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How Exapro works

What does Exapro do?
How does Exapro works?
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Registration and newsletters

Why registering for free?
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Selling your used machines and how to add them for free

How do I insert some machines offers for free?
How do I find the right category and subcategory?
What are the incoterms?
How can I add several offers on Exapro?
How can I increase my chances of selling?
How to set the right price on my used machinery?
How can I edit my products?
How long will my product stay on Exapro?
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Queries about a machine or a product

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What is "Question to the seller" in the product pages?
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Exapro is a marketplace for used machines, which connects buyers and sellers throughout the world. We are independant and not directly associated to any reseller or manufacturer. We do not own machines. Thus Exapro is not a representative or distributor of machines manufacturers. We also don't have contacts to machines manufacturers or have our own maintenance services or parts distribution services.


Exapro puts sellers and buyers of industrial machines in contact. Its Agents screen requests, complete offers and arrange visits of used machinery. If and only if the sale is concluded a commission included in the price is paid by the seller.


Exapro works with a system of commissions on sale which is paid by the seller once the equipments have been paid by the buyer.
These commissions are based on the total price (10% down to 5%).

Your best price in USD in EUR in GBP
Up to 5000 USD Up to 5000 EUR Up to 3500 GPB 500 USD/EUR or 350 GBP
5001 to 40 000 USD 5001 to 40 000 EUR 3501 to 30 000 GBP 10 %
40 001 to 80 000 USD 40 001 to 80 000 EUR 30 001 to 60 000 GBP 9 %
80 001 to 120 000 USD 80 001 to 120 000 EUR 60 001 to 90 000 GBP 8 %
120 001 to 160 000 USD 120 001 to 160 000 EUR 90 001 to 120 000 GBP 7 %
160 001 to 200 000 USD 160 001 to 200 000 EUR 120 001 to 150 000 GBP 6 %
200 001 USD and over 200 001 EUR and over 150 001 GBP and over 5 %

You can see more details in our Commercial Terms.


Exapro takes confidentiality very seriously and keeps all its members and users contact details in a secured industrial database (encryption with a TLS / SSL key). Sellers and buyers of machines are therefore both kept anonymous until an initial agreement is reached through Exapro’s intermediation and a visit organized.


You can register for free at Exapro services which allows you to:

All your details remain anonymous. We delete your account on simple email request at


You will be asked for your “primary category” while filling up the registration form . This information is necessary to assign the right Exapro Agent to your account depending on your main industrial sector. If your company covers several manufacturing aspects, please choose the category corresponding to your main activity.


You will be asked for your “Activity” while filling up the registration form . This information is necessary to identify yourself as a Professional machine reseller, an End-using factory, a Consultant (intermediary for a third party) or a Private person.

Exapro sends newsletters with selections of new offers of machines for specific categories and the Industry in general. This is a free service and you can unsubscribe at any time in the left column.
P.S.: Your email will not be sold to any third party.


The general newsletters are sent twice a month to members and subscribers interested in used machines across industrial sectors.
The specialized category newsletters are sent once a month with specific offers from a particular industrial sector (according to Exapro categories).
You can register to multiple specialized category newsletters AND the general newsletter. Unsubscribing is always possible from your Exapro profile or the newsletters themselves.


To add a machine that you want to sell on, you need to register for free and add your machine from your account.
To do so, please follow the steps below:

  • Choose your language by clicking on the corresponding tab on top of the box
  • Enter the model of the machine and please describe it as accurately as possible
  • Give as much details as possible including the price of the machine
  • Precise the country location of the machine, especially if different from the country where you are
  • Enter as much information as possible in order to make your offer attractive, including pictures or/and videos
  • Beware the fields in red which are compulsory

If you have any difficulties adding your machine, please send us the details of the machine (manufacturer, type, year, technical info, price and some photos if available) on


Exapro’s catalogue is organized in categories (main activity sector such as “Printing machines”) and subcategories (usually specific types of machines attached to the category). While finding the first one should be quite easy, the second one should be chosen carefully.

Choosing the right subcategory:

  • check the type of machine,
  • confirm that no other subcategory could fit for your machine (ex. “Folders / gluers” instead of “Folders / staplers”),
  • when multiple subcategories could apply, choose the rarest type of machines applicable (ex. A “five axis machining center” should not be placed in standard “machining centers”).

If in doubt, please contact Exapro.


The incoterms stand for International Commercial Terms and they rule the costs and risks of shipping including insurance and import taxes in an international business deal. While there are many incoterms, just a few are used in the trade of used machines.

Main incoterms used by Exapro concerning used equipments:

Exworks - The seller makes the goods available at its premises. While this usually does not include loading on truck, this can be discussed with the seller.

LOC / LOT - standing respectively for Loaded on Container and Loaded on Truck. While these are not proper incoterms, they notify that the seller takes care of dismantling and loading on the truck or container sent by the buyer to the premises. Be careful to understand properly which shipping resources are needed for the specific types of machines (type of container or truck).

FCA - standing for Free Carrier. The seller takes care of the loading and delivery to a specific location in the same country. This leaves some room for negotiation but it is usually understood as a place close to the seller’s location.

FOB - standing for Free on Board. The seller has to bring the machine to the nearest major seaport and leave it at the shipping company (theoretically the ship). He also has to clear the machine for export.

CIF - standing for Cost, Insurance and Freight. The seller takes care of shipping to the main destination port including transport insurance.

DAP (ex DDU) - standing for Delivered at Place. The seller ships the machine all the way to the agreed location but does not take care of import clearance and unloading.

When you do not know which incoterm to use, please leave the field as “----”.


If you have several offers to add, please send them to for us to help you do it (no charges).
Give us as much info as possible for each as well as your complete contact details.


In order to maximise your selling chances:

  • Price reasonably: think of the initial purchase price, the age, options, conditions and actual market prices. Price is certainly the most important sale factor. Do not forget that Exapro's commission will be added on top of your price.
  • Sales conditions: add all details concerning the payment, possibly the Incoterm and if you can dismantle the machine and load it.
  • Put as much info as possible on your ads: technical information, state and the use of the product. If possible, also insert pictures: they increase the number of visits on your product. Videos are also more than welcome so feel free to send them at Clarify if the machine reaches safety standards.

You need a right price to sell quick and well:

  • The rarity of your machine: is it from a small production batch or common on the second-hand market?
  • The initial price: the total price of the purchase without shipping and installation which you paid originally.
  • The accounting depreciation: has your machine a book value for your company?
  • The state of the machine: is it in good working condition? Has it worked in a extensive way? What regular maintenance was made on it?
  • The options: what are side parts, tools or improvements?
  • The actual market: what are the new technologies? Are the machine's technologies obsolete today?
  • The second-hand market: do you see regularly this type of machine on sale? Is the demand increasing or dying? Is the machine still produced and does the manufacturer still exists?
  • Additional costs: is there any additional costs for the customer such as dismantling, loading, repairing?
  • Terms of sale: which type of payment do you accept (payment before removal, letter of credit...)? Can you take care of the dismantling and loading on to a truck?
  • Extras: do you include some tools or accessories with the machine?

Here is an example of calculation: a CNC machining center bought in 2000 for 64 000 H.T delivered and installed could be so devalued: 50 % of the initial price is 32 000 €
- installation ( 2000€ )
- machine's condition ( 3000€ )
- common type of the machine ( 3000€ )
+ Loading included (500€)
+ tools (1000€)
+ maintenance book and manuals (200€ )
+ easy terms of payment (ex: cashable check in 30 days) (+1000€)

= 26 700€

Exapro's commission is automatically added for a final price of 29 700 €.

The price is a main factor in the sale of your equipment. Do not hesitate to lower it to optimise the selling time.

N.B: if you cannot find the right price, please fill "0" in the Best pricefor it to appear as "Contact us".

To edit your products, you first need to log in. From there you can click on List my products and then choose the ones you want to edit.


Unless we sell your product or you ask us to delete it, your product will stay online for five months. When you add a product, the expiry date is automatically calculated unless you set a specific one.

You can renew your offers for free as many times as you want in your profile.


The main reasons for your machines to be deleted by Exapro are the following:

  • Your machine has been subject to controversy with possible legal implications (ex. another company is claiming that they own the machine),
  • Your goods are not considered as used industrial equipments,
  • Your machines are too small to be effectively sold by Exapro (ex. small parts),
  • Your pricing or lack of technical details are clearly blocking any possible deal to be reached with the potential buyers,
  • You are not respecting the general terms of use of Exapro.

Please contact Exapro if you have any reason to believe that some machines are being deleted from your account.


Every product or machine on the website is registered with an ID.

Check the first line above the full description of the product to find it: "Product ID Pxxxxxxx"


You can ask your questions to the product seller.
They will be forwarded and answered as soon as possible.
Please remember to ask for all the information you need in order to avoid unuseful exchanges.

If you are interested in buying a particular offer, you can make an offer by filling the form.
We will get in touch as soon as possible to arrange the transaction.

Be cautious, offers are taken seriously :
1. Offers under 80% of the announced price will not be communicated to the seller,
2. If you need more information or if you have a specific request, please use the « Question to the seller » form.


Once you are logged in, you will have an overview of how many products you have on the website and what information is in your profile.

From there you can manage your preferences and your products on sale.

Advantages of being a Member:

  • You can add your machines on sale for free,
  • You can manage your offers (edit, delete, manage expired products),
  • You have access to your preferences of newsletter,
  • You ask your questions on machines with no need to fill your details each time,
  • You are assigned an Exapro Agent who will assist you in the sale of your machines,
  • You are gaining priority with each effective purchase or sale you make through Exapro.

To contact us:

  • About a product, please use the “Question to the seller” or the “Buy” buttons on the product itself,
  • About a technical problem, please use the form,
  • About a general request please use the Contact form,
  • About Exapro’s advertising, write to us at


Here is how you can access your account if you have forgotten your password:

  • Go on the sign in page and click Forgotten password?,
  • Enter your email address,
  • Check your emails, you should have received a link from Exapro,
  • Follow this link to generate a new password (a confirmation will also be sent by email ).

If you want to change your password, log in and click on the menu Edit my profile. From there you can set up a new password by entering it twice and clicking Save.

If your contact details have changed, you can edit them from your profile by logging in and clicking Edit my profile. Once you made the changes, just click Save and your profile will be updated.