Ersa EcoSelect 2

Year: 2010

Max PCB width (mm) 400 mm
Min PCB width (mm) 63.5 mm
Max PCB length (mm) 500 mm
Min PCB length (mm) 125 mm

Selective soldering unit InterSelect IS-T-300S and nitrogen generator Inmatec 29184

Year: 2016

Selective soldering unit InterSelect IS-T-300S and nitrogen generator Inmatec 29184 The system IS-T-300 InterSelect, along with nitrogen generator 29184 Inmatec offer proven technology and quality from Germany. Special care was taken that process-quality-related modules from the high-end Inline systems such as solder pot, MicroDrop Fluxer and axis system could be used in this small system. The IS-T-300 has a soldering …

ATN VARIO soldering robot VA10

Year: 2017

Max PCB width (mm) 200 mm
Min PCB width (mm) 60 mm
Max PCB length (mm) 400 mm
Min PCB length (mm) 100 mm

ERSA 3/45 PCB Reflow oven

Year: 2015

Year 2015 - Precision spray fluxer, + option: 2nd spray head, + Visualization of the spray positions with CAD assistant - Flux level monitoring - Infrared pre-heating below, consisting of 8 short-wave quartz radiators, + Option: convection - PC control, Windows 7 Professional, UPS for PC - Exhaust air monitoring - Product visualization - Dip solder pot XL for product-specific …

ERSA VERSAFLOW HIGHSPEED Selective soldering machine

Year: 2006

Please ask for further information. ERSA Versaflow Highspeed is a powerful, high speed Printed Circuit Board (PCB) soldering machine designed specifically for the electronics industry. It is able to produce very accurate and reliable results, with its advanced design and user-friendly operation. Versaflow Highspeed is an automated soldering equipment which consists of a base, platform, and an ordering system. The …

ERSA ECOCELL Selective soldering machine

Year: 2010

ERSA ECOCELL Selective soldering machine Available is a 2010 selective soldering unit in working condition. Lead free with 2 pots.

Versaflow 40/50 Selective soldering machine

Year: 2005

Max PCB width (mm)  mm
Min PCB width (mm)  mm
Max PCB length (mm)  mm
Min PCB length (mm)  mm

ERSA 3/45, selective soldering oven

Year: 2017

Conveyor: max width 406mm, automatic width adj., roller conveyor at solder module, Smema inline interface Fluxer: 130 micro drop spray head. Test function Preheating: Bottom IR, Top convection Soldering: 2 solder pots with Z variable, Process camera, Automatic nozzle cleaner, Automatic wire feeder Bottom side clearance of 75mm. (standard machine has 60mm) Installed at 1.3.2017. Machine available from Q3, 2024

ERSA VERSAFLOW 40/50 Selective soldering machine

Year: 2001

Sold as is. Condition can be checked based on request. Please ask for further details via request.

Ersa Versaflow PCB Reflow oven


Versaflow with dip and one selective solderpot. The solderpot is renewed a couple of years back. The machine is vwell maintained by us and is in full working condition

2022 Pillarhouse Jade MK2 Selective Soldering Machine EX DEMO, LIKE NEW

Year: 2022

Integral Machine Mounted Monitor and PC Inerted Nitrogen System Auto Solder Top-up (Wire Feed) & Solder Level Detect Single Titanium Drop Jet Fluxer - 200 Micron Internal Fume Extraction Colour Programming Camera Universally Adjustable Tooling Carriers 508mm (X) x 457mm (Y) (20” x 18”) Maximum PCB Handling Size Manual Fiducial Correction System PillarPAD Offline Programming Package Thermal Nozzle Calibration System …

2022 Pillarhouse PG40 Nitrogen Generator EX DEMO, LIKE NEW

Year: 2022

PillarGEN 40 Nitrogen output: 40 litres Nitrogen per minute @ 50 ppm average (99.995%). Latest Nitrogen Generation design technology offers compact size coupled with ultra-quiet operating noise output (less than 70 dB). PillarGEN 40 - 1155mm high x 968mm wide x 700mm deep.

Malcolm TD-3V offline Selective soldering machine


Machine is complete with pc, English manual and calibration jig. Please find attached datasheet.

ERSA ECOSELECT-2 Selective Soldering System

Year: 2012

Dimensions (basic machine): Length:2,300 mm [91"] Width:1,730 mm [68"] Height:1,612 mm [63" Weight:approx. 900 kg [1,984 lbs] Paint:RAL 7035 / 7016 Conveyor system:Pin-and-chain conveyor for PCB transport Conveyor angle:0° fix PCB width (Single Track):63.5 - 406 mm [2.5 - 16" PCB length:127 - 508 mm [5 – 20"] PCB top-side clearance: 60 - 120 mm [2 - 5"] (basic machine) …

Metcal APR-5000 Selective soldering machine

Year: 2015

Metcal Array Package Rework System with PC and hot air nozzles.