With their capacity to carry out intricate milling and machining operations on five axes simultaneously, 5-axis machining centres have completely changed the metalworking sector. In comparison to conventional 3-axis machines, these cutting-edge machines provide simultaneous 5-axis machining, increased accuracy, more adaptability, and less tool wear. 5-axis machining centres enable the production of complex geometries, multi-sided components, and higher surface finishes in a single setup by removing the need for several setups and part repositioning.

5-axis machining centres are excellent in producing components with complicated geometries, such as turbine blades, orthopaedic implants, and complex automotive parts, making them ideal for sectors like aerospace, automotive, medical, and energy. When thinking about purchasing one, it is important to carefully examine variables including machine size, spindle power, tool capacity, and control system.




Hurco VMX 42 SR Machining center - 5 axis

Year: 2008

Axis X 1066 mm
Axis Z 610 mm
Table length 1270 mm
Axis Y 610 mm
CNC Winmax
Table width 610 mm

Mandelli TS8 Machining center - 5 axis

Year: 1998

Axis X 1800 mm
Axis Z 1150 mm
Table length 1000 mm
Axis Y 1100 mm
Table width 1000 mm

Schüco Droop PBZ CNC 5 Axes Machining center - 5 axis

Year: 1995

Axis X 8500 mm
Axis Z 650 mm
CNC Siemens
Axis Y 600 mm
Type Vertical
Spindle taper BT30

Willemin Macodel W408 Machining center - 5 axis Good value

Year: 1995

Axis X 250 mm
Axis Z 300 mm
Number of tool pockets 24
Axis Y 200 mm
Spindle taper ISO25

Berg 800x600x300 F5 Machining center - 5 axis

Year: 2005

Axis X 1191 mm
Axis Z 503 mm
Spindle taper
Axis Y 1021 mm
CNC Siemens 840 HMI
Max. spindle speed 40000 rpm

Used Ingersoll OPS 600 Machining center - 5 axis Good value

Year: 2007

Axis X 635 mm
Axis Z 345 mm
Type Continuous
Axis Y 365 mm
Type Horizontal

Mideltech Del5X Machining center - 5 axis Hot deal

Year: 2020

Axis X 230 mm
Axis Z 117 mm
Table length 150 mm
Axis Y 208 mm
CNC Inovance Power automation
Table width 150 mm

Deckel Maho DMU 50 Evo Good value

Year: 2001

Axis X 500 mm
Axis Z 500 mm
CNC Heidenhain Millplus
Axis Y 420 mm
Type Vertical
Spindle taper SK40

ALMAC CU 1005 Machining center - 5 axis Good value

Year: 1999

Axis X 200 mm
Axis Z 230 mm
Number of tool pockets 20
Axis Y 120 mm
Spindle taper ISO 25

Feeler FVP-1000A Machining center - 5 axis Good value

Year: 2010

Axis X 1020 mm
Axis Z 505 mm
Table length 1150 mm
Axis Y 500 mm
CNC Mitsubishi M70
Table width 475 mm

Deckel Maho DMC 80 U 5 Axis Simultanous Machining Center

Year: 2000

Axis X 800 mm
Axis Z 600 mm
CNC Heidenhain
Axis Y 700 mm
Type Vertical
Spindle taper

STAMA MC 535 SM Machining center - 5 axis Good value

Year: 2000

Axis X 800 mm
Axis Z 510 mm
Axis Y 500 mm
Type Vertical
Table length 80 mm

HARTFORD PRO 1000 Machining center - 5 axis

Year: 2011

Axis X 1050 mm
Axis Z 630 mm
Type Continuous
Axis Y 600 mm
Type Vertical

Rambaudi simultaneous 5 axis machining center

Year: 1996

Axis X 2500 mm
Axis Z 850 mm
Spindle taper
Axis Y 2000 mm

Famup MF 560 Simultaneous 5-axis horizontal machining center

Year: 2003

Axis X 570 mm
Axis Z 470 mm
Type Continuous
Axis Y 565 mm
Type Horizontal
CNC GE Fanuc Series 18i-MB5

Deckel Maho DMU 100T 5 axis machining center

Year: 2002

Axis X 1000 mm
Axis Z 710 mm
Spindle taper
Axis Y 710 mm
CNC Heidenhein
Max. spindle speed 18000 rpm

Hardinge Bridgeport XR600 Machining center - 5 axis Good value

Year: 2008

Axis X 885 mm
Axis Z 500 mm
Table length 600 mm
Axis Y 800 mm
CNC Heidenhain iTNC 530
Table width 500 mm

Ferrari A155-E580H Machining center - 5 axis (2 machines available)


Axis X 750 mm
Axis Z 420 mm
Number of tool pockets 24
Axis Y 500 mm
Type Vertical
Spindle taper ISO V40

DOOSAN VC 630/5AX Machining center - 5 axis

Year: 2014

Axis X 650 mm
Axis Z 520 mm
CNC Heidenhain 530 hsci
Axis Y 765 mm
Type Continuous
Type of axis Tilting bed

Elumatec SBZ 150 Machining center - 5 axis

Year: 2008

Axis X 12000 mm
Axis Z 650 mm
Axis Y 1000 mm
Type Continuous
Type of axis Universal head

What are 5-Axis Machining centres?

A 5-axis machining centre is a computer numerical control (CNC) machine that can perform complex milling and machining operations on five different axes simultaneously. Unlike traditional 3-axis machines, which can only move in the X, Y, and Z planes, 5-axis machines can also rotate around the A and B axes. This additional range of motion allows for greater flexibility and precision when manufacturing intricate parts and components.

Key Features 

Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining: The ability to cut and shape material along five axes simultaneously results in reduced setup times, enhanced precision, and superior surface finishes. This capability is particularly advantageous when manufacturing complex, contoured parts that require multiple setups on a conventional 3-axis machine.

Improved Accuracy: By eliminating the need for multiple setups and part repositioning, 5-axis machining centres minimize the potential for human error and inconsistencies in the final product. This translates to higher quality, more accurate parts, and reduced scrap rates.

Enhanced Versatility: The advanced motion capabilities of 5-axis machines allow for the creation of highly intricate geometries and multi-sided parts in a single setup. This versatility enables manufacturers to take on a broader range of projects and expand their offerings to customers.

Reduced Tool Wear: The simultaneous movement of the cutting tool and workpiece in a 5-axis machining centre reduces the overall stress on the tool, resulting in less wear and longer tool life. This can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Applications of 5-Axis Machining centres

Such machining centres have found applications in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and energy. They are particularly well-suited for manufacturing components with complex geometries, such as:

  • Turbine blades and impellers for aerospace and energy applications
  • Orthopedic implants and surgical instruments for the medical industry
  • Mold and die components for injection molding and stamping processes
  • Complex automotive parts, such as engine components and suspension elements

When considering machine, it is essential to evaluate factors such as machine size, spindle power, tool capacity, and control system. Additionally, it is crucial to consider the level of after-sales support and training provided by the machine's manufacturer. By carefully weighing these factors, engineers, manufacturers, and buyers can make informed decisions that maximize their return on investment.

Some of the main manufacturers you can find on Exapro

DMG MORI: A German-Japanese company producing a wide range of advanced machining centers, including 5-axis machines, for various industries.

Haas Automation: An American manufacturer offering a diverse lineup of 5-axis machining centers, known for their affordability and quality.

Mazak Corporation: A Japanese company with a long history of producing high-quality, innovative CNC machines, including multi-tasking and 5-axis machining centers.

Okuma: A Japanese company with a global presence, renowned for its state-of-the-art machining centers that cater to a wide range of industries and applications.

Hermle: A German manufacturer with a reputation for producing high-precision 5-axis machining centers, often used in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Hurco: An American company specializing in CNC machine tools, including a range of 5-axis machining centers designed for high-speed and high-precision operations.

GF Machining Solutions: A Swiss manufacturer offering a comprehensive portfolio of advanced machining centers, including 5-axis machines, for various industries.

Matsuura: A Japanese manufacturer known for producing high-quality, high-speed 5-axis machining centers with a focus on automation and advanced technology.

Mikron: A Swiss company that manufactures high-performance milling machines and machining centers, including a variety of 5-axis models suitable for various industries.

Chiron: A German company specializing in CNC vertical machining centers, offering 5-axis machines designed for high-speed and precision manufacturing.

Makino: A Japanese manufacturer with a long-standing reputation for producing advanced CNC machine tools, including a range of high-quality 5-axis machining centers.


What budget to count with 

The price range can vary significantly depending on factors such as the machine's size, features, capabilities, brand, and age (new vs. used). As a rough estimate, 5-axis machining centers can typically cost anywhere from 150 000€ to over 1 million €.

Entry-level or smaller ones may start around 150 000€ to 250,000€, while mid-range models with more features and capabilities can range from 250 000€ to 600 000€. High-end, large-scale 5-axis machines with advanced functionalities and specialized features can easily exceed 600 000€, with some machines reaching prices over 1 million €.

It's important to note that these price ranges are general estimates, and the actual cost of a specific machine can vary based on the manufacturer, model, and any additional features or accessories included. When considering a purchase, it's crucial to weigh the machine's capabilities and features against its price to determine the best fit for your specific needs and budget. Additionally, it's essential to factor in ongoing costs such as maintenance, tooling, and software when evaluating the overall investment.

Focussing on a range of price for used machine, you can count between 50 000€ and 190 000€

You can always use our pricing Algorithm Valorexo to pinpoint a fair market price.




Please make sure you agree on all the details with the seller or ask your Exapro Agent for support.