Prevent machine failure using sound

Use our AI-powered audio device to identify machines with mechanical issues.
Predictive maintenance, anomaly detection or equipment diagnostics, all made possible with our solution.

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Identify broken machines using sound

Lower maintenance costs

Our device works for your maintenance team, to save them time and helps reducing labor cost

Increase production uptime

By preventing machine failure and improving maintenance, your production downtime is greatly reduced

Optimize team efficiency

Let your team focus on where they create the most value, and leave the automatic tasks to our device

neuron soundware

How it works

We use a IIOT device to monitor the sound of your machines, and detect any anomaly.

  • Sound recording - the device monitors and records the sounds of the machines
  • Neural networks - all the data goes through a deep neural network analysis
  • Problem detection - we detect unusual or anomalous behaviors in real-time

See it in action

neuron soundware dashboard

Advanced reporting

The data analyzed by our device is visualized on an online dashboard, available on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop). Our analytics & monitoring platform allows you to listen, visualize, and label recorded data, collect feedback on alerts, and search through the audio database.

We bring innovation to machine maintenance

Immense database of sounds

We have processed terabytes of training audio data for our clients

High accuracy

We accurately detect anomalies in each individual part of a given machine

Machine learning algorithms

Using Neural Networks, we provide actionable analysis in real-time

Questions Often Asked

We work on a monthly subscription that includes the nBox, the Internet connection, the cloud data management and the application with its updates. The price depends on the number of machines you would like to monitor. Contact us for a complete offer.
Our solution is ready-and-easy-to-install, you plug 6 to 12 sensors to critical mechanical parts of your machine. They are all linked to the nBox which is in turn connected to the Internet in order to send and receive data.
All the manuals and the video are sent to you and distant support is provided.
The lead time between the installation and the service varies depending on the application. For anomaly detection, it usually takes up to a week.
However, Neuron Soundware's database is growing everyday and improving the learning curve everyday.
You can monitor your machines through the app on mobile or desktop at anytime. However, if it detects an anomaly, it will warn you in every way you ask it to (mobile notification, email, sms).
The nBox includes an LTE modem which allows a simcard provided by Neuron Soundware to be connected independently to the Internet (as long as you have mobile signal near the device). Alternatively, it can connect to your local network by LAN (ethernet) or Wifi.
Thanks to Neuron Soundware's powerful cloud API, you can pull your data and connect it to your own systems. This allows you to integrate the solution to your smart factory development.
Yes. The nBox is smart and have either 6 or 12 sensors with different cable lengths. It means you can plug to a series of machines without any sweat. Each sensor will monitor the activity of the part or machine independently.

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