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History of the Marchesini group

Marchesini is a manufacturer of machines specialized in the design of conditioning machines. Created in 1974, the company is named Marchesini thanks to its creator Massimo Marchesini who had an engineering background. Giuseppe Monti was added to the company later. He was a young designer who arrived quickly at the head of the engineering department. At that time, some operations was manually made, hence the creativity and the ingenuity of Marchesini machines.

In 1976, Marchesini affirmed its expertise in the conditioning machines. The first sachet powder packaging machine and the first tube filler for soluble tablets in rigid tubes were produced. With the increasing demand of the pharmaceutical industry, the activity of the company Marchesini grew and developed the automatic packaging machine. Guiseppe Monti, with his creative talent succeeded in offer a machine being able to adapt to an important production while staying reliable, both by its final results and the safety of use of the machine.

From 1985 to 1986, the global presence of the brand in the packaging activity strengthened and especially with the acquisition of Gamma in Capri which helped Marchesini to obtain a good footing in the packaging process in the world. In 1989, the manufacturer began a global reference in the pharmaceutical conditioning. All acquired companies for Marchesini merged to form a same name Marchesini Group S.A.

The group carried on its expansion by acquiring Farcon, the thermoforming and conditioning leader. The last five years, Marchesini tried to maintain the progress of the group by enlarging with the Neri group acquisition and by inaugurating numerous logistic systems for the company.

Conditioning and packaging machines

These industrial machines are aimed to produce conditioned packaging which can be for single use or reusable. It exist different kinds of conditioning machines : for the industrial activity but also commercial : packaging machines, unwrapping machines, banding machines, routing machines or packaging lines.

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