Used analytical instruments for sale 81

Used Zeiss Smartproof 5 Analytical instrument

Year: 2015

The versatile ZEISS Smartproof 5 wide-field confocal microscope is your system integrated for surface analysis: fast, precise and reproducible. Use it for a wide range of industrial applications - such as roughing and topographic characterization - that appear every day in QA/QC departments, production environments and research and development laboratories. This high-quality confocal system is powered by powerful ZEISS Efficient …

Used Morphologi G3 de Malvern

Year: 2016

AUTOMATED IMAGING PROVIDES HIGH RESOLUTION DIRECT MEASUREMENT OF THE SIZE, SHAPE AND OTHER PROPERTIES OF PARTICLES FROM BELOW ONE MICRON UP TO SEVERAL MILLIMETERS IN SIZE. The Morphologi G3 provides an advanced yet easy to use particle characterization tool for the measurement of particle size and particle shape from 0.5 microns to several millimeters. In one instrument it offers the …

JEOL JSM 5510 Inspection machine for electronics

Year: 2001

Scanning electron microscope with the following characteristics: New purchase price: €76k Performance : - Resolution: 3.5 nm @ 30kV - Magnification: 18x to 300000x -Acceleration voltage: 0.5 to 30 kV - Image digitization up to 1280x960x8bits - Turbo-molecular pump Power supply : -220 V, 50Hz, 3kVA ground (without neutral) -Temperature: 20 +/- 5°C -Humidity: less than 60%. -No cooling required …

HIROX SH3000 Analytical instrument

Year: 2011

Brand: HIROX Model: SH3000 Year of manufacture: 2011 Purchase price: 110 k€ Year of purchase: 2011 Description: Compact, powerful and easily transportable, this tabletop SEM bridges the gap between the world of optical and scanning electron microscopy. As easy to use as a video camera, the Hirox SEM is accessible to all. The intuitive graphical interface and its wide magnification …

Perkin Elmer Optima 7000 DV

Year: 2008

ICP OES Perkin Elmer Optima 7000 DV The Optima™ 7000 DV ICP-OES system brings advanced technology to laboratories requiring flexibility and excellent analytical performance for varied and moderate sample loads. Auto sampler

Agilent Technologies 200 Series AA Atomic Absorption Spectrometers

Year: 2015

Agilent Technologies 200 Series AA Atomic Absorption Spectrometers Machine is in good condition

Perkin Elmer ICPMS DRCII Mass Spectrometer


ICPMS DRCII Perkin Elmer The Perkin Elmer Sciex ELAN DRC II ICP- MS Mass Spectrometer was designed to run any reaction gas while eliminating polyatomic interferences. It provides uncompromised sensitivity in all matrices for difficult applications. This instrument has been discontinued since June 2018. It was tested in 2019. Since then we have not touched it. We are selling it …

Endress & Hauser Flowmeter Promas F EX

Year: 2017

Endress & Hauser Flowmeter Promas F ATEX Durchflussmengenmesser von Edress und Hauser Ex Ausführung

Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC MS Gas Chromatography System


Agilent Intuvo 9000 Gas Chromatography (GC) System is designed for fast gas chromatography and high throughput while simplifying your laboratory workflow.


Year: 2019

Wave box, model SCU2, brand new. Have 2pcs.

Agilent 5975T GCMS System with Autosampler


The Agilent 5975T LTM GCMS system delivers the same reliability, high performance and quality results as the standard 5975 Series GCMS system, but is more than one-third smaller than the conventional configuration, saving valuable bench space. Additionally, the 5975T has a power consumption requirement of around 50% of the 5975 systems. LTM technology allows faster GC analysis and higher sample …

On-line TOC analyser - GE Analytical Instruments - Sievers 500 RL


TOC analyser - GE Analytical Instruments - Sievers 500 RL Used but in excellent condition. The unit have been maintained and serviced throughout the use-time. It was dismantle in 2017 from a working system. GE Sievers 500 RL On-Line TOC Analyzer is a reagentless analyzer designed for continuous monitoring of organics in ultrapure water for pharmaceutical, microelectronics, and power applications. …

Agilent 1200 Binary HPLC with DAD


This reconditioned Agilent 1200 Binary Diode Array HPLC system helps you achieve reliable and robust data, is easy to use and offers an affordable solution for your laboratory. Diode Array Detector Two lamps in this detector ensure the highest light output from 190 to 950 nm, for low detection limits over the entire wavelength range. The temperature management system ensures …

Agilent 7500a ICP-MS Analytical instrument


Agilent 7500a ICP-MS Common Features of All 7500 Series Systems • Compact benchtop design permits easy integration into existing laboratory space • All stainless steel chassis for superior corrosion resistance • Open architecture sample introduction area simplifies interfacing to alternate sampling accessories • Peltier-cooled spray chamber for optimum stability and lowest oxide interferences • Fully automatic, computer controlled torch position …

CTC CombiPAL Liquid & Headspace Autosampler


Reconditioned CTC CombiPAL Autosampler for liquid & headspace sample introduction. Includes installation kit. Liquid and Headspace sampling combined in a single instrument: Static Headspace Liquid injection volume up to 500µl for LVI applications (with appropriate syringe/holder - request quote) Syringe only concept for headspace: No sample loops, transfer lines or valves Injects into multiple different inlets without hardware modifications Top …

Lighthouse Instruments VISTA/THC IN-LINE Analytical instrument


VISTA/THC IN-LINE INSPECTION SYSTEM FOR OXYGEN, PRESSURE AND HUMIDITY for the following vials 6 ml transparent vial 10 ml transparent vial Transparent 20 ml ampoule Transparent 25 ml ampoule Transparent 50 ml ampoule Transparent 100 ml vial The vial inspection device is designed to automatically and synchronously feed individual vials to oxygen and pressure sensors for non-destructive inspection of the …

Siemens Bayer Advia 1200 Analytical instrument

Year: 2005

Siemens Bayer Advia 1200 chemistry system analysis system for tests on serum, plasma or urine 800 photometric tests and 600 electrolyte tests per hour PC with installed software Manual (DE and EN) many accessories (sample tubes, reagent tubes, cuvettes, Sample needles) good used condition

Jenway 6270 Analytical instrument

Year: 2014

Wavelength Range: 190 to 1100 nm Cell reader Pulsed arc Xenon lamp fluorimeter

Bruker Gmbh Q8 Magellan Analytical instrument

Year: 2011

Q8 MAGELLAN is a sparc emission spectrometer setting new standards with respect to technology, reliability, flexibility, and handling. It is the first spectrometer worldwide that offers a previously unseen quality of analysis because of its unlimited combination possibilities of measurement parameters. It is the only vacuum spectrometer featuring photomultipliers, digital plasma generator, unlimited single-spark- and time resolution and a heavy …

Becton Dickinson Canto II Analytical instrument

Year: 2009

Set consisting of: -1 BD Canto II flow cytometer ( 3 lasers ) -1 HTS module with 4 sets of 40 tubes (12x75 mm) -1 fluid cart -1 monitor -1 central unit + keyboard + mouse -1 software licence key BD DIVA Software ( manuals and software installation cd supplied ) details of specifications and configuration in the pictures In …