MPI Thermal - ThermalAir TA-5000

Year: 2016

MPI Thermal - MPI Corporation, Taiwan. Forced air heating/cooling for electronic functionality tests. Type: TA-5000.

Air-Vac PCBRM SS Lead Free mini wave solder rework station Low working hours

Year: 2010

Air-Vac PCBRM series mini fountain wave solder rework station, complete station with ESD aluminium framed workstation desk, ESD earthing point, ESD rubber mat cover, 230V ergonomic lighting. With a lot of nozzles, and parts. Ready for use, clean and near mint condition! 230V one phase powered. Exact type: AIR-VAC PPCBRM SYSTEM V ; 5.2.Z - 1790

Flying Probe Testers - SPEA 4040 - Automatic Test Equipment - In-circuit (ATE)

Year: 2006

Description generated online: The SPEA 4040 is a model of flying probe test equipment, manufactured by SPEA, an Italian company specializing in automatic test equipment (ATE) for electronics manufacturing. Here's some information about the SPEA 4040 Flying Probe tester: Flying Probe Technology: Similar to the Seica S40 Advantage, the SPEA 4040 utilizes flying probe technology for PCB testing. Flying probe …

Flying Probe Testers - SEICA S40 Advantage - Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

Year: 2009

Description generated online: The Seica S40 Advantage is a model of flying probe test equipment manufactured by Seica Spa, an Italian company specializing in test and measurement solutions for the electronics industry. The S40 Advantage is designed for in-circuit test (ICT) and functional testing of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Here are some key features and information about the Seica S40 …

SPEA 3030 Dual Bay test system

Year: 2009

SPEA 3030 Board Tester Dual Bay test system from 2009 - Power supply as a separate device, not yet a plug-in card - two controller cards from 2009 - Measuring modules: 2X YAICT300 new - Scanner (relay cards): 12 pieces 64 channel cards. 6 pieces in each bay in Bay 1 still 4h. 64 channel plug-in cards - PC under …

Takaya APT-8400GI Flying Probe Tester

Year: 2001

Takaya APT-8400GI Flying Probe Tester - BRAND: Takaya - MODEL: APT-8400GI - SERIAL NUMBER: V1F18568 - YEAR: 2001

MVP - Machine Vision Products 850G, AOI dual line

Year: 2010

The machine was purchased at auction without software, but everything else is on the machine and working. MVP’s 850G inspection techniques include high-resolution telecentric imaging, quad color lighting, and 3D techniques to provide the maximum defect, and measurement capabilities for Die and Wire Bond inspection. For in-line operations, single and dual lane options are also available to quickly process microelectronic …

Takaya APT-820S Test and rework machine

Year: 2007

Max PCB width (mm) 255 mm
Max PCB length (mm) 330 mm

Airvac DRS25 XLT Test and rework machine

Year: 2009

Max PCB width (mm) 406.4 mm
Max PCB length (mm) 609.6 mm