X-TEK Systems LTD X-ray System, Revolution

Year: 2005

X-TEK Systems LTD, England, transmission target X-ray system for sale. Complete and working system, ready for work. X-ray source: 160kV, 20W, 2 micron TT. 5 axis manipulator system. Very neat and clean, was used in a laboratory environment, clean room usage. Previous usage: for inspecting SMT PCB panels. Machine is fully refurbished in year 2020 (new gaskets, new filament, cleaned …

3D scanner Artec Eva

Year: 2018

3D scanner for making quick, textured, and accurate 3D models of medium-sized objects. It scans quickly, capturing precise measurements in high resolution. It is an excellent all-around solution for capturing objects of almost any kind, including objects with black and shiny surfaces. Price is including SW Atrec Studio.

Finetech FINEPLACER -96 "LAMBDA" base module + die flip & die pick up module + UV loctite

Year: ~ 2012

Base module + die flip & die pick up module + UV loctite The completely revised table top die bonding platform can be easily configured for a wide range of applications for process development or prototyping. Numerous process module options and in-field-retrofit capabilities guarantee maximum technological flexibility of the table top die bonder to protect your investment in the face …

Hioki IM3590 Measurement machine

Year: 2017

Analizator impedancji IM3590 jest zaawansowanym testerem komponentów szczególnie przydatnym do pomiarów impedancji elektrochemicznej i zawiera wiele funkcji graficznych, które są potrzebne do testowania baterii i materiałów chemicznych. The IM3590 impedance analyzer is an advanced component tester especially suited to electrochemical impedance measurements and includes a variety of graphing functions that are needed for battery and chemical material testing. Measurement modes …

HP/AGILENT N5230A + N4433A Port Network Analyzer


Port network analyzer Agilent-N5230A 300 kHz to 20 GHz, 4 Port Network Analyzer The Keysight (Agilent) PNA-L vector network analyzer is a member of the PNA series network analyzer platform and is designed for your general-purpose network analysis needs. Advanced features help you work quickly, easily, and accurately. With the same firmware as the PNA, the PNA-L offers the perfect …

LeCroy WaveExpert 100H Sampling oscilloscope system Hot deal

Year: ~ 2011

Sampling oscilloscope system LeCroy WaveExpert 100H Overview WaveExpert 100H, the first sampling oscilloscope capable of acquiring, measuring and processing signals that cannot be physically probed. It completely addresses the analysis and compliance requirements of the long serial data patterns required by standards such as second generation PCI Express, serial ATA, XAUI and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The modular architecture of the …

LUCEO PARALLEX Bit error rate tester

Year: ~ 2012

Bit error rate tester PARALLEX® Platform System Modular Multifunctional Multichannel Start small - grow later .... mix various functions in one frame .... single channel - multiple channel .... everything is possible with this modular approach. Already as a single channel BERT the PARALLEX® system offers full functionality for testing high speed components. PRBS and user pattern generation and error …

HP/AGILENT 4156C Precision semiconductor parameter analyzer & 41501B dual pulse generators


Precision semiconductor parameter analyzer The Keysight 4156C Precision Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer is a highly accurate laboratory bench top solution for advanced device characterization. The 41501B Expander extends your capabilities to 1A/200V, and add a low noise ground unit and dual pulse generators on the 4156C General features  Highly accurate laboratory bench top parameter analyzer for advanced device characterization  …

Batch of 9 Agilent / Keysight N6700B low profile modular power mainframe


Batch of 9 low profile modular power mainframe 7 unit of N6700B with N6732B and 2 Unit with N6731B Include Electrical Cabinet The Keysight N6700B is a 400 W 1U high, 4-slot modular power system mainframe that accepts from 1 to 4 N6700 series DC power modules in any combination. Modules are ordered separately. The N6700B offers GPIB, LAN, and …

ESPEC PR-3KP Temperature & humidity chamber


Temperature & humidity chamber With the Platinous Series of standard environmental test chambers, our goal has been to achieve optimum operational ease, safety and environmental friendliness in addition to offering superb performance and reliability. It offers remarkable ease of use and materials recycling, and marketed as an approaching ideal environmental test chamber. The Platinous K Series is an embodiment of …

HP/AGILENT 4142B DC Supply Mainframe and HP modular DC source/monitor


DC Supply Mainframe and HP modular DC source/monitor The HP 4142B has a wide measurement range with high resolution and excellent sensitivity. A user-definable system component, allows you to build a custom configuration to suit your measurement needs. The Agilent / HP 4142B Modular DC Source / Monitor Mainframe features flexible, modular architecture, pulse measurement capabilities, high-speed measurement, eight plug-in …

Temptronic TPO3010B Thermochuck Controller + Thermochuck Hot deal


Thermochuck Controller ThermoChuck Systems are essential for probing, characterization and failure analysis of wafers, chips and hybrids at temperatures required for either commercial or MilSpec testing. They also allow the testing of high power chips at ambient and other temperatures. The TP03010 Systems consist of a single rack mountable controller/heat exchanger unit and a temperature controlled vacuum chuck assembly. The …

Temptronic TITAN TPO3500 Thermal chuck controller & thermochuck system


Thermal chuck controller & thermochuck system The TP03500 System consists of a low noise controller; a temperature-controlled vacuum chuck assembly and your choice of cooling options. Available in diameters of 200mm (8 inch) or 300 mm (12 inches), the ThermoChuck accommodates a variety of wafer sizes. All ThermoChucks have the ability to shut off outer vacuum rings for better “hold …

Optellent OptoBERT™ OPB4250 4.25Gbps Optical & Electrical Bit-Error-Rate Tester (BERT)


OptoBERT™ OPB4250 4.25Gbps Optical & Electrical Bit-Error-Rate Tester (BERT) The OPTELLENT OptoBERT™ OPB4250 is a cost-effective easy-to-use bit-error-rate tester (BERT) for testing Fibre Channel (FC) devices, components, modules and systems in R&D and manufacturing environments as well as field installations of Storage Area Networks (SANs). OPB4250 supports 4GFC, 2GFC and 1GFC. The OPB4250 tester is also ideal for Gigabit Ethernet …

Used Torque Measuring Flange


Kistler Torque Measuring Flange Type 4504A Condition: New – Open box Without original packaging Item available from: Immediately

KLA-Tencor Opti-2600 Measurement machine

Year: 1995

KLA-TENCOR Opti-2600 1995 Thickness Measurement Wafer size 8 this extra information is standard for this model. Please always double-check the details during a visit The KLA-Tencor Opti-2600 Measurement Machine, introduced in 1995, remains a prominent electronics inspection and measurement tool known for its precision and versatility. Developed by KLA-Tencor Corporation, this machine is designed to meet the stringent quality control …

Used Disco DAD 320 Dicing Saws, Set of Qty 2


OEM = Disco Model = 320 Type = Dicing Saw Qty = 2 (sold as a set) Inspections are welcome with an appointment. They were just removed recently from a fab. Contact us with any questions or to make pickup or shipping arrangements.



SST SCIENTIFIC SEALING TECHNOLOGY SST MV 2200 with CE marks 1 year warranty on parts after the sale System vacuum tester to 100 Mtorr or better (New electronic with touch screen controller covered by one year warranty) 1000 DEG C Includes: - Rebuilt direct drive vacuum pump - Rebuilt valves - Electrode shafts polished for proper seal - Water cooling …