your products. The filling system must be suitable for the type, size, and consistency of the products you'll be packaging.

Inquire about the machine's output capacity to ensure it matches your production needs.

Check if any special electrical or environmental conditions are required to operate the machine.

Benefits of Buying Through Exapro

Exapro simplifies the buying process by providing a secure platform that facilitates each step of the sales process. The team at Exapro can offer invaluable advice, ensuring buyers make the most informed decision possible. They also assist with communication between buyers and sellers, making transactions smoother and more transparent.


Budget Considerations

Keep in mind that Thermoforming Machine - Form, Fill and Seal, FFS Lines typically range in price between 14,000€ and 65,000€. Consider all costs, including maintenance and operational expenses, when defining your budget.


Organising Transportation

While buyers are responsible for the machine's transportation, both the seller and Exapro can provide assistance if needed. Prior to transport, it's vital to conduct a thorough check of the machine, confirming all components are secured, and the machine is safe to move. Remember, a comprehensive inspection can help you avoid potential issues and costly repairs in the future.