Bottero 220N Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2008

Bottero 1600 x 2600 mm, year 2008 Wth Triulzi 1600 mm washer

Bottero 352 BCS Evo jumbo size CNC automatic cutting table

Year: 2010

Bottero 352 BCS Evo jumbo size CNC automatic cutting table Thickness 3-19mm Max Glass Size 6000 x 3210 mm

Machine for cutting cylindrical glass objects (Crack off machine)

Year: 2009

Machine for cutting cylindrical glass objects. 3 phase machine , 6 head with pneumatic load and unload. Pneumatic scorer, Hydrogen+Oxygen burner with control valves, cold air gun. Hand wound height adjustment. Pc controlled with timing adjustment. Flame position adjustment. Manual scoring adjustment. Manufactured in house 15 years ago. Services Required: 3 phase 5 pin plug 63mm diameter 9amp 3 phase …

Bottero 810 BC Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2011

This model is suited for customers whose production mainly involves flat edges and arrises, but who from time to time need to produce edges inclined up to 45°. 6 wheels on the tilting side and 4 fixed for arrises allow working up to 3 surfaces for each stroke. Minimum dimension of Glass: 100 x 100mm; Glass thickness 3-55mm; Speed 0,4 …

Zafferani Flat8 BS60 Glass edging machine Hot deal

Year: 2005

Zafferani glass edging machine. 8 wheels, left to right direction, rewised, working perfectly. It is not variable angle.

Bottero Victralux 108F Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2003

The VICTRALUX 108 F machine is designed for the production of polished straight edges with bevels polished at an angle of 45 degrees on glass plates with a thickness of 3 to 30 mm. Eight cup slices offer an optimal balance between excellent workmanship and average productivity. Number of spindles, piece 8 The thickness of the processed glass is 3-50 …

Bottero 110FC glass edging machine

Year: 2005

For sale, straight line edging and polishing machine, with 10 wheels, in very good condition as you can see in the photos. 50.000 working meter. - Wheels: 10 - Condition: good working (as you can see on the photos) - Speed- 0.6-6 meters - Glass Thickness- 4-30mm - Machine Dimensions- 8100x1400x2700mm - Machine Weight- 3500kg - Chamfer Angles- Arris 45 …

GFPM GTR 200Pl Glass cutting table

Year: 2007

GFPm glass cutting table Year: 2007 Axis: 2 axis, straight line cutting Low-e deleion system 3pcs breaking bar Air blower Hydraulic tilting table Optima Italian software Automatic oiling In excellent working condition, visible during work in Hungary.

SULAK BTS PK2 Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2005

Category: Grinding/bevelling - all - Belt Grinding/bevelling - all - Shapes & CNC Process: Horizontal edging machine Manufacturer: SULAK (Czech Republic) Model: BTS PK2 Year: 2005 Condition: As it is Horizontal straight-line edge grinding machine. The belt plus a pair of diamond pads for arrises. The outter dimensions 3000 x 1050 x h1800 mm, Belt size 100x1830 mm, Power 2.1 …

MAVER MVS 600 Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2008

maver mvs 600 large slabs, cut in edge-grinder and shape relief working machine from 2008

Bavelloni PR/88 Glass cutting / edging machine Hot deal

Year: 2002

Make : Bavelloni Type : PR/88 Year : 2002 Conditions : Working order - as it is Capacity : 50Hz-400V-17KW

BOHLE GBM-2/800 Double-side drilling machine

Year: 1996

Category: Drilling Process: Double-side drilling machine Code: 05176 Manufacturer: BOHLE Model: GBM-2/800 Year: 1996 Condition: As it is Double-side drilling machine With roller table Working condition Tested dry As it is Cheap

Bavelloni REV 372 SR Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2007

Glass cutting table REV 372 SR (BAVELLONI), the maximum size of the processed sheet is 3710 x 2600 mm, there is curvilinear cutting and cutting of PVC film.

Like new SPEED 3200 SA Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 2007

Speed 3200 Sa. Automatic table Numerical Control (CNC) Glass thicknesses from 3 to 15 mm. For Cut In Shape And Linear (Xyz) Del Flat glass. Maximum Measurement Of The Sheet Mm. 3300 X 2700. Complete with cushion system Of air. Nr. 2 Breakout Bars (1 Cross E | 1 Longitudinal). Fixed Table With Arms System Tippers Loading / unloading of …

Zafferani Velox Junior M2 Glass cutting / edging machine

Year: 1999

Zafferani Velox Junior m2 type, 2 disc, straight glass grinding and polishing machine, in the condition shown in the pictures, in excellent working condition. this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The Zafferani Velox Junior M2 Glass Cutting/Edging Machine is a compact and versatile solution for precise glass processing. With its …

Nelly Macliberty LTD 2023 Machining center - vertical

Year: 2023

Technical sheet of the glass beveling machine. Model: ZXM-LC241 Angle: 5 to 35 degrees. Glass thickness: minimum 3mm, maximum 18mm Glass height: minimum 4 cm, maximum 2.5 m. Bezel Width: Up to an inch and a half. Voltage: 220 triphasic. Power: 14kW Speed: 5 m per minute. Voltage and frequency: 380V/50Hz Weight: 1500 kilos Measurements: 3.50x1.00x1.45