About Exapro, the marketplace for used industrial machinery

Since 2000 we've helped buyers and sellers trade used machinery through our online marketplace. We work in 9 different languages and have a team of agents here to assist you throughout the entire sale process.

Our concept: combining transparency and efficiency on an international level

Exapro is a B2B marketplace dedicated to its customers and partners. We pay great attention to our worldwide clients in order to answer their specific questions and help them complete a purchase or sale across continents. We treat all inquiries with full transparency, technical competence, and responsibility, as we believe this is the key to successful deals. We can do this because our multi-lingual agents are passionate about international trade. So inquire now to talk to an agent who speaks your language or understands your market.

This is why we stand out - why global businesses, professional end users and small companies alike choose us. We're standing by ready to talk to you and communicate with our customers on a daily basis. We're real people, not just a website.

We provide a global network of international clients and local markets, where we promote used machinery.

What we do: helping buyers and sellers of used machines

Any company, plant or professional reseller wanting to sell some of their plant equipment should register and offer their machines on the Exapro marketplace.

  1. Exapro Agents optimize all offers and promote them both online and offline 
  2. They then select the requests and only proceed with serious buyers
  3. Exapro puts the buyer and seller in touch to organize a visit on site
  4. Once the deal is made, we send a commission invoice to the seller

For more details visit our page how Exapro works.

Exapro's story

For more than ten years, Exapro has been expanding, adding new markets and new languages, with still more planned in the upcoming years.

→ 2021

Exapro teams up with Kitmondo and Virtuoso Data to launch Valorexo, the worlds first fully automated digital valuation tool for Industrial Equipment.  Valorexo uses millions of price data points to generate valuation reports for the used machinery market.

→ 2018

Exapro buys over the marketplace Kitmondo to cover more industrial sectors and serve the Northern American markets better. It thus reinforces its promotion services for auctioneers, serving qualified traffic to over 400 auctions a year.

→ 2016

Exapro launches its new website, offering more and improved tools to buyers and sellers

→ 2013

Turkish is added to the website

→ 2012

Russian is added to the website

→ 2011

Exapro opens two new subsidiaries in the USA and Costa Rica to cover the American markets, Polish is added to the website

→ 2007

Czech, German, Italian, and Spanish are added to the website

→ 2005

The operations are located in Prague to carry out the company's European development

→ 2001

Exapro launches Texapro, a marketplace dedicated to textile machines

→ 2000

Company founded in Saumur, France, the website is available in English and French

Meet the team

Today, 22 people help buyers and sellers of used machinery connect worldwide. Each member of the Exapro Team is in charge of a specific industrial sector and geographical area.

Each week, Exapro's agents take care of hundreds of inquiries, select the most serious ones and propose them to the sellers.

Team Exapro - marketplace for used machines

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