Used test and rework machines 23

Air-Vac PCBRM SS Lead Free mini wave solder rework station

Year: 2010

Air-Vac PCBRM series mini fountain wave solder rework station, complete station with ESD aluminium framed workstation desk, ESD earthing point, ESD rubber mat cover, 230V ergonomic lighting. With a lot of nozzles, and parts. Ready for use, clean and near mint condition! 230V one phase powered. Exact type: AIR-VAC PPCBRM SYSTEM V ; 5.2.Z - 1790

Arbin Instruments 600001 Battery cell tester

Year: 2019

Computer & Software kit - Dell i7 PC with keyboard,22 inch monitor, mouse, 2nd NIC card, 6ft Ethernet Cable, Microsoft Office Professional - MITS Pro battery testing software (Provided comprehensive tools for testing batteries, super-capacitors, electro-chemical cells and other energy story devices. - Quick Start Guide with instruction for setting up and using your Arbin system. LBT21084a-0~5V-10/0.5/0.02/0.001A-16CH-110V1P IV Module PN: …

WELLER WQB 4000 SOPS Test and rework machine

Year: 2019

BGA, flash and all integrated circuits with split optical positioning system in very good condition, only used for 2 years

Viscom s6055 II Board Inspection Test


Max PCB width (mm) 355 mm
Max PCB length (mm) 460 mm

TEL P8 VIP3 Prober

Year: 2004

Configuration Voltage: 220VAC Hot/Cold Chuck : Hot Gold/Nickel chuck: Gold HD & Floppy Drive: Yes MO Driver: No OCR: No Dual/Single Cassette: Dual Fail Mark Inspection:Yes Needle Inspection:Yes APC/SACC (Motor/Air/Cart) : Motor Marking by Category: Yes Auto needle Alignment: Yes Auto needle height:Yes GB-IP: Yes TTL:Yes WAPP:yes marker unit: Yes Hinge Type: No Ring Type:for TS100 Configuration Disc:Yes CPU: VIP3

SPEA 4040 Flying Probe Tester

Year: 2004

SPEA 4040 Hi-Line Serie 5 Flying Probe Tester It just came offline and is now moving to storage. SPEA 4040 Flying Probe Hi-Line Series 5 Vintage 2004 In-Line & Fully Functional Top-Side Probing (4 Probes) OS: Windows Test area 50x400mm top side Internal graphic printer; 24 lines / sec Voltage: 3 Phase, 208V Frequency: 50/60 Hz Power: 6 kVA Pressure: …

SPEA 4040 Flying Probe Tester

Year: 2006

SPEA 4040 Flying Probe Tester 2006 vintage With (4) probes on Top Software ATOS 3.30 Monitor Keyboard Printer Manuals Also included: (2) Dongles Some spare parts Calibration plate

Westbond 3536373OF High frequency Convertible Automatic Wire Bonder

Year: ~ 2000

West-Bond 35363730F High Frequency Convertible Automatic Wire Bonder This West-Bond 35363730F-90 High Frequency Convertible Automatic Wire Bonder looks to be in good cosmetic condition. It has recently been refurbished, and is being sold in good working condition. Service and Warranty available for an additional charge. Please contact us for details. It currently has the Ball Bond Head installed (using the …

Speedline Electrovert BRAVO 4 - perfect

Year: 2000

Perfectly working oven, it's almost brand new since we used it only couple of times a month for prototyping. Provided with chain it can be used also without (fingers) Any test possible, it is connected and working

Spea 4040 Test and rework machine

Year: 2009

SPEA 4040 Multimode - vintage 2009 - 4 Probes on Top - Shuttle - Inline capable - Driver 10V/1A - Voltage Booster +/-80V/1A - Functions Generator 100kHz 20Vpp - Measure Unit - Guard Unit - NZT Module - NZT Active Probe 15K-470Ohm - Last Maintenance with Calibration made in October 2020 from Spea. - Machine is in Top Condition Software: …

MVP - Machine Vision Products 850G, AOI dual line

Year: 2010

The machine was purchased at auction without software, but everything else is on the machine and working. MVP’s 850G inspection techniques include high-resolution telecentric imaging, quad color lighting, and 3D techniques to provide the maximum defect, and measurement capabilities for Die and Wire Bond inspection. For in-line operations, single and dual lane options are also available to quickly process microelectronic …

TEL P12XL Prober with Hot & Cold Low Leakage Chuck

Year: 2003

Model : P12XL Hot&Cold VIntage : 2003 Voltage : AC200V Hot/Cold Chucktop : TRX/H&C Gold/Nickle Chuck : Nickle Hard Driver : YES Floppy Driver : YES OCR : NO Dual/Single Cassette : Single Fail mark inspection : YES(S/W) APC/SACC : YES Marking by Category : YES(S/W) Auto Needle Alignment : YES(S/W) Auto Needle Height : YES(S/W) GPIB : YES RS232 …

Electroglas 4090u Prober

Year: 2000

ELECTROGLAS 4090u Prober OS: DOS 6.22 EGC Version: EGC 7.3.8-25a CPU / RAM: P133 MHz / 16 MB Hot chuck: 130 Deg C. Chuck material: Golden OCR: Yes NECS / CPCS II: Yes DPS: Yes Clean pad: Small Sort connect: Yes Monitor: 10" LCD Vision module: Yes Power supply: 230 VAC Year 2000 vintage.

Cyber Optics 8010951 Flex Ultra HR Board Inspection Test

Year: 2007

Cyber Optics Flex Ultra HR AOI inline Year 2007 Its in working condition and includes the calibration kit.

Nordson Asymtek S2 920N dispensers

Year: 2015

Nordson Asymtek S2 920N There are 7 dispensers available all 2015 vintage Equipped with two valves DJ9500+ NJ8

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