Welcome to the world of CNC Universal Milling Machines at Exapro! Available in a competitive price range of €14,000 to €49,000, our machines offer top-tier performance without a hefty price tag. Manufactured by industry leaders such as DMG Mori, Haas Automation, Makino, and others, these machines guarantee efficiency, precision, and robustness.

CNC Universal Milling Machines, equipped with Computer Numerical Control, are the backbone of many industries. Their versatility allows their use in the automotive, aerospace, medical, defence, and construction sectors, amongst others. They excel in precision, consistency, and productivity, making them indispensable for modern manufacturing.

Parameters such as table size, spindle speed, tool changer capacity, control system, and power requirements define the capabilities of these machines. At Exapro, we provide comprehensive details for you to find the perfect match for your industrial needs.

Investing in a CNC Universal Milling Machine is not just cost-effective, it's also a step towards sustainable manufacturing. With Exapro, you're not just buying a machine; you're forging a path to industrial excellence. Let's shape the future, one machine at a time.

ANAYAK PERFORMER 2000 cnc universal milling machine

Year: 2007

X Axis 2000 mm
Z Axis 1100 mm
Max. spindle speed 3000 rpm
Y Axis 1000 mm
CNC type
Table length 2200 mm

TOS FSQ 80 CNC cnc universal milling machine Good value

Year: 1990

X Axis 3000 mm
Z Axis 1000 mm
Max. spindle speed 2500 rpm
Y Axis 1000 mm
CNC type NS 720
Table length 3000 mm

Fehlmann Picomax 56 TOP cnc universal milling machine

Year: 2013

X Axis 500 mm
Z Axis 400 mm
Max. spindle speed 12000 rpm
Y Axis 400 mm
CNC type Heidenhain TNC 620
Table length 908 mm

PEDERSEN VPF 940 cnc universal milling machine Good value

Year: 2022

X Axis 850 mm
Z Axis 500 mm
Max. spindle speed 4000 rpm
Y Axis 340 mm
CNC type ISO 40
Table length 1300 mm


Year: 2001

X Axis 500 mm
Z Axis 400 mm
Table length 700 mm
Y Axis 400 mm
CNC type DMU 50 T
Table width 500 mm

WAFO FNC 40C cnc universal milling machine

Year: 2016

X Axis 500 mm
Z Axis 400 mm
Max. spindle speed 2000 rpm
Y Axis 350 mm
Table length 400 mm

Universall milling machine RUIDA X6436

Year: 2016

X Axis 1000 mm
Z Axis 400 mm
Max. spindle speed 18000 rpm
Y Axis 300 mm
CNC type
Table length 1320 mm

ANAYAK PERFORMER 2000 cnc universal milling machine

Year: 2007

X Axis 2000 mm
Z Axis 1100 mm
Max. spindle speed 3000 rpm
Y Axis 1000 mm
Table length 2200 mm

Universall milling machine Reckermann UNI 1000

Year: 1993

X Axis 900 mm
Z Axis 400 mm
Max. spindle speed 2000 rpm
Y Axis 350 mm
CNC type Heidenhain TNC 135
Table length 1500 mm

Fehlmann Picomax 51 cnc universal milling machine

Year: 1988

X Axis 420 mm
Z Axis 120 mm
Max. spindle speed 9000 rpm
Y Axis 240 mm
CNC type Heidenhain TNC 155
Table length 730 mm

Mikron WF31SA cnc universal milling machine


X Axis 560 mm
Z Axis 560 mm
Max. spindle speed 4000 rpm
Y Axis 500 mm
CNC type Heidenhain
Table length 750 mm

Deckel FP4CC/T cnc universal milling machine Hot deal Good value

Year: 1989

X Axis 600 mm
Z Axis 500 mm
Max. spindle speed 6300 rpm
Y Axis 500 mm
CNC type DIALOG 11
Table length 600 mm

Zayer 30-KCU-12000 cnc universal milling machine

Year: 1998

X Axis 12008 mm
Z Axis 3008 mm
Max. spindle speed 3000 rpm
Y Axis 1507 mm
CNC type Siemens TNC 430 CA
Table length 14000 mm

Hermle UWF 900 W Universal CNC Milling Machine

Year: 1992

X Axis 600 mm
Z Axis 420 mm
Max. spindle speed 4000 rpm
Y Axis 400 mm
CNC type Heidenhain TNC 360
Table length 900 mm

FEHLMANN PICOMAX 60 cnc universal milling machine

Year: 1999

X Axis 500 mm
Z Axis 610 mm
Table length 920 mm
Y Axis 350 mm
Table width 380 mm

TOS tool milling machine

Year: 1999

CNC type
Overhauled no
Spindle taper

Tekna TK426-1 cnc universal milling machine

Year: 2009

Overhauled no
Spindle taper

ISEL EUROMOD MP LES 45 cnc universal milling machine

Year: 2013

X Axis 610 mm
Z Axis 300 mm
Spindle taper
Y Axis 470 mm
CNC type
Overhauled no

CNC Universal Milling Machines on Exapro: Your Gateway to Excellence in Metal Presses and Forging

The world of industrial machinery is ever-changing and fast-paced, requiring players to adapt quickly while maintaining the utmost quality. Here at Exapro, we fully understand this sentiment. Specialising in the procurement and sales of top-notch used industrial machinery, we take immense pride in catering to your specific needs. Today, we're shining the spotlight on one of the crown jewels of our Metal - Presses/ Forging category: CNC Universal Milling Machines.

A CNC Universal Milling Machine is the Swiss Army knife of the metal presses and forging industry. Fitted with a high-speed spindle and the capability to function on a variety of planes, it offers unparalleled precision and versatility.

What makes these machines even more appealing is the CNC - Computer Numerical Control. This technology brings automation into the process, enabling the machine to operate through a programmed sequence without human intervention. This not only enhances productivity but also provides an extraordinary level of precision.

Used machinery offers several advantages over their new counterparts. Not only do they provide an affordable alternative, but they also ensure robust performance. At Exapro, every CNC Universal Milling Machine we offer has been thoroughly inspected and maintained to guarantee resilience and reliability. We ensure the machines retain the inherent qualities that have made them an industry standard.

Why Choose Exapro?

Exapro operates at the intersection of requirement and resource, providing an affordable solution to businesses. No matter if you're an industry veteran looking to upgrade your machinery or a newcomer setting up your first shop, our used CNC Universal Milling Machines offer cost-effective options. By purchasing through us, you’re making an eco-friendly choice and contributing to a sustainable industrial future.

Quality, precision, and affordability can coexist, and our range of CNC Universal Milling Machines on Exapro is a testament to that. Known for their versatility and advanced technological capabilities, these machines are essential in the world of metal presses and forging. But how about the cost? At Exapro, we firmly believe that price shouldn't be a barrier to quality. That's why we're thrilled to offer an exceptional range of used CNC Universal Milling Machines, competitively priced between €14,000 and €49,000.

Our commitment to quality, trust, and satisfaction goes beyond just providing machinery. We consider ourselves partners in your business journey, offering end-to-end support. From initial inquiry to delivery and installation, Exapro stands by you, ensuring a seamless process.

The CNC Universal Milling Machines we offer at Exapro are more than just equipment - they are catalysts of growth, ambassadors of precision, and partners in productivity. When you choose Exapro, you’re choosing quality, affordability, and an unwavering commitment to your success.


Main advantages of CNC Universal milling machines

CNC Universal Milling Machines provide a host of advantages that make them indispensable in the modern manufacturing landscape. Here are the main benefits of these advanced systems:

Precision and Accuracy: CNC Universal Milling Machines offer unparalleled precision. Thanks to Computer Numerical Control (CNC), these machines can follow complex programmed instructions to the letter, resulting in parts that are consistent and accurate down to the finest detail.

Versatility: As their name suggests, these machines are truly universal. They can perform a vast range of operations, including drilling, thread cutting, gear cutting, and more. This makes them a highly valuable addition to any workshop, capable of fulfilling multiple roles.

Increased Productivity: The automation provided by CNC systems means that once a programme is inputted, the machine can work autonomously without constant human supervision. This allows for continuous, efficient production, significantly increasing the throughput.

Complex Geometries: CNC Universal Milling Machines can produce complex shapes and designs that would be incredibly challenging, if not impossible, to achieve manually. This opens up new possibilities for creative and innovative product design.

Consistency: Once a program has been defined and tested, the CNC Universal Milling Machine can repeat the production run with identical results every time. This ensures consistency, a crucial factor in quality control.

Reduced Labour Costs: While there is an initial learning curve involved, once staff are trained to operate these machines, labour costs can be significantly reduced. The automation offered by CNC technology eliminates the need for multiple operators, helping to save on staffing expenses.

Safety: CNC Universal Milling Machines can be completely operated from a distance, keeping the operator away from moving parts and sharp tools, which significantly increases workplace safety.

Flexibility: These machines can quickly switch between tasks by simply selecting a different program. This allows for flexible manufacturing, particularly useful when dealing with custom orders or small production runs.

Low Maintenance: CNC Universal Milling Machines are designed for constant use. Thanks to their robust construction and design, they require relatively low maintenance, which contributes to reduced downtime.

Cost-Effective: Over time, the increased productivity, precision, and reduced labour costs make CNC Universal Milling Machines a cost-effective choice for manufacturing businesses.

CNC Universal Milling Machines provide a multifaceted solution to various manufacturing needs, offering an exceptional blend of precision, efficiency, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.


Main machine parameters of CNC Universal milling machines

CNC Universal Milling Machines vary in their specifications based on the model and manufacturer, but several key parameters determine their capabilities and functionality:

Table Size and Load: The dimensions of the working table and the maximum load it can bear are crucial as they dictate the size of the workpiece that the machine can handle.

Axes: CNC milling machines are often described in terms of the number of axes on which they can operate. These can range from 3-axis systems (X, Y, Z) to 5-axis machines that also incorporate rotation (A, B or C axes).

Spindle Speed: This refers to the speed at which the milling cutter can spin, measured in rotations per minute (RPM). Higher spindle speeds allow for faster, more efficient cutting.

Spindle Taper: The spindle taper determines what types of tools can be used in the machine. Common types include CAT, BT, HSK, and more.

Tool Changer Capacity: The number of tools that the machine's automatic tool changer can hold. This affects how many different operations the machine can perform without manual intervention.

Traverse Rates: Traverse rates define how quickly the machine can move the cutting tool or workpiece in a particular direction without cutting, usually measured in inches per minute (IPM) or metres per minute (MPM).

Maximum Cutting Speed: The speed at which the machine can cut material, often given in terms of feed rate (the speed at which the cutter is fed into the workpiece).

Control System: The make and model of the CNC control system the machine uses. This affects the machine's capabilities and the ease of programming and operation.

Power Requirements: The electrical power the machine requires to operate, which can be crucial information for installation and operational planning.

Coolant System: Details about the machine's coolant system, which keeps tools and workpieces at appropriate temperatures during operation, can be crucial, especially when working with specific materials or heavy-duty operations.

Machine Dimensions and Weight: The overall size and weight of the machine, which can impact transportation, installation, and space planning in the workshop.

When looking for a CNC Universal Milling Machine, it's important to consider these parameters to ensure the machine suits your operational needs and capacity. Always make sure to align these specifications with your production requirements and constraints.


Area of Use

CNC Universal Milling Machines are versatile powerhouses with a broad range of applications across various industries. The main areas of use for these machines include:

Automotive Industry: They are extensively used for making parts such as engine components, custom fixtures, shafts, and more.

Aerospace Industry: The high precision and consistency of CNC milling make it ideal for manufacturing components for aircraft and spacecraft, which require extremely high-quality standards.

Electronics Industry: They are used to manufacture circuit boards, enclosures, components for electronic devices, and more.

Medical Industry: CNC milling is used to create surgical and medical tools, prosthetics, and other medical equipment, where high precision is required.

Defence Industry: They're used to manufacture various parts for defence equipment, including components for vehicles, weapons systems, and more.

Construction Industry: They are used to create moulds, cut structural components, make hardware, and more.

Oil and Gas Industry: Components for oil and gas exploration and processing equipment, including drilling tools and pipeline elements, are often made with CNC milling.

Heavy Machinery: Parts for construction, farming, and mining equipment are often produced on CNC milling machines.

Die, Mold, and Tool Making: They are heavily used in the production of moulds and dies, jigs and fixtures, and other tools.

Research and Development: CNC milling is used extensively in prototyping because it can quickly and accurately turn CAD designs into physical prototypes.

Anywhere you find metal parts, there's a good chance a CNC Universal Milling Machine was involved in the production process. Their ability to handle complex shapes, combined with their precision and consistency, make these machines indispensable in a wide variety of industries.


Leading Manufacturers of CNC Universal milling machines

CNC Universal Milling Machines are manufactured by a variety of companies around the world. Here are some leading manufacturers that are well-respected in the industry for their high-quality machinery:

DMG Mori: A Japanese-German company known for its high-tech and innovative CNC machine tools, including an extensive range of universal milling machines.

Haas Automation: An American manufacturer known for offering a wide variety of machines at competitive prices, including universal milling machines.

Makino: An international company based in Japan that produces advanced machining centers, including universal milling machines.

Okuma: Okuma is a Japanese company known for their high-quality machine tools, including universal milling machines, that are designed for longevity and precision.

Hurco: This U.S. company offers a variety of CNC machines, including universal milling machines, that are designed for efficiency and flexibility.

Heckert: Based in Germany, Heckert (a part of the Starrag Group) is a leading manufacturer of milling machines, including robust and precise universal milling machines.

Doosan Machine Tools: Doosan is a South Korean company that manufactures a wide variety of machine tools, including a comprehensive range of milling machines.

Mazak: Another Japanese manufacturer, Mazak, offers highly reliable and efficient milling machines, including universal types.

Hermle: A German company renowned for producing high precision milling machines, including universal milling machines.

Hardinge Inc: An American company that produces a wide array of machine tools, including universal milling machines under their Bridgeport brand.

Please note that availability and model specifications can vary, so it's crucial to check with suppliers or the manufacturers directly for the latest information. Each of these manufacturers is known for different strengths, so the best choice depends on your specific needs and requirements.