ANNEALSYS AS-Micro Semiconductor machine Hot deal

Year: 2017

RTP ANNEALSYS AS-Micro oven from 2017 + pump + computer Perfect condition. Date of 2017. Delivered with : - Agilent IDP3A01 vacuum pump and evacuation pump - control computer, software and user code. - manual The AS-Micro is a compact three-inch benchtop thermal processor with vacuum capability dedicated to research applications. It can process substrates from a few square millimetres …

Semiconductor machine Leroy-Somer LSA 50 S3

Year: 1994

High-performance Leroy-Somer alternator, model LSA 50 S3, with a nominal power of 736 kW and 920 kVA. Ideal for industrial power generation. The Leroy-Somer industrial alternator, model LSA 50 S3, is a high-performance component suitable for a wide range of power generation applications, including data centers, hospitals and cogeneration facilities. This particular model, manufactured in 1994, stands out for its …

3 units GUASCOR Industrial Alternator LSA J6SVL12S

Year: 1992

GUASCOR industrial alternator, model J6SVL12S, which provides a prime power output of 240 kW and a standby power rating of 300 kVA. Designed for heavy-duty applications, this alternator can operate efficiently in high-ambient temperatures up to 455.8K (182.65°C), ensuring reliable performance in challenging industrial environments. It's built to sustain continuous duty cycles, making it a solid choice for critical power …

IDE integrated dynamics engineering ROB 300 SERIES Semiconductor machine

Year: 2007

IDE integrated dynamics engineering ROB 300 SERIES Robot with Cyberoptics EX-43Q Laser Year 2007

terra universal Desiccator azote Semiconductor machine

Year: 2011

Nitrogen desiccator for 300mm terra universal wafers from 2011 Perfect working condition. Dated 2011. Delivered with 1 Dual purge and 1 NitroWatch RH Controller. On wheels. New value 11000€. for electrochemistry and nanomaterials lab semi conductor / semiconductor / wafer

UNITEMP RSS-450-310 Semiconductor machine

Year: 2010

Vacuum and gas reflow oven UNITEMP RSS-450-310 Perfect working condition. temperature up to 300°C. chamber dimensions 310x310mm. Delivered with : - computer and software for programming with unitemp software - vacuum pump PFEIFFER DUO 2.5 from 2010 - water cooler national lab proficool novus PCNO20 soldering under vacuum and various gases (inert, oxygen, hydrogen, forming gas, formic acid vapour), annealing …

Esco 32L Isotherm oven with forced convection (Lot of 2) Hot deal


Isotherm oven with forced convection ESCO Isotherm 32L Force Convection Oven Isotherm® Forced Convection Laboratory Oven offers maximum thermal performance. This lab equipment is used to perform precise drying, heating, annealing, and sterilizing of samples/agents from 7.5°C above ambient to 300°C. Esco laboratory oven has ergonomic and intuitive interfaces, microprocessor PID controls with programming options, 4-zone heated air jacket, precisely …

USI Ultron UH114 Tape mounting machine Hot deal


Tape mounting machine Model: UH114 Volts: 115Vac/ 3Amps Phase: 1 Frequency: 50/60 Hz FEATURES: - Easily adjustable spring-loaded roller assembly - Uniform film tension: Film tensioner bars (along both x/y-axes and front/rear for UH114; - Uniform adhesion provides bubble-free lamination - Circular cutter (wheel-type) for cutting film on film frame - Adjustable cutting pressure for different films (thickness/hardness) - Digital …

UVOCS T10X10/OES UV ozone cleaning system


UV ozone cleaning system The heart of UVOCS cleaning equipment is a low pressure quartz-mercury vapor lamp, which generates UV emissions in the 254 and 185 nanometer range. Ozone and atomic oxygen are generated. Organic contaminant molecules are excited or dissociated by the absorption of the 254nm wavelength UV. The excited organic contaminants react with the atomic oxygen to form …

Comdel CX1250 Semiconductor machine

Year: 2006

COMDEL CX1250 13.56 MHz RF Generator and Match set Accessories: Comdel MATCH PRO CPM-1000 Water Cooling System The COMDEL CX1250 is a powerful 13.56 MHz RF generator that is designed for use in a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. The set includes the Comdel MATCH PRO CPM-1000, which is a high-performance RF matching system that helps to optimize …

K&S Kulicke & Soffa 4523 Semiconductor machine

Year: 2000

K&S Model 4523 Manual Wedge Wire Bonder, with Block AIM 10/5 Transformer Powers on and initialises. The hot plate heats up. Bond arm moves WILD stereo zoom microscope Spare capillaries for AL and AU bonding Spare Z work holder stage Spare Molybdenum wire pool Vintage August 2000

Leica BMLB Semiconductor machine


Manufacturer: Leica Model: BMLB Type: Biological Microscope Condition: excellent Trinocular Dual Station Teaching Microscope Transmitted Light Large Stage Leica 10x eye pieces Objectives Leica 100x / 1.25 OIL Leica 40x Leica 10x Leica 5x

Olympus CX21 Semiconductor machine


Olympus CX21 Phase Microscope Like New condition 10X Eye pieces 4x, 10x, 40x objectives

Millipore ACX3200 ACX3201 Semiconductor machine


Millipore ACX3200 ACX3201 Throttle Valve Controller Set Included in this set: Millipore ACX3200 Millipore MDV018 Throttle Gate Valve The Millipore ACX3200 Throttle Valve Controller Set includes the ACX3200 controller and the MDV018 Throttle Gate Valve. This set is designed for precise control of fluid flow in the laboratory or industrial settings. The ACX3200 controller offers advanced features such as a …

Zaber Linear Motorised stages Semiconductor machine


Zaber Linear Motorised stages Qty 6 Motorised Stages 1 x 300mm Linear stage : T-LSR300B 4 x 28mm Linear stage:T-LS28 1 x 150MM Linear stage:T-LSR150

4JET THORLABS Semiconductor machine Hot deal

Year: 2016

R&D laser engraving platform Brand 4 Jet, year 2016 Perfect condition. Machine equipped with xy marble and control computer. Attention: without laser (was equipped with laser ROFIN powerline L 100 SHG) The set is as follows: Industrial clean room enclosure dimensions 390x235x235 Numerical control system with marble for moving the x and y axes THORLABS breadboard for optical path arrangement …

LAM 718-092326-082-1 for FLAT wafer Semiconductor machine


LAM Lower Electrode Condition: Refurbished PN: 718-092326-082-1 LA8PPF For Flat wafer ( not notch)

Ramatech Speedy 35 cable processing machine


cable processing machine in working condition inspection possible

MIR 250 & MIR 600, AMR/AGV robots for transport, vintage 2021

Year: 2021

For sale is a MIR 250 unit with potential PCB conveyor option on top. 1 unit available. For sale are 3 units of MIR 600, vintage 2021. Some are new.

MKS AX7690LAM-23 Semiconductor machine

Year: 2016

MKS R*evolution AX7690LAM-23 RPS P/N 685-045803R023 Refurbished, in good working condition..